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Experience Summary:
    7 years of professional experience in Information Technology with SAP experience as
      a SAP BW/BI Consultant.
    Have worked on 3.1c, 3.5 and 7 Versions of SAP BW/BI & 4.7, ECC 5, 6 versions of
      SAP R/3 and ECC.
    Creative and innovative in developing new ideas and approaches as part of
      Continuous Improvement in SAP Systems development.
    Excellent Communication, Presentation skills and Customer Oriented attitude.
    Having experience in giving End-User training on Overview of BW.
    Having experience in giving training to fresher’s for 2 months.

Technical Expertise:
Business Warehouse                 :   SAP BW 3.0B, 3.5 & BI 7.
ERP                                :   SAP R/3 and ECC versions 4.6, 4.7C & ECC 6.
Reporting Tools                    :   BEx Analyzer, BEx Browser & WAD.
Languages                          :   C, C++ & ABAP/4.
Operating Systems                  :   UNIX, MS Windows 2000/XP/NT
Database Management Systems        :   Oracle 9i/8i/8.0/7.x, MS Access
Web Technologies                   :   HTML, XML
Reporting Tools/Designing tools    :   Business Explorer

Professional Expertise:

      Have experience in Technical Upgrade from BW 3.5 to BI 7 and also having sound
       experience in configuring pre and post upgrade activities
      Involved in managing of Infocube, which involves Infocube content, performance
       issues like Indexes, compression of Infocube and rolling up the data to the
       aggregates, Data Mart and Open Hub Service.
      Experience in Modeling, Monitoring, Extractors and Report in BW.
      Extensively involved in extracting data from SAP R/3 using Generic Extraction
       customized LO cockpit.
      Experienced in extending and activation of Business Content.
      Worked extensively on bringing master data and transactional data from flat files and
       SAP R/3.
      Sound experience in loading SAP Triversity and IS-Retail POS (POSDM) data into BI
      Knowledge in Performance tuning and scheduling Batch Processes through process
       chains. Improved data load and query performance by doing compression,
       aggregates, partitioning.
      Experienced in building Multiproviders and Infosets as per the query needs.
      Experienced in Report Generation - Worked extensively in BEX Analyzer in building
       Queries and saving in Workbooks (Excel work sheets) and created Custom Queries
       using Conditions, Exceptions, Variables & Structures and created aggregates for
       frequently used queries.
      Sound experience in integration ECC and BI like RFC Connections, Port Configuration,
       Maintaining Partner Profiles, etc.,
      Trained on SAP BOBJ Crystal Reports and IDT.

Project #1:

Client               : Options Clearing Corporation, Keller, TX
Environment          : SAP BI 7 and ECC 6.0
Role                 : SAP BI Consultant.
Duration             : September 2010 to Present
Project Type         : SAP BW Support and Upgrade

OCC is world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization, clears transactions for put
and call options on common stocks and other equity issues, stock indexes, foreign
currencies, interest rate composites and single-stock futures. Encore is the clearing system
which is flexible system designed to readily adapt to changes in contract volume, complex
new trading products, and the increased role of the internet in the derivatives industry.
Encore system undergoes infrastructure upgrades including software upgrade bringing third
party software up to current release so that they remain at supported vendor levels.



      Involving in Monitoring and Production Support.
      Handling Change Requests (CR) and Tickets with different priority levels and
       developing technical specs and Effort Estimation documents on CR’s.
      Involving in Daily and Monthly activities like PSA Requests Deletion, Cube
       Compression, ChangeLog Deletion, Running Statistics, etc,
      Handling SAP HR (LMS, PMR, CATS, PA), MM, FI and CO applications.
      Have good experience finding functional inputs.
      Have experience in creating the Workbooks.
      Involving in Load monitoring using RSPCM, RSMO, SM37, and SM50.
      Monitoring of Info Packages and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of Info
      Daily monitoring of InfoCubes, InfoObjects and ODS object requests.
      Maintaining Reconciliation’s to verify the Data in SAP ECC and SAP BI are same or
       not after the Data Loads.
      Have experience in implementing Early watch reports.
      To communicate with the customer who posted the Ticket.
      Actively involved in Rectification of Load Failure Errors like Master Data Loads,
       Transaction Loads Failures.
      Have experience in performance tuning aspects like creating Aggregates, Number
       range buffering, etc.,
      Have experience in authorizations and have sound knowledge in reporting
      Have suggested to my counterpart to raise many change requests to make
       necessary changes in dataflow design.
      Have good experience in writing Start, End routines towards Change Request
      Have experience in writing code in ECC CMOD towards DataSource enhancement.
      Good experience in creating iViews in Portal towards BI queries.


      Have experience in Technical Upgrade from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0
      Have good experience in BI Post Upgrade activities.
      Have done BI Post upgrade Activities, configured RFC, IDOC partner profile
      Having sound experience in running BDLS transaction for to change the logical
       systems in both BI and ECC system.
      Have resolved many issues during the upgrade.
      Have experience in installing BI Technical Content.
Project #2:

Client               :   Hunt Petroleum, Dallas, TX
Environment          :   SAP R/3 4.6, SAP BW 3.5, Windows NT, Bex Analyzer
Role                 :   SAP BW Consultant.
Duration             :   January 2010 to August 2010
Project Type         :   SAP BW Implementation

Hunt Petroleum provide energy products, including crude oil, natural gas, and refined
petroleum; utility services, including the generation of electricity, the transmission and
distribution of electricity, natural gas, and water; and/or the marketing and trading of
energy commodities.


      Implemented SAP BW 3.5 SD and MM modules involved in designing the data flow
       from R/3 to BW responsible for deployment, validation and integration testing.
      Analyzing ERM, MDM and translated it to BIW design. Identifying the Key Figures,
       Strong Entities, and Attributes of the entities, Archiving, Time Frame for Loading etc.
      Analyzing the SAP BIW Business Content required, activating the business content
      Assigned Data Sources to the Info Source, Defining Transfer Structures, and
       Metadata maintenance for the Info Source and source system. Configuring Metadata
       in the Administration Workbench for replication and Updating of Data Source from
       the source system.
      Extracted required master data from the Data Source of PSA to ODS. Worked with
       ODS object, ODS query, Updating ODS object with RRI.
      Created custom Info Cubes including Update Rules. Created Queries by defining
       rows, columns and free characteristics providing drill down functionality in reporting
       using BEx.
      Scheduling of Extract Jobs, Grouping of extract Jobs, Monitoring of Transfer and
       Update for data Loads, Monitoring of Status display and Load Statistics for Update
      Worked on info cubes like Quotations, Sales Order, and Customer etc for the Sales
       and Distribution module from the Business content.
      Incorporated Transfer functions for Info Cubes using ABAP/4 as well as in populating
       the master and transaction data.
      Created Reports like Balance Sheet/PL/Cash flow on consolidated data for reporting
      Implemented data extraction and data staging using both LO Cockpit and enhanced
       the structures using user exits to support the business needs
      Did the Technical specifications for the Successful deployment of the aggregates and
       precalculation for the better performance of the reports.
      Enabled compression of the Billing and Delivery cubes to improve the performance of
       the queries.
      Created and designed secondary indexes on the ODS (Operational data sources) for
       better performance of the detailed reports.
      Created test scripts and configuration documents for the knowledge transfer and
       deployment configuration.
      Extensively worked on Process chains for sequential background scheduling of Master
       and Transactional Data up on triggered by events in source systems.

Project #3:

Client               : Lyondell, Houston, TX
Environment          : SAP R/3 4.6C,SAP BW 3.X, Windows NT ,Bex Analyzer ,FI-CO,MM
Role                 : SAP BW Consultant.
Duration             : November 2008 to December 2009
Project Type         : SAP BW Implementation

Lyondell Chemical Company, based in Houston, Tex., plays a daily role in consumers’ lives
by delivering chemical building blocks sold around the world. An $18.6 billion company,
Lyondell has approximately 10,000 employees on five continents. Lyondell’s primary
product is ethylene, which is the world’s most-used petrochemical and the basis for a
number of other chemicals, plastics, and synthetics. The company is also a leading producer
of propylene oxide, which is used in a diverse range of products, including foam and aircraft
deicing fluid.


      Involved in SAP BW (3.0B) implementation for creating a custom info area, which
       provides specific reports to analyze the material movement on accounting.
      Worked extensively on standard and custom defined LIS, LO extractors. Installed
       relevant SAP business content. Used LO structures for extracting sales order,
       delivery information. Logistics Cockpit configuration and customization; Tracing
       problem to R/3 and resolution.
      Customized cubes such as Sales Order cube (0SD_C03), Sales Delivery cube
       (0SD_C05), Used ODS to stage the data before transferring the ODS contents to the
       InfoCube. Done ODS reporting to give details of delivery items and schedule line
      Data source enhancements, generic extractors, user Exits and customized delta built
       up for the datasources, V3 Updates, controlled by pull/push principle from OLAP
      Extensive experience in data design, data modeling, star schema and extended star
       schema, ASAP methodology, Info Cube partitioning, Setting customized Info Cube.
       Data extraction from R/3 and Flat file; SAP BW delta load, Info package creation.
      Was involved in upgrading the BW version from 2.0 to 3.0B and in the process
       checked the add-on upgrade requirements and new component requirements for BW
      Resolve and implement BW Query faults (Day to Day) and change requests.
      Involved in BEx Query Design and formatting.
      Loaded and scheduled Hierarchies for Cost Center, GL-Account, Vendor, etc from R/3
       Created Hierarchy node variables to allow users to report at node levels and select
       the nodes at runtime.
      Created documentation to do the knowledge transfer to the support team to
       maintain the info provider in production after GO-LIVE.
      Developed SAP R/3 User Exits in ABAP/4 to enrich enhanced material master,
       Logistics transactional data along with the 0FI_GL_4 (data source).
      Enhanced the business content Info cubes for Supply Chain Management
       (Procurement and Inventory Management), for extraction, transformation and
       loading (ETL) especially loading and scheduling the opening balance of the stock and
       maintaining the delta and compressing using marked update for the reporting.
      Administered data loads and scheduling using Info Packages, Monitor, SAP job and
       process monitoring utilities.
      Uploaded custom 0ACCOUNT and profit center hierarchies from R/3 to BW.
      Created Process chains for scheduling of data loads and scheduled to ODS and
       include abap routines, batch jobs and aggregate and infocube rollup.
      Analyzed BW statistics for optimization of data loads, and query performance and
       report performance during BW production support.
      Designed relevant aggregates and OLAP cache settings for optimal performance of
       the queries, workbooks and web reports.
Project #4:

Client              :   Welspun India Ltd. Mumbai, INDIA
Environment         :   SAP BI 7 IS-Retail (POS DM) and ECC 6.
Role                :   Consultant.
Duration            :   November 2006 to October 2008
Project Type        :   SAP BW Implementation

Welspun, currently a U.S. $1 billion group is one of the fastest growing businesses in
Textile unit, Welspun has a presence in 50 countries with a turnover of Rs. 35,000 million
exclusively from exports, and they got the retail stores across the country by name


      Experience in using the SAP Best Practices for to implement Pre-Configured
       Scenarios for IS – Retail and Point-of-Sales (POS) using SAP Triversity System.
      Experience in installing Business Content and having sound knowledge of using
       Grouping options used in Back ground.
      Having sound knowledge in PIPE architecture.
      Have worked on Designing Technical Specification and Data Flow towards Client
      Experience in Activating Standard MultiCubes, InfoCubes, DSO’s, InfoSources and
       InfoObjects according to Preconfigured scenarios.
      Experience in Designing InfoObjects, DSO’s, InfoCubes and MultiProviders as per the
      Loading Master and Transactional data from SAP R/3 IS-Retail and POSDM Systems.
      Worked on Transactional DataSources of Inventory, Purchasing and Billing from R/3.
      Having sound knowledge on manually pushing the data from PIPE system via MON0
       transaction using specific Task codes.
      Worked on Transporting Objects in System Landscape using Transport Connection.
      Customized queries using Characteristics, KeyFigures, Filters, CKF, RKF, Variables,

Project #5:

Client              :   Sabare International, Karur, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Environment         :   SAP BW 3.5 and ECC 5
Role                :   Consultant.
Duration            :   June 2004 to October 2006
Project Type        :   SAP BW Implementation

Sabare was founded in October 1991 with a vision to build a global company delivering a
complete array of innovative and effective Home Furnishings solutions. The company
designs, manufactures and markets a coordinated line of value added Home Textile
products that Packaged Bed, Bath, Dining and Window furnishing variants.


      Experience in using the SAP Best Practices for implementing the Pre-Configured
      Experience in installing Business Content and having sound knowledge of using
       Grouping options used in Back ground.
      Loaded Master and Transactional data from SAP R/3 into BW.
      Prepared Query Designed Documents for FI and PP Reports.
      Worked extensively on General Ledger, AR, AP
      Extensively worked on Virtual Cubes and Remote Cubes using the standard Function
      Scheduled data loads in BW for Full, Init and Delta upload.
      Solved many issues while loading into the ODS.
      Unit testing done for the existing reports.
      Created Roles using PFCG according to the End users requirement.
      Done Partitioning on Infocube as per to improve the query performance using
       0CALMONTH and 0FISCPER.
      Created Reports using Free Characteristics, Restricted Characteristics, Filters,
       Conditions, Exceptions, Cell Definition as per the requirement.
      Involved in BW installation.
      Having sound experience in configuring RFC Connections between ECC 5 and 6 with
       BW 3.5.

Master of Business Administration (ICFAI University, Hyderabad, INDIA)

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