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									List of Blogging Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

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In today’s special guest post, I’m going to share 10 blogging tips that should help you attain lots of success from blogging
and thus will help you become a successful blogger.

1. First Impression is the Last Impression

If your blog don’t have decent layout and your blog readers are finding it hard to read your actual content, you need to fix
it as the first priority item. It’s your blog design which is first viewed by your blog readers and if they don’t like it, they
will simply close it and move to the next website. So you need to make sure, there are no unwanted pop ups, too many ads
above or around your actual content and no in-text ads. You should start observing your blog from the eyes of your blog
readers and try to imagine what you would like to see after opening it and what are the problem areas. You could even
take advice from your friends to improve the overall design and functionality of your blog. Your navigation links structure
should be very clear and there should be a mention for each content type you cover on your blog.

2. Content Quality Matters the Most

It’s your content’s quality which matters a great deal. If it’s really good, it will motivate your blog readers to visit your
blog again and again to read your latest blogging tips and keep up with your posts. You should use relevant and
interesting images and videos to make your posts more interesting. No one loves to read a blog post carrying 1000 of
words without a single image being used. It’s also well said, a picture is worth a thousand words. You should proofread
your blog posts for grammatical and sentence related errors before scheduling on your blog. It can be really irritating if
you are reading a blog post that contains too many errors as it’s blog owner is unable to differentiate their and there even.
One more thing, you should create an eye catching title for your blog posts.

It’s your blog post title that people see first when they browse your blog post listing in search engines. In case they don’t
find it interesting, they will simply ignore it and switch to the next search engine result. So you have very few seconds to
convert an impression into an actual click. Blog posts with eye catching headlines get better CTR (Click through Rate) in
search engine results and other places of listings.

3. Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

Write guest posts for other blogs in your targeted niche is one of the best things you could do to become a successful
blogger. So the trick here will be making a list of most popular blogs in your niche and approach them with high quality
guest posts. You can use community website to find targeted blogs for guest blogging. You can even
get a list of around 200 blogs that allows guest blogging on Bloggers Passion blog where Anil Agarwal has shared all
important metrics for blogs like their page rank, Alexa Rankings, contact details and guest blogging guidelines. So what
are you waiting for? It’s action time, just go and publish your guest posts on top blogs in your niche to take your blogging
journey to greater heights.

4. Reply to Comments

You should reply to comments coming on your blog posts. If you are not replying comments, don’t expect lots of
comments appearing on your blog posts from genuine blog readers. If you are trying to answer most of questions you are
getting from your blog readers in the form of comments, overall traffic and number of comments you are receiving on
your blog posts will also increase to great extent. Your blog readers will also get the feeling there is someone who is not
only listening their thoughts but also sending his own responses. Apart from your own blog posts, you should check your
guest posts on regular basis and reply to incoming comments. But before doing any commenting activities, you should set
an avatar for you on

5. Learn the Basics of SEO

You should start learning the basics of SEO. It will be your SEO skills that will take you from being an average blogger to
a successful blogger. You need to look at maximum ethical methods to drive traffic to your blog from search engines. You
should use targeted keywords in your blog post URL, Title, meta tags, as an alternative text with images, heading tags and
few times in your actual blog content. You should interlink your blog posts where they make sense. Apart from this, you
should link out to trusted websites to give additional information about a topic to your blog readers.

If you are blogging on WordPress and don’t know much about SEO and on page optimization techniques, there are some
plugins that can help you in perfecting the on page optimization activities on your blog posts and pages. You can give a
try to Easy WP SEO plugin, which use 23 on page SEO factors while calculating the SEO Score for your blog contents.

6. Do Some Link Building Activities

No doubt guest blogging on other blogs will help you get some high quality backlinks for your blog from popular blogs in
your niche. Apart from guest blogging, there are lots of traditional link building methods that you should adopt for
generating more targeted backlinks for your blog. You cannot get much traffic to your blog without link building activities
if you are blogging about a competitive niche. Some of link building activities you can adopt can be doing blog
commenting activities on other blogs in your niche, submitting articles on ezine publishing websites and submitting your
blog into high PR blog directories.

7. Create a Strong Presence on Social Media Websites

If you have been following search engine trends for some time, you would have clear idea about the importance of social
media signals. You need to make sure your blog has a strong presence on Social Media networks like Facebook, Google
Plus and Twitter.

Are you allowing your blog readers to share blog posts of their interest on social media websites, if no start doing it now?
Add links and icons for popular social media websites on your blog sidebar and at post level. If you are using WordPress
as your blogging platform, there are plugins like Digg Digg that will allow you add stylish share bar for these websites in
your blog contents. Check out Ms. Ileane’s post to learn How to Boost Your Brand on Facebook and Drive Traffic To
Your Blog.

8. Improve Speed of Your Blog

You need to look at all possible ways to improve the speed of your blog. If you are adding images, you should optimize
their sizes before uploading on your blog. You should enter cleaned HTML into your blog posts. If you are blogging on
WordPress, there are plugins that can help in improving the performance of your WordPress blog. You could use W3
Total Cache plugin for content caching and WP Optimize for database cleaning. You can expect a better ranking for your
blog on Google with improved speed as sometime back Google included page speed as one of rankings factor in its search
engine algorithms.
9. Improve Engagement on Your Blog

You should write engaging content on your blog. You should give a personal touch to your blog posts. You should ask
questions; take advice and feedback from your blog readers. Apart from writing engaging content here’s a few more
useful blogging tips – you should interlink your blog contents; use related posts, creating polls and surveys etc. on your

10. Monetize Your Blog

If one of your primary goals behind blogging is earning cash, you should start monetizing your blog once you start seeing
some traffic on it. No doubt there are hundreds or even thousands of websites claiming to help you make money from
your blog, but don’t believe on all of them. Google Adsense is still the most popular and most used monetization method
used by content rich websites and blogs. If you are blogging about a particular niche, you can try selling some products
based on your niche through your blog.

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