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					                   Fantasy Forum
Luke Hanish , Lindsay Sather, and
                    Landon Baker
   Who?- Fantasy Sports fans

   What?- Open a sports bar where people can come
    and have their drafts and check their teams.

   Where?- St. Cloud, MN

   Why?- Fantasy Sports is becoming very popular
    with billons of dollars being invested in the games
    every year.
   A fantasy sport is a game where participants
    act as owners to build a team that competes
    against other fantasy owners based on the
    statistics generated by the real individual
    players or teams of a professional sport.
   The goal of Fantasy Forums is to attract as
    many sports fanatics as we can to hold their
    drafts in an atmosphere that appeals to all
    sports fans.
◦ target market of fantasy sports is ever growing
◦ founders of Fantasy Forums understand the
  target market
◦ Fantasy Forums is a locally owned business
◦ The business has limited cash flow
◦ A limited number of customers are aware of Fantasy
◦ Revenues would currently be limited due to single
o Fantasy Forums customers are likely to return for
  more business
o Fantasy Forums has a chance to expand to larger
  markets across the U.S.
o Other competitors may launch a similar idea
o Competitors such as McCanns and Buffalo Wild
  Wings, also host draft parties
   The onsite staff would include bartenders,
    waiters/waitresses, and a traditional
    management team.
   Staff would also consist of fantasy sports
    consultants for draft advice
   Fantasy Forums will consist of a full bar, grill,
    high speed Wi-Fi capability, and flat screen
   Enough room to host 20, ten man drafts.
   The target Market for Fantasy Forums would
    primarily consist of 18-45 year olds.
    However, given our atmosphere we would
    appeal to any sports fanatic.
   Anticipated Revenue for each sport season
   Fantasy sports include-

    o Football
    o Basketball
    o Baseball
    o Hockey
   The products that Fantasy Forum offers are:
    Computers with Wi-Fi so people are able to have a
     draft party.
    We will also attempt to launch a Fantasy software
     program that will keep users up to date with the
     latest player info and status.
    Food and Drinks for the customers.
    We will also have flat screen TV’s throughout the
     bar so people can watch games. Each TV will have
     NFL Sunday Ticket and include every major sports
     channel, i.e. NFL network, MLB network etc.
   We are looking to start in central Minnesota.
    Because of our target market, we would like
    to be located near the St. Cloud State
    University campus. We feel that this area
    would be ideal to get customers into Fantasy
   We feel that the popularity of Fantasy Forums
    will greatly increase so eventually we would
    expand to other areas in the state.
 Because the main idea of Fantasy Forums is
  to capitalize on the growth of Fantasy Sports,
  we will give food and drink specials to
  drafting parties, depending on the size of
  their respective leagues.
 We can also give out gift cards or other
  specials for people who draft certain players.
  (Example: anyone who picks Brett Favre as
  their QB will receive a $20 gift card)
   The majority of our promotions will be run
    through local newspaper ads, radio, and
    eventually TV. These promotions will be more
    frequently advertised upon the start of all
    four major sports seasons, with Football
    obviously being the biggest and most
    notorious fantasy game. And with today’s
    technology being more advanced than ever,
    our Facebook page will definitely generate a
    lot of business.
Fantasy Forums Menu
   The Prices of the drinks and food at Fantasy
    Forums would be comparable to Applebees,
    or Buffalo Wild Wings in St. Cloud.
   There are very few competitors for the
    fantasy draft because not very many bars are
    capable of doing it. We feel that the Football
    season will be our most popular time.
   With as much money that’s being invested in
    fantasy sports throughout the U.S. and across
    the world, the Fantasy Forum understands
    that its an up and coming market. We’re just
    looking to get our slice of the pie!

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