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                                                                       Embassy Of Israel, London
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                 Business Opportunities from Israel
                                              March 2010
                                                  Table of contents
1. Consumer Goods         3. Cosmetics & Healthcare        5. Food         7. Exhibition in Israel
2. High Tech              4. Security & Defence            6. Others       8. About us + Contact us

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

                 I am delighted to present to you today with our new issue of "Business Opportunities
                 from Israel" which highlights Israeli companies looking to expand their operations in the

I am happy to say that despite the recession, bilateral business relations between Israel and Britain
continue to thrive, with many Israeli companies operating in the UK. Israel is Britain’s third biggest
export market in the Middle East and major British companies have significant business interests in
Israel especially in the fields of science and technology due to Israel’s developed R&D capabilities.

On our agenda for 2010 is a long list of projects and events relating to a wide spectrum of sectors. To
provide you with a glimpse of our 2010 activities we are aiming to bring few delegations from Israel to
present their products in London. Among them a Wine delegation, New Media, Clean Energy and
Water Delegations. In addition, we will continue to organize business meetings between Israeli and UK
companies in Medica and GSMA events. If you wish to be involved in these events please feel free
to contact us.

In this newsletter, you will find a range of products and services from Israeli firms seeking Agents,
Distributors, Joint Venture partners or Buyers in the UK. Should you wish to receive further information
regarding any of the companies listed, please do not hesitate to contact us by selecting the "contact us"
function within each product.

Lately we have developed a new service for British companies in order to provide you with an in-depth
insight on the Israeli industry – Every quarter we are issuing three professional newsletters focusing on
the Cleantech, healthcare and ICT industries in Israel. These newsletters provide you with an inside
view on new developments in Israel as well as information on upcoming events and delegations. For
more information or registration to one of our newsletters click here.

We will continue to provide a professional first point of contact for you. I hope you will find this
newsletter useful and we would appreciate any feedback, suggestions and ideas you are able to offer
regarding this service or any of our activities.

Yours sincerely,
                     Gil Erez,
                     Minister for Commercial Affairs
                     Embassy of Israel, London


                                   Consumer Goods
Maor Technologies

Maor Technologies have just finished developing their unique product: The “Touching
Holiness Stone” which is an amazing new project that’s purpose is to bring a piece of
Jerusalem to every home and office outside Israel whether you are Christian or Jewish. It is
a unique invention of an ornamental device that illuminates a piece of Jerusalem stone
according to a predetermined sequence so as to accentuate the historical and religious
significance of Jerusalem.

Looking for a distributor and/or retail store which sells ritual articles, holy vessels or
Judaica products. Also companies which have distribution channels for churches and
suppliers for tourist shops.

Ref number: 2010/181

For more information about this company, please contact us

Funshine company produce and sell products that change colour in sunlight. Their line
includes: T-shirts, bags and accessories which are manufactured in Israel. When the item is
exposed to the sun, it changes colour, as much as the UV level is high, the colour will be
stronger. When the item is back in the shade, the colour will turn to black and white.

Looking for distributors of children’s fashion, specialised giftware shops (like inside
museums) and promotional companies.

                           Visit their website:

Ref number: 2010/182

For more information about this company, please contact us


ELLE TIME & ELLE JEWELRY designs and manufactures watches and jewellery in silver and
stainless steel. This is a franchise of the renowned ELLE fashion magazine. Over the past
year they focused their business on ELLE TIME watches, working with top designers and now
they are interested to expand their business to other countries and to more selling points.

Looking for watch and jewellery importers, distributors and wholesalers in the UK.

                           Visit their website:

Ref number: 2010/183

For more information about this company, please contact us

Ronen Leon & Yossi Sapirshtein

Yossi Sapirshtein is a veteran painter who has showed his work in different galleries and
museums in Israel. Ronen Leon is a certified commercial artist and together they produce
high quality prints of Mr Sapirshtein’s works. They offer a variety of Products:

* Original oil paintings, suitable for galleries and museums

* High quality prints (of the original paintings) on canvas, these can be produced in large

 quantities and are suitable for chain or single stores.

* Prints with hand touch finish by the artist over the print, which gives a unique and original

 look to each print.

* Computer altered prints of the original.

Looking for relevant contacts within this sector.
                    Visit their website:

Ref number: 2010/184

For more information about this company, please contact us


                                     High Tech
Tao Computing Solutions
Tao is a software company, established in 1995, specializing in running DOS and 16bit
applications via Windows 2000, SP, Vista, 7 and Windows Terminal Servers using the
software – Tao ExDOS 2009. They are serving the global markets needs which are crutial for
most of its segments including the governmental and municipal ones, an estimated niche of
25-35 million users. Tao ExDOS 2009 covers most of the legacy applications
incompatibilities and improves significantly the IT flexibility and productivity for the
different organizations.
Looking for cooperation opportunities with the UK markets IT service companies.
                            Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/185

For more information about this company, please contact us
Continuity Software
Continuity Software was founded in early 2005 by a team of experienced IT and Data
Protection professionals, with a passion for building innovative enterprise software
solutions. Their mission is to provide enterprises with solutions that detect threats and risks
to their Disaster Recovery and High Availability IT Infrastructure, help enterprises guarantee
zero data loss or downtime and to ensure they meet their SLA, and Business Continuity
goals. Their customers span multiple industry segments, including finance and banking,
utilities and energy, telecommunication, government, military and service providers.
Looking for a well networked distributor in the field of disaster recovery for IT and business
                      Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/186

For more information about this company, please contact us
Asine is a unique company that produces Embedded and Rugged solutions for Industrial,
Defence, Military, Aerospace, Avionic and Automotive environments. Asine designs and
manufactures the product lines below:
Flash Disk boards – PMC, VME, cPCI and mTCA/AMC. Their brand is associated with state-of-
the-art storage solutions such as outstanding transfer rates and severe environmental
Rugged Systems and Recorders.
Flash memory cards (2.5” SATA/PATA) for harsh environment.
Looking for a distributor in the UK.
                         Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/187

For more information about this company, please contact us
Insightech specialises in web based software services for business applications.
Looking for a partner to distribute and support their CRM (Customer Relationship
Management) Software.
                         Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/188

For more information about this company, please contact us
Pal Wintec
Pal Wintec is a leading provider of comprehensive end-to-end entertainment services and
solutions in Israel. Pal Wintec offers a unique global delivery model of innovative, high-
quality, value-added solutions for the telecommunications industry. Their portfolio of
services and solutions includes telecommunication products such as Door phone,
eXcode/eXtel, Sector and PhoneGate. Those are their private brands which are known as
reliable and innovative products.
Looking for local distributors, agents and low voltage equipment installers in order to
establish a long term business relationship.
                         Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/189

For more information about this company, please contact us
One On One
One On One is a leading edge, smart technology company for online, rich media advertising.
They take an innovative approach and commitment towards the success of every client’s
online marketing and branding campaign. The company delivers high conversion rates and is
able to target audiences with its state of the art, online, interactive advertising solutions.
The company’s products and platforms are controlled by the Campaign Builder Engine
allowing for powerful marketing campaigns and solutions for rich media advertising to
achieve online marketing campaign goals.
Looking for a partner in the UK.
                        Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/190

For more information about this company, please contact us
MainNet Communications
MainNet is a leading Broadband Powerline (BPL) manufacturer. BPL is a communications
system using the electrical grid as a support. In Europe and in the US their market is
principally the Smart Grid applications. Within Smart Grid the main application is automatic
meter reading also dubbed Smart Metering.
Looking for potential partners that could be integrators already doing business in the
electricity field. Or a relevant consultant, a former employee from one of the electrical
companies, or a former IBM, Logica, Accenture, Cap Gemini……
                         Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/191

For more information about this company, please contact us
RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd
Rrsat Global Communications Network Ltd (NASDQ:RRST) – is a leading international provider
of TV channel play-out, distribution & satellite related services such as: Uplink, Downlink &
Rrsat already provides end-to-end solutions to premium broadcasters such as: FASHION TV,
FOX NEWS, KIDSCO, BVN, SVT, TRT, RAI, BABY TV and many more globally distributed TV and
radio channels.
The Rrsat Global Network allows broadcasters to deliver their content directly to their
audiences where ever they may around the globe.
Rrsat has numerous multi-channel digital platforms on some of the most popular satellites
around the world, such as: HOTBIRD, HISPASAT, EUROBIRD, W2, W1, ASTRA , DIRECT TV and
many more. Combined with our worldwide fibre network there is no place on earth Rrsat
cannot reach.
Rrsats highest priority is to provide the best quality distribution solutions at the most cost
effective price.
Looking to find a broadcasters, content distributors and partners in the UK.
                             Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/192

For more information about this company, please contact us

Pro-ceeds Ltd.
Pro-ceeds Ltd. is a service company specialized in providing outsourced channel sales for
Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Looking for an agent and distributors with proven sales in the ICT sector.
                          Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/193

For more information about this company, please contact us

AvantEDGE Solutions Ltd.
AvantEDGE Solutions Ltd. is a leading vendor of instant recovery and back up technologies
solutions for PCs. Their product MagiCure turns your PC into a “Crash Proof Machine”.
Just set it and forget it! This is to say, that in the event of any PC Failures, you won’t have
to waste time fixing the error; simply rollback your PC “back in time” and all your problems
are history! It is an indispensable utility for all PC users, and can restore and recover
system, data, drivers, settings, files and definitions quickly, easily, and fully, via one key
Looking to penetrate the UK market and would like to partner with local agents,
distributors, IT resellers, system and software integrators.
                         Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/194

For more information about this company, please contact us
LogNet Systems
LogNet Systems is a global provider of customer management and billing solutions for
multiple play service providers. The unique flexibility of their technology enables their
solutions to be easily configured to serve a variety of single and multiple service operations,
creating opportunities for service providers to efficiently add new services or merge
multiple business lines, while significantly reducing IT costs.
Looking to connect with system integrators, technical consultants and similar channels that
can help them promote and deploy their solutions to communications, utilities,
transportation and related service providers.
                        Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/195

For more information about this company, please contact us


                       Cosmetics & Healthcare
EndyMed Ltd.
EndyMed 3DEEP innovative technology represents the newest non-invasive, RF energy-based
technology for painless and effective body and facial tightening and contouring for all skin
types. Clinical experience with patients from around the world has shown that 3DEEP is an
effective, painless, tightening solution with proven long-term effects.
Looking for a medical devices distributor in the UK, for the aesthetic market, aiming for
doctors like plastic surgeons and dermatologists.
                           Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/196

For more information about this company, please contact us
Syneron Dental Lasers
Syneron Dental is a manufacturer of the next generation dental laser – the LiteTouch™ Er:
YAG laser. LiteTouch is not only the world’s smallest Erbuim YAG laser, but also the most
powerful laser in the market, applicable for soft & hard tissue procedures.
Looking for a new potential distributor in the UK.
                         Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/197

For more information about this company, please contact us
Evolon Ltd.
An Israeli company that specializes in Dental Technologies. Evolon markets, develops and
manufactures products in the dental field and in particular, an innovative production system
for cosmetic dentures. Evolon possesses a confirmation of registration, several certificates
from IQNet and the Standards Institution of Israel confirming that it complies with the ISO
standards (Quality Managements Standard) and a certificate confirming that it has class one
medical devices.
Looking for Dental products & equipment dealers, Organization Importers dental industry,
Dental technician & Laboratories Association, Dentists Association, Dental technician
colleges, Dental medicine universities, Pharmacy distributors (Lye dentures) and
entrepreneurs who want to open a local agency.
                             Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/198

For more information about this company, please contact us
Scientific Biopsy Ltd.
Scientific Biopsy Ltd. is a company producing and selling a stereo tactic biopsy system as an
add-on instrument to mammography systems.
Looking for a local representative to promote sales and provide service and support locally.
Ref number: 2010/199

For more information about this company, please contact us
Radiancy develops light-based systems for medical and aesthetic skin care. LHE
phototherapy systems deliver smart skin solutions for a variety of conditions. LHE is their
patented technology and it has FDA approval. LHE stands for: Light & Heat Energy. With
this technology their devices achieve the best results with none of the side effects of laser
or IPL devices.
Looking for distributors in the field, Health clinics, beauty clinics and dermatologist.
                           Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/200

For more information about this company, please contact us


                         Security and Defence
TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd.
TAR have launched the TL5 – Personal IR Marker & visual. The TL5 is a dual-purpose
product, providing both IR and Visible marking options. The TL5 was developed by TAR Ideal
Concepts Ltd. in cooperation with Special Forces and Military experts, in order to detect and
mark friendly forces in combat and hostile situations. Marking the solder/operator, by
either Infra Red or visible illumination, can prevent friendly fire accidents and save lives.
Looking for the right contacts within the defence industry to expose their products to.
                           Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/201

For more information about this company, please contact us

Moto Safe Ltd.

Moto Safe Ltd. is in the final stages before production of a new motorcycle lock.

Looking for motorcycle accessories distributors/retailers, or any other collaboration within
this sector.

Ref number: 2010/202

For more information about this company, please contact us

Bactochem - AutenticA™ Project
AutenticA is a genetic traceability system for cattle. It assigns a genetic passport to every
animal, based on its DNA sequence. This traceability system has many advantages over
current methods. AutenticA™ is the tool that can not be forged and that goes all the way
from farm to fork with complete assurance and no mistakes. AutenticA™ uses DNA
technology to ensure the purchased meat is exactly the one meant to be.
Looking for contacts within all major retailers, large laboratories that would like to offer
genetic traceability services and large cattle breeders and associations.
                    Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/203

For more information about this company, please contact us
Abu-Waleed Sweets

Abu-Waleed Sweets specialises in producing Eastern sweets (baklawa) since 1955 and have
their main shop in Kfar Yassif. They have a large variety of products which are based on
vegetables and they use the finest materials in products such as pistachios, almonds, nuts,
cashews and the finest oils.

Looking for a joint venture partner, distributor or wholesaler for sweets, food companies
and hotels.

Ref number: 2010/204

For more information about this company, please contact us


InnoDraw Ltd.
InnoDraw Ltd. is an Israeli company that develops and provides a digital measuring and
templating service to the kitchen, bath and bedroom industry, remodelling, construction,
architects, interior designers, as well as other sectors. InnoDraw works through trained
licensees worldwide to provide digital measuring service to its customers.
Looking for an Agent / Business Development Manager – to manage and develop the
business in the UK or Licensees – to be trained by InnoDraw and provide the service to the
customers in their territories or Regional Sales Representatives – to assist the Licensees in
expanding the business in their territories.
                           Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/205

For more information about this company, please contact us
U.S.I.L is a plastic manufacturing company specializing in manufacturing grass edgers of high
quality and durability. This product has various applications. The edgers are made of 100%
recyclable plastic. It is easy to install and sets the boarder in any garden in any design.
Looking for distributors, wholesalers and retailers of nurseries and garden centres.
          Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/206

For more information about this company, please contact us
Narkis Packaging Ltd.
Narkis Packaging Solutions – An international company with their main office in China, along
with offices in the USA, Canada and Israel – manufacturing, designing and marketing of glass,
plastic, metal and cardboard packages in the cosmetic, toilette, pharmaceutical, chemical,
candle, detergents fields, as well as other industries.
Looking for manufacturers in the above areas in addition to packaging wholesalers and
Ref number: 2010/207

For more information about this company, please contact us
Pazkar Ltd.
Pazkar Ltd., subsidiary of Paz Oil Company, Israeli leading and largest manufacturer of a
wide variety of waterproofing bituminous products, for the construction and infrastructure
industries. Today they are active in several countries around the globe.
Looking to enhance their business activities and are looking to find the right partner/s to
work with in the UK.
                            Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/208

For more information about this company, please contact us
InnoSave Ltd.
InnoSave is a young company, located in Israel, which has developed a unique energy saving
device (ESMD) for asynchronous 3 phase industrial motors based upon novel technology. The
InnoSave energy saving device possesses two essential functions:
A sophisticated soft starter and motor breaker:
Energy saver – the device is able to save, in average, 16% of the total electric consumption
of the motor. The InnoSave energy saving device can be positioned on or nearby the motor
or at the control cabinet. InnoSave energy device is suitable for all kinds of 3 phase
asynchronous AC motor end users. End users which use a soft starter – the InnoSave energy
saving device will replace the existing soft starter and in addition can save on average 16%
of the total motor’s energy consumption. End users who use a VFD – the InnoSave energy
saver device will be able to save energy in addition to the energy saved by the VFD due to
speed control. End users who do not use a soft starter or a VFD – will enjoy the ability of
the device to save energy (ROI of less than 6 months.
Looking for leading electric motor manufacturers in order to examine the possibility of
mutual corporation for the benefit of both parties.
Ref number: 2010/209

For more information about this company, please contact us
Smart Sourcing Ltd.
Smart Sourcing Ltd. is an international firm specializing in developing and leading a wide
range of solutions in operational, educational and humanitarian fields, providing consulting
services, project management and implementation services.
Looking for operational, logistic/acquiring, business development and consultants directors
especially in Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), Government Entities and Business
Organizations which need their services (consulting services, project management and
implementation services.
                           Visit their website:
Ref number: 2010/210

For more information about this company, please contact us


                                      About Us
The Commercial Affairs Department at the Embassy of Israel, London is part of the
Ministry of Trade and Labour and the Foreign Trade Administration. Their role is to recognise
exciting new opportunities and companies in the Israeli market and facilitate collaboration and
partnership according the needs of the UK.

With a remit covering all areas of the Israeli market, from agriculture to bio-technology and from
cosmetics to telecommunications, the Commercial Office is a proactive key player in the initiation
of new economic and commercial opportunities and the establishment of new business channels
between Israel and the UK.

By providing value added services, it is becoming regarded as a beneficial, efficient and reliable
contact point in the UK, where relevant customers can find assistance.


  If your colleagues or business contacts would like to read about more
      opportunities in Israel, please forward this newsletter to them.

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