June 25 2012 Board Meeting Agenda by aYkc51


           Regular Meeting of the Cobre Consolidated School District Board of Education
                   Cobre Administration Office, 900 Central Ave., Bayard, NM
                                     Monday, June 25, 2012
                                   Executive Session 6:00 p.m.
                                     Open Session 7:00 p.m.

I.       Introduction
         A. Call to Order
         B. Roll Call
         C. Pledge of Allegiance
       **D. Approval of Agenda Items #
       **E. Approval of June 11, 2012 Board Minutes #
       **F. Approval of June 19, 2013 Special Board Meeting Minutes #

Consent items are indicated by asterisks and are voted on by one motion. Two asterisks (**)
indicate Support Services items.

II.      Update on Unfinished Business
         A. Board Retreat

III.     Public Input

IV.      Administration
         A. Budget Update
         B. Construction Update
         C. Superintendent Search Update

V.       Finance
         A. Review of Bills #
         B. Final Allocation – Transportation (13000) #
         C. Final Allocation – SB-9 (31700)#

VI.        Superintendent’s Report

VII.      Public Input

VIII. Items for Next Agenda

An individual attending a Board Meeting may ask to speak on any item that appears on the approved agenda after he/she is
recognized by the President of the Board and introduces him/her. The President may set limits as to length, and subject of any
presentation or commentary. Personal complaints about individuals shall not be accepted unless they are submitted in writing
and are signed.
The Cobre School District will provide an interpreter for the Hearing Impaired upon request. Requests should be submitted to
the Superintendent’s Office three days prior to the meeting.

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