Permission to use Copyrighted Material by HC121002001327


									   [The following is a sample letter to use as a template when requesting
     permission to use copyrighted material for educational purposes]


Dear _____[Name of Copyright Owner],

I am a [Student/Teacher], at _________________________ school in Whiteriver
Arizona and I am contacting you because I would like to use your work [Title and
description of the work], This material will be used in my classroom for [State the
Purpose it will be used for and the semester ] during the _______ semester.

Copies of this material will be made and distributed only to students in the class
and copyright notice will be included on all copies.

Please indicate your permission by signing the permission form below and
returning it to me in the enclosed envelope. Please let me know if there are other
person(s) from whom consent might be required.

Thank you.

[Your Name and title]

Permission granted to: [Your Name]

   To use: [Title and description of the work]

   By: _______________________________________________ [Signature]

   Name: _____________________________________________ [Please Print]

   Title: ______________________________________________

   Date: __________________

Other persons to contact for consent:

   Name: ____________________________________________________

   Address: __________________________________________________

   Telephone: ________________________________________________

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