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									              British Broadcasting Corporation, Room 201, EBX Building, Television Centre, Wood Lane, London. W12 7RJ

Tel: +44 208 576 7173
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The above BBC Radio Five Live programme would like to use your interpretation of a JINGLE in the above

Since at the time of writing this not commercially available, we require your signature to this licence to enable us
to use this recording:

I.     The recording is supplied to the BBC for use in the above programme on all BBC Public Services now
       known or which hereafter become known throughout the WORLD including but not limited to so-called
       standard and non-standard television, radio, WORLD non-theatric showing, home video and on-line

II. You warrant that:

       A. You were entitled to make the recording and are the owner of the copyright in the music contained
          therein, or have obtained the permission of the Owner of the copyright in the music to the making of the
          recording and its use in accordance with this licence.

       B. The supply of the recording to the BBC for use on television is not in breach of any contractual
          obligation you may have entered into with any third parties.

       C. The recording is not, and has not previously been available as a commercial disc/cassette. You will
          notify the BBC if at any time hereafter the recording is made commercially.

       D. You have obtained the consent of all the performers taking part and performing in the recording to the
          making of the recording and its use in accordance herewith

III.       No fee will be offered for the licensing of the recording. The broadcast fees, if any, will be paid by the
       Performing Rights Society.

I hope that you are in agreement with these terms and would be grateful if you would please sign and return to me
one copy of this letter
Yours sincerely,


Daniel Neale
BBC Music Copyright, Room 201 EBX Block, BBC TV Centre, Wood Lane. London, W12 7RJ

Signed:____________________________________________ Date: ________________


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