I.    Building Access and Security
You have access through the rear door of the Clinic Building 24 hours a day, seven days a week
using your key card. The Housing Clinic students have two assigned workrooms in the clinic
building. You will be assigned a key to access the two workrooms. When you are leaving the
building please make sure that the clinic workrooms are locked. Also, when leaving the building
after normal work hours, make sure the lights and electronic equipment are off, the front and
back doors are locked and you have set the alarm.

In order to insure the safety of students and staff at 649 Bradley Road an alarm system is in
place. Please be sure to deactivate the alarm (using the code) when entering the building, and
activate the alarm when leaving the building. (All windows and doors must be closed in order to
activate the alarm.) Failure to follow this procedure will result in sending a message to public
safety that something is wrong and campus police will respond accordingly. We would like to
maintain a good rapport with Public Safety and only ask them to respond to a true
emergency. If you inadvertently set off the alarm please call Public Safety at x1207
immediately and advise them of your error.

Public Safety is concerned for students' safety and invites Clinic students to phone them at x1207
when working in the Clinic office on weekends or evenings. Public Safety will then have an
officer check the building periodically.

In case of an emergency, please press the police button on the alarm system or phone 911.

II.    Computers

The office has a computer in each workroom for use by Housing Clinic students.

COMPUTER. Disks are available in the clinic office.

       A. Internet Usage
       Do not use any of the clinic computers for unlawful activity. The use of college resources
       for personal profit or political gain is prohibited. Use of invasive software, such as

     worms, Trojan horses, viruses or other destructive programs on shared computer systems
     is prohibited. Participation in software piracy is illegal and prohibited.

III. CLIO Case Management Software

     A.      About CLIO
     The Housing Clinic uses a case management system called CLIO to document all case
     activity. In addition to a physical file, each client case has an electronic file in CLIO.
     CLIO is our central "database" of ongoing cases. For each current client and potential
     client we serve, there is a CLIO record. You will be issued a CLIO User Manual and
     invitation via email which will provide you with a link to set up your password and join
     CLIO. You will also be provided with software training at the beginning of the semester.
     All questions and/or problems concerning CLIO should be referred to the Clinic

     As a Clinic student, you will have access to ALL client information within CLIO. You
     have serious professional responsibilities when using CLIO, and will need to be alert to
     potential problems. The Clinic's policy concerning access to confidential client
     information on the CLIO system is as follows:
            1) Clinic students should only review CLIO client files for their own current
            2) Clinic students must treat all information in the CLIO system as strictly
            3) To allow us to identify potential conflicts of interest, clinic students should be
            vigilant in updating CLIO entries for their individual clients.

     B.      Adding Clients to CLIO
     A Housing Intake Form (See Appendix A) must be completed for each current client or
     potential client. The required fields for the Intake Form are: Client Information, Case
     Description and name of Student Attorney. The Intake Form is to be given to Clinic
     Administrator for the assignment of a Matter Number and data entry. You may want to
     keep a few forms with you so that you have them on hand when you are at Summary
     Process, and the Pro Se Clinic. A file folder will be made for each intake form and
     returned to the front of the Housing Clinic File Drawer for student retrieval.

     C.       Case Notes in CLIO
     Every action you take on behalf of your client must be entered into CLIO.; i.e. telephone
     conferences, meetings, client interviews, research, draft letters and documents. You
     should make your notes contemporaneously or as soon after the action as possible. After
     entering your case notes on a Note Form print your entry and place it inside the client’s
     file folder.

     D.     Closing Cases in CLIO
     All cases must be closed in CLIO. Use a Note Form in CLIO to indicate case is closed.
     Complete Note Form by indicating one of the following: Outside Scope, Trial, Refused
     Service, No Contact, Advice, Mediation or Settlement. Also include the following
     information: type of trial, outcome of trial and award or settlement amounts.
       Print the note form and place it in the client folder. Return all client folders to Clinic
       Administrator for check-in. All client folders must be checked in with closed note form
       before grades are issued.

       E.       Time Keeping in CLIO
       This course requires a time commitment of up to 16 hours per week. The time will be
       divided among a weekly two hour seminar, time at the Housing Court, and time at a pro
       se eviction clinic. Clinic hours will be spent working on assigned cases, research, and
       class preparation. Students will be expected to complete weekly time entries in CLIO for
       all clinic work. Weekly reports will be run each Monday morning for the previous
       week’s clinic hours for the period of Monday through Sunday. Failure to complete
       weekly time entries will jeopardize a passing grade for the clinic.

IV.    Multi-function Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax Machine

The Clinic has its own multi-function machine to be used for clinical purposes. The machine is
to be used only for work related to your clinic responsibilities.

V.     Clinic Conference Room
Clinic-related meetings may be held in the conference room. Checking availability of and
scheduling the use of the conference room is done on the large calendar hanging in the kitchen.
It is important to indicate a time that you will end your appointment (i.e. 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.) so
the room may be reserved by another member of the Clinic.

The conference room is used by all clinics, so please clean up after your meeting and remove any
files, extra chairs or other items that you brought in with you.

VI.    Fax

The Housing Clinic has its own fax number which can receive faxes 24-hours a day. The fax
number is 413-796-2155.

VII. File Storage

To ensure file confidentiality we ask that files remain in the clinic building. NEVER LEAVE
that you need to remove from clinic building. Original files should remain in Clinic filing
cabinet. Students are responsible for their own filing.

VIII. Mail
The Clinic has mail pick up and delivery twice a day at approximately 11:00 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.
All outgoing mail should be placed in the blue mailbag in the box located on the wall outside
Clinic Administrator’s office door.

Postage-paid return envelopes are available for your use to ensure you receive documents back
from your client. Make sure that your name is indicated on the bottom left-hand side of the
postage paid return envelope.

IX.    Mailboxes
Each student has a mailbox located in the Housing Clinic workroom. Your box is the one above
your name tag. It is important that you check your box at least once a day for phone messages
and incoming mail.

X.     Parking

Clinic Building:
Clinic students have access to parking behind the Clinic building. The following information
must be given to the Clinic Administrator before you can use Clinic parking spots: license plate,
car model, make, year, and color. Please submit information on all vehicles you may be driving.

Clinic students may park behind the law clinic building where it states "Law Clinic Personnel
Only." Students may utilize these parking spaces while in the Clinic building.

Please do not leave your car parked here if you are not in the clinic building.
Downtown Springfield Parking:
There are a limited number of free parking spaces in the Civic Center Garage. Free parking is on
a “first-come first-serve” basis. Contact the Clinic Administrator to complete a parking

XI.    Supplies

There are supplies available for Clinic use only in the green cabinet at the back of the clinic
building. Also, there is letterhead available for each clinical program. Please see the Clinic
Administrator if you need assistance locating supplies.

XII. Telephone

The main Clinic Office number and the Clinic Administrator’s line is 782-1469.
In order to access an outside line, press “9.”

Please do not make any personal long distance calls.

       A. Instructions For Multi-line Phone Use

               Transferring a Call
               1. With a call in progress, press TRF button, hear special dial tone. Calling party
               is placed on hold.
               2. Dial the extension number of station to receive the transferred call.
               3. Restore the handset, or wait for answer and announce the call before hanging
               4. Press TRF to cancel a transfer and return to the original party.
               1. Depress the HOLD button once.
               2. Call is placed on hold and can be retrieved from any multi-line phone with the
               same appearance of the held line.

               Conference Call
               1. With a call in progress, inform party of intention to conference and ask them to
               hold. Depress the transfer button (TRF) and hear special dial tone.
               2. Dial second party.
               3. When second party answers, inform them of the conference call and press the
               CNF button. All three parties will be joined.

               The SPEAKER controls the built-in speaker which can be used for hands free
               dialing/monitoring. The MIC button must be activated by pressing FEATURE
               and 1 for a two-way conversation.

                                         Press ## to redial.

                                                Appendix A

                                    HOUSING CLINIC
                                  CLIENT INTAKE FORM
*CLIENT INFORMATION: ____Plaintiff                  or       ____Defendant
    Full Name __________________________________________________________________________
    Telephone Number____________________ Fax Number____________________________________
    E-mail Address_______________________________________________________________________

     Full Name __________________________________________________________________________

    Telephone Number____________________ Fax Number____________________________________
     E-mail Address_______________________________________________________________________

*CASE CLASSIFICATION: __ Housing Court                   __ Summary Process
                      __ Pro Se Clinic

     Attorney’s Name _____________________________________________________________________

    Firm Name___________________________________________________________________________
    Firm Address_________________________________________________________________________
    Telephone Number____________________ Fax Number_____________________________________
    E-mail Address________________________________________________________________________

*CASE DESCRIPTION__________________________________________________________________

*STUDENT ATTORNEY________________________________________________________________
 MATTER NUMBER____________________________________________________________________
                          (To be assigned by Clinic Administrator)
*Required Field

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