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									                                 Black River Local Schools
                                                  Technology Committee
                                                          April 24, 2007

Members Present:
Shelly Baltic-Chairperson
Ryan O’Cull-Technology Coordinator
Tammy Starkey-Curriculum Coordinator
Jennifer Shanafelt
Kim Clendaniel
Clayton Van Doren
Jean Lee
Barb Poznako
Lori Blough
Hilarie Day

Approval of the AUP in building handbooks has been postponed until the next
board meeting
Technology Survey-Kim Clendaniel
      Survey results should teacher like integration however basic skills are still
      needed at the lower level. Teachers seem to be able to find lesson with
      integration and said there is adequate help with integration. The biggest
      concern is scheduling at the BREC and computers available at the high
      school. There are not enough computers available to meet the needs of
      the district.
Potential summer class to offer projectors
      Tammy said the class is a go. I just need to get dates to her. Chad
      Lemon will also be running an integration class.
      This is a program that can be used for online classes. It will be used at
      first to provide PD for teachers. It will be introduced as soon as the server
      remain stable.
Purchase of a Mimio-HS
      Money was donated to purchase the Mimio that was being demoed at the
      high school. However, there was low interest so it was brought over to the
      elementary for several teachers to demo. It will be returned back to the
      high school. The cost of the Mimio is half of what a SmartBoard can be
      purchased for. Projectors are still needed-especially at the high school.
Replacement computers for elementary
      Ryan got older G3 that are newer than our machines. These computers
      will replace some of those older computers in the elementary rooms that
       won’t run the need software for Everyday Math and Study Island. The
       only problem is the computers will not run OS 10.4.
       The teacher computers lease is up this year. We will begin to replace
       those with new computers for the teachers and use the white laptops in a
       mobile cart.
       The high school is getting a computer lab in the home ec. room. A
       teacher will be hired to teach a graphic arts type class to offer a fine arts
       credit for the high school students.
Backing up Macs to Mac Server (user accounts)
       An mini in-service is needed to get teachers to start backing up their
       information onto the Mac server.
Transitioning to TCCSA
       The data seems to be transferring well. The high school information is in.
       Ryan & I were at TCCSA to get training on progress book and were able
       to see the data being used.
           Labs & Study Island-need to look at scheduling for next year
           Memory Stick (Distributed grades 5-12)
           Potential Rotation Plan-How are we going to get new equipment into
           the district.
           Interwrite Slates-can be used with projectors

Next meeting: May 29th, 3:30
      Discuss tracking of AUPs next year-who & how
      Set up meeting dates
      Potential purchases being checked by committee before purchased
      Demos ???
      Incentive for committee members

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