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Newsletter 0408


									 Celebrating the Legalization of Beer! 1933-2008                                                                                             April 2008

                                             WHAT’S HAPPENING AT MBC
 Retail giant, Meijer, will offer MBC beer at            Several ‘green’ initiatives are underway, bringing us closer to the goal of
  their over 180 super centers throughout MI, IN,          being one of the “greenest breweries in the country.” We are working
  IL, OH and KY. Hitting their shelves this fall will      with Lansing Sanitary & Supply, Co to reduce/eliminate “potentially
  be Celis Grand Cru, Celis White, Mackinac                hazardous traditional industrial cleaning supplies & chemicals that would
  Pale Ale, High Seas India Pale Ale, and the              inevitably contribute to local environmental degradation.” Also, low
  MBC Variety 12 Pack. We’re proud to be                   energy lighting alternatives are being explored which would
  associated with this MI based company.                   automatically turn off lights not in use. The bio-fuels produced at the
 **Please, whenever possible, buy products from
                                                           facility aid in production of our beer as well as powering all of our diesel
 Michigan owned and operated businesses. Keep your         vehicles. With 76,000 sq. ft. of operating space, these alternatives are a
 business in Michigan, and you can keep Michigan in        necessity as we care about our community and our environment. Watch
 business.                                                 for more initiatives in the future.
                                                                         April 1 will see the release of our Little Prince IPA. This
 St Patrick’s Day Celebration proved to be a                            intensely hoppy beer is made by hopheads for hopheads! With a
  great time, with plans underway for an even                            delicate citrus aroma, it keeps balance with a dry and soft bread-
  bigger event in 2009! The ‘All-You-Can-Eat”                                                               nd
                                                                         like finish. Little Prince is the 2 running of the Imperial IPA, due
  buffet was a huge success as people from far                           out later this month (no joke), and is set at 6.5% ABV, 100+ IBUs.
  away streamed in for a plate of good Irish fare.       Come to the Pub for live music every Wednesday night!
  The Bartenders worked hard, making sure                 You’ll love the sounds of the Blue Grass Jam Session
  everyone was well taken care of. Many thanks            and the ‘Banjo Boys’ (as we affectionately call them).
  to staff members who jumped in and helped
                                                          The public is welcome to sit and listen or bring your
  them out. The photos tell it all…
                                                          instrument for participation. All types of instruments welcome.
                                                          Health benefits of drinking beer have been documented through
                                                           studies performed by the U.S. government and health governing
                                                            o    Lower rates of heart disease. Consuming alcohol in moderation (no more than 2
                                                                 drinks per day for men or one drink per day for women) may lower coronary heart
                                                                 disease risk for some people by 30-60%, even those at high risk because of
                                                                 diabetes, hypertension or a previous heart attack.
                                                            o    Prevent cell damage that can lead to cancer and heart disease. Hops and malt
                                                                 used to make beer are rich sources of disease-fighting antioxidants. Ales and
                                                                 lagers generally contain more antioxidants than light and N/A beers.
                                                            o    Lower rates of diabetes. In one 12-year study, regular light to moderate alcohol
                                                                 intake was associated with a 36% lower risk of diabetes
                                                            o    Protect against ischemic stroke (responsible for 80% of all strokes),
                                                                 Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Moderate consumption has been linked to
                                                                 improved cognition and memory.
                                                             **Courtesy of Brewers Association – the craft brewing regulatory body,

                                                                From my desk…
        What’s Happening at MBC, Letter
  1     from the Editor                                        April is here and with that a feeling of rejuvenation. We've had a respectable winter
                                                               of cold, ice and snow. But that's what we love about the seasons changing. You
        Employee Spotlight, Who’s Who at                       always have something different to look forward to. For me, it means no more
  2     MBC, Celebrating 75 Years of Beer!                     shoveling my way to the sidewalk for the walk to my favorite brewery (yes, I walk a
                                                               mile to save gas). Spring also means change, new beginnings, reasons to celebrate
        Ask thingsBEER, Magic Ingredients,     the coming of warm weather and, of course, 75 years of beer! Here at MBC change is taking place
  3     MBC Contest                            all around us, all for the better. If you haven’t seen us lately, shed your wool and stop on in.
                                               Out with the old and in with the new, I say. In the spirit of change, I’d like your input on what this
        Calendar of Events, Hours and
        Contact Information, Beer on Tap,
                                               newsletter should contain or how it can change to better serve you. I am flexible and want to hear
        Beer Specials, Sponsors                from you. Drop me a line at Cheers!

                                               Lisa A. Heaney
                                                         MBC Brew News Page 1
                                                                                   Celebrating 75 Years of Beer!
                                                                                   On April 7th, brewers, beer importers, distributors
                                                                                   and beer lovers across America will celebrate 75
                                                                                   years of beer that has been flowing legally since
                                                                                   the drought of Prohibition.
                   April Birthdays
                    Dan Palmer – 4/04                          Historians note that Prohibition officially ended on December 5,
                Jeff Brockmiller, Jr – 4/14                    1933, with the ratification of the 21 st Amendment. But earlier that
                     Amy Kline – 4/18                          year, newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt took steps to
             Hire Date Anniversaries                           fulfill his campaign promise to end the national ban on alcohol. He
         Stuart Crittenden – 1 year, January 11                spurred Congress to modify the Volstead Act to allow the sale of
          Mark Marsden – 2 years, January 18                   3.2 percent beer in advance of the Twenty-first Amendment being
         Joe Krautkramer – 1 year, February 18                 ratified. Thus on April 7, 1933, Roosevelt himself received newly
             Mike Feig – 1 year, March 26                      legalized beer at the White House to toast what was the beginning
(Our longest standing employees are Ron Brown who has been     of the end for Prohibition. In the 24-hours that followed, more than
with us since the TX move in 2001 and John Brockmiller since   1.5 million gallons of beer flowed as Americans celebrated.
                    MBC began in 1995!)                        “April 7th is a day to recognize the past 75 years of beer and the
                                                               beer community’s contribution to American's quality of life. The
                       Who’s Who at MBC                        explosion of creativity and innovation by those who make beer is an
                                                               American success story,” said Charlie Papazian, President of the
                                 Greg Day                      Brewers Association. “Today, our industry contributes nearly $190
                                Kitchen Dude                   billion annually to the U.S. economy and provides more than 1.7
                                                               million jobs to our nation’s workforce.” added Jeff Becker,
                              (a.k.a. The Cook)                President of the Beer Institute. “Americans now have access to
 First and foremost, I want to mention that it is a shame      nearly 13,000 labels of beer – within the safest alcohol distribution
 Greg does not work for us full time. Here’s another           system in the world – because of the state-based regulatory system
 example of the fantastic staff we have at MBC. He’s the       that was established 75 years ago,” said Craig Purser, president of
 guy that will always make you laugh, has what seems to        the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA).
 be boundless energy, and can plate a mean Twisted             A few great dates in American beer history include…
 Turkey in a second.
                                                                1800s                   Over 1,500 breweries exist across the U.S.
 Between his daytime job, wedding plans for October, his
 two dogs and his countless hours of practicing with his        January 16, 1919        The 18th Amendment is ratified.
 band, its no wonder we don’t see him more often.
 Chances are his fiancée, Samantha, feels the same way.         January 16, 1920        National Prohibition is implemented.
 But at just 24, I’m sure Greg can handle all these
                                                                                        The modification of the Volstead Act allows beer
 activities. Adding to his busy schedule, he and Samantha                               to be sold once again. The modification changed
 have just bought their first house and will be moving in                               the allowed alcohol percentage of a beverage
 within this month. Phew! Makes me tired just thinking          April 7, 1933           from .05 to 3.2 allowing beer to be served once
                                                                                        again. Over 1.5 million barrels of beer were
 about it.                                                                              consumed during the first 24-hours after the
                                                                                        modification of the Act.
 Greg’s got this drive to learn music. He’s passionate
 about it and graces us with his musical eclecticness thru                              The Twenty First Amendment is ratified. Only
                                                                December 5, 1933
 his iPod tunes while he works in the kitchen. Currently                                half of the U.S. Breweries survive Prohibition.
 he primarily plays drums with his band, Lazy Susan, and
                                                                                        Only 42 breweries exist in the United States due
 should be playing at a few local venues in the near            1978
                                                                                        to consolidation.
 future. He also does a bit of singing, messes with the
 bass, and wants to learn the piano as well as a horn/wind                              President Jimmy Carter signs a bill that removes
 instrument. Where will he find the time?                                               the restrictions on home brewers. This allowed
                                                                February 1979           beer to be made in small quantities at home and
 Same as the musical style he performs (which he                                        allowed many of the craft brewers of today to
 described as “oldies, classic rock, up tempo & bluesy”),                               get their start.

 he likes (as he so eloquently put it), “Old sh*t!” such as                             First ever Great American Beer Festival held in
 barns, records, equipment, etc. Yes, he’s a good ol’           September 1982
                                                                                        Boulder, Colorado
 country boy just full of surprises.
                                                                                        World Beer    Cup   makes   its   debut   in   Vail,
 On his off time (if he has such a thing), you may just         April 1996
 find him in the Pub sipping an IPA or at his second
 favorite pub, Blue Gill Grill in Haslett where they keep                               1389 craft breweries are reported operating in
                                                                May 2007
                                                                                        the United States by the Brewers Association.
 High Seas IPA on tap. Take the time to talk to him
 someday. You’ll enjoy getting to know him. LAH                If you want to find out how much beer contributes to the American
                                                               economy and the State, visit

                                                       MBC Brew News Page 2
                                                            Ask thingsBEER
         This month’s question came from Mike Bensinger of Webberville, MI, an avid beer enthusiast and a patron of MBC…
         Q. “I’ve been told that if a beer is above a certain alcohol percentage, it is automatically labeled or classified as a
             wine. Is this true?”
         A. No. Regardless of the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) percentage in Beer, it is still a beer. Some states have laws
         that prohibit the sale of high ABV, or big, beers in retail stores other than government regulated liquor stores. For
         example, when the Celis line was sold in Texas, you could only purchase Grand Cru in a liquor store, along with
         wine. This was because Grand Cru’s ABV was above 5%. There may be some confusion from the term ‘barley
         wine’ which is still a beer since it is made from grain rather than fruit. Because it has high alcohol content,
         typically around 8-12% ABV, it has a ‘wine-like’ strength to it. The high levels of both hops and alcohol allow some
         barley wines to be aged for years, much like wines.
   If you have any questions that our Beer Experts can answer for you, and would like your comments placed in the newsletter,
   send an email to LAH

  I believe that we all have a pretty good idea of what ingredients comprise our favorite brew. But how those ingredients work
  and why we use them was what I wanted to know. After poking around on the information super-highway, I learned more
  than originally planned. In keeping with the original cause of this newsletter, which was to educate my readers and myself
  about MBC and all things beer, I thought I would share this list of ingredients with you. Why do I call them magic? When I
  take one sip of my craft brewed beer, it’s the first word that comes to mind and sums it all up for me.
  Malt Extract
  Malt extract is made from malted barley or malted wheat. It is used as the basis for most homebrews, providing the sugars
  that yeast consume to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. Malt extract comes in a variety of forms. You can purchase malt
  extract as a hopped kit in a can, plain liquid, or in dried powdered form. Malt extract also comes in a variety of colors for
  making different styles of beer, including extra light, light, amber, and dark.
                       Though homebrew can be made just with extracts, most homebrew recipes include some form of malted
                       grain. Specialty malts, such as crystal malt, chocolate malt (not the stuff you get at the baseball park), and
                       black malt, can be added to extract brews to create different styles of beers like pale ales, porters, and
                       stouts. It is possible to brew without any extracts by mashing malted grains. All grain brewing involves
                       mashing base malts such as pilsner or pale ale malts in place of the extract. Unmalted grains such as oats,
                       wheat, or roasted barley are sometimes used in the brewing process as well.

                       Rice or corn, referred to as adjuncts in brewing terminology, can be used to produce fermentable sugars
                       without adding body or flavor to beer. Adjuncts used in place of malt or malt extract make thinner less
                       flavorful beers. Sugars, such as corn sugar or table sugar, can be used with the same effect.

                       Hops are a flowers used to season beer. Bittering hops, meaning adding hops early in the boil process,
                       provide bitterness to beer to balance the sweetness of the malt. Hops added at the end of the boil, referred
                       to as finishing hops, add flavor and aroma to beer. Adding hops directly to the fermenter, or dry hopping,
                       lends additional hop aroma to the beer. Hops also serve as a natural preservative, helping to prevent
                       spoilage in beer. Hops come as either whole flowers or compressed pellets (think rabbit food). There are
                       many varieties of hops available to home brewers, allowing for great diversity of flavors and aromas.
                       Different hops are used to brew different styles of beer. For example, cascade hops give American pale ales
                       their distinct citrusy quality, fuggles have an earthiness common in English-style ales, and saaz lend
                       spicy/herbal characters found in European Pilsners…
                                                                                                                                   Continued on Page 4

Be the first to submit the correct Beer Trivia answers by 4/30 and receive a special MBC prize! Send your answers to
 1. Which country has the most brands of beer? A. Mexico, B. USA, C. Belgium, or D. Germany
 2. Who was the first American to brew lager? A. John Wagner, B. Sam Adams, C. John Miller, or D. August Busch
 3. How long did prohibition last? A. 10 yrs, 2 mos, 3 days, B. 15 yrs, 8 mos, 7 days, C. 13 yrs, 10 mos, 19 days, or D. 2 LONG!
 4. To whom did Anheuser-Busch send the first case of Budweiser beer produced after the repeal of prohibition in 1933?
       A. Franklin D. Roosevelt, B. Herbert Hoover, C. Harry S. Truman, or D. Dwight D. Eisenhower
**Thank you to all participants of the March Irish Trivia Contest! The first to submit the correct answers was MBC Pub and thingsBEER patron, Rick Wilson, of
Brighton, MI. He will receive an official MBC t-shirt as special thanks for participating. If you are interested in the answers, please send me an email.

                                                               MBC Brew News Page 3
‘Magic Ingredients’ from Page 3                                                           On Tap
Yeast                                                                           Beer                            ABV
Yeast makes beer by converting sugars from malt or malt                         Mackinac Pale Ale               5.5%
extract into alcohol and carbon dioxide. There are two major
classes of yeast, ale and lager. Ale yeast is a top fermenting
                                                                                Bavarian Dark                   4.0%
yeast (meaning it is most active near the surface of the                        Big Mac                         5.0%
fermenting beer) that ferments at warmer temperatures,                          Black Heart Stout               4.5%           Also Available:
generally between 55 and 75 degrees F. Ale yeast tend to                        Sunset Amber                    5.0%            Root Beer and
produce fruity flavors and aromas, which vary depending on
the yeast. Lager yeast is a bottom fermenting yeast (meaning
                                                                                Celis Grand Cru                 7.6%          Orange Cream Soda
it is most active near the bottom of the fermenting beer) that                  Celis Pale Bock                 3.9%          Our own brew, made
                                                                                                                                onsite at MBC!
ferments at colder temperatures, generally between 32 and 55                    Peninsula Porter                5.0%
degrees F. Lager yeasts tend to be neutral in flavor and aroma                  Superior Stout                  5.0%          Take home a 6 pack,
and thus do not produce the fruity esters found in ale yeasts.
Beers fermented with lager yeasts are usually cold stored at                    Celis White                     3.9%          case or keg for your
temperatures below 45 degrees F following primary                               Celis Raspberry                 3.9%              next event!
fermentation for a period of a few weeks to several months - a                  Little Prince IPA               6.5%
process known as lagering. Beer yeast is sold in two forms,
dried and liquid.
                                                                                Hamtramck                       4.0%           FREE tours given to
                                                                                Nut Brown Ale                   5.0%           individuals or groups
Water                                                                                                                          (Reservations requested
                                                                                Wheatland Wheat                 5.0%
Making up 90-95 percent of beer, water is an important                                                                        for groups of 5 or more.)
ingredient in the brewing process. Tap water will work, but                     High Seas IPA                   7.25%
overly chlorinated water can result in harsh flavors in finished                                                              Meeting / Event
beers. Boiling or filtering can remove chlorine, or you may                     BEER SPECIALS*                                Space Available!
choose to use bottled water. Factors such as mineral content
and pH of brewing water can a have significant effect upon the                  2·4·8 Monday
final product, although these are of less concern in extract                    $2 off 6 pack
beers than in all grain beers. Certain minerals may be added                    $4 off 12 pack, $8 off case
to beer to achieve flavors found in beers brewed in certain                     Growler Tuesday
areas of the world, for example the famous English pale ales
of Burton-on-Trent are brewed with the very hard water found
                                                                                $2.00 discounts: New - $9.00, Refill - $6.00
in that region.                                                                 Big Mack
Courtesy of the Brewers Association at                             Only $20 per case!
                                                                                Black Heart & Russian Imperial Stout
                                                                                To go, check for prices
                                                                                *Some restrictions apply
    APRIL          CALENDAR                   OF       EVENTS
                                                                                                 Newsletter print made possible by:
            APRIL 1        – AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST                      Home Loan Specialists, Inc.
            LIVE MUSIC! “THE BANJO BOYS”                                        Fred Denby, Loan Consultant
                    BLUE GRASS JAM SESSION                                      Locally owned and operated since 1996
                   EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT                                        Competitive programs & rates
           PUBLIC WELCOME TO LISTEN AND PLAY ALONG!                             Weekend & evening appointments – No problem!
                           75 YEARS OF BEER                                     110 W. Grand River Ave.                     Office: 517-521-3137
   MONDAY, APRIL 7              – CELEBRATE BEER’S HISTORY WITH US!             Webberville, MI 48892                      Mobile: 517-282-6019
                       80’S BIRTHDAY BASH
            FRIDAY, APRIL 18 – 8PM TO MIDNIGHT
SATURDAY, APRIL 19 – MBC CREW MEMBERS WILL BE MAKING THE                                Weddings-Bars-Parties-Everything!
 TREK TO GRAND RAPIDS. LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN US.                                      Josh Rockey, Owner/DJ
                           HOME BREW CLASS                                             517-281-5959,
          SATURDAYS, 10AM TO 5PM – CHECK FOR DATES                                        Brandon Denby, Event Coordinator
                   NATIONAL HUMOR MONTH                                                              517-294-5234
                                                                                            Helping make memories since 2005!
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