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Information about National Police Check Application forms and National Police
A National Police Certificate (NPC), often referred to as a ‘police check’ provides a national
summary of an individual’s disclosable offender history. Requesting candidate’s authority to
conduct a police check is part of the Attorney-General’s Department’s (AGD) process to
ensure the integrity of our staff and volunteers.

Please download the National Police Check Application form and complete it online (where
possible) before printing. Applicants who are unable to complete an online form can obtain a
hard copy from a Police Station. If completing the form manually, please print clearly in
BLOCK letters and only use black or blue ink.

Applicants must provide AGD with a completed National Police Check Application form
witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Police Officer or authorised AGD employee (contact
Human Resources on 8207 1566 for a list of authorised AGD employees), along with their
job application. Applicants must provide 100 points of original identification documents and
a photocopy of these documents, for certification and lodgement with the form.

AGD will despatch the NPC Application to the Records Release Unit in SA Police (SAPOL).

SAPOL will process the NPC Application and mail the Certificate to the candidate’s
residential or postal address. AGD will cover the cost of processing the NPC.

The NPC is the property of the candidate and it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure it is
safely stored. Prior to being recommended for employment within AGD, the candidate must
allow the original of the NPC to be sighted and copied by the Chair of the selection panel.

Important Online NPC Application Information
SAPOL’s Records Release Unit has implemented advanced scanning technology to process
escalating volumes of NPC applications.

To assist SAPOL to process your application faster, please ensure that your printed
application does not fall into any of the following ‘scanner unfriendly’ categories:

      Operating system allows you to print a blank form and/or won’t allow you to enter data
      Form has printed without a barcode
      Form has printed without data boxes
      Printed form appears reduced in size, skewed or off centre
      Print is faint

If any of the above issues affect your online application, please attend a police station and
request a printed copy.

Scanner unfriendly applications cannot be processed by SAPOL.

Form Checklist
    Ensure that non mandatory fields on the form that are not applicable are left blank
     (please refrain from using N/A, As Above, etc.)
    When completing ‘Other Names’ fields (e.g. Maiden, Previous, Alias) include your
     Family Name and First Given Name/s
    Ensure the Purpose of Check section is completed on page 1. You should record the
     purpose of the check as being the role title and AGD Business Unit name.
    Ensure that the consent section on page 2 is signed.

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      Ensure that the 100 Point Identification total is at least 100 points. (Cross check
       original documents against accepted ID documents listed in ‘Proof of Identity’ section
       on form.)

For more information about NPCs refer to SAPOL’s website at, click
on Police Checks on the right hand side of the home page and then scroll down to the
Frequently Asked Questions link.


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