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									 Name: _________________________
                        Homework Packet
                     For the week of: October 1-5, 2012
                             Reading                   Spelling                   Math
                         Read library book &       Spell words aloud to      Please check your
                        story, sign card, read          an adult &          child’s binder DAILY
    MONDAY                   sight words           practice phonograms      for math homework.

    TUESDAY               Read library book &      Begin writing spelling    Addition handout
                         story, sign card, read     words two times &
                        sight words& complete      practice phonograms
                           grammar handout
                              Read story           Finish spelling words,
                       Pet Tricks, library book,   practice phonograms
  WEDNESDAY                   sign card &            & study for test
                           read sight words         TEST-THURSDAY
                        Read story Pet Tricks,           None 
                        sign card & read sight

     FRIDAY                   Return                    Packet                To School!
 **Listen to your child read each night.
  **Practice sight words each night. Give                      Phonograms:
 them 1 min. Your child will be reading these
                                                   oo(good), th(that), ck(neck),
 words each Friday for the DIBELS test.
 **Words to Know Tests (your child will read
                                                   ar(are), ow(how, snow), ee(see),
 these words orally to me for a grade)             er(over), ng(sing), sh(push), e(be)
 Math & Reading test will be given on Friday.

  Spelling List:       Words to Know:              WHAT’S HAPPENING:
                                                   *October 12-Homecoming…school
crib, crab, grab,      come, that, on,             dismisses at 1:00
grass, trap, trip,     good, Brad, grab,           *October 12-Field Trip money due
hit, win, that,        run, ride, be,              *October 18-T.E.S. Fall Festival
good, this, are        over                        from 5:00p.m.-7:00p.m.
                                                   *October 22-Report Card Day
                                                   *October 24- Field Trip
                                                   *October 29-50th Day of School

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