Since its introduction in 1998 by Zz4jbg


									          Volvo S80: The intelligent choice for luxury with
                       sophistication, style
Since its introduction in 1998, the elegant Volvo S80 sedan has carved out a growing
share of the market for premium luxury sedans and earned an enviable reputation for its
unique ability to deliver style with safety, sophistication with practicality, and luxury with
environmental responsibility. The flagship of the Volvo Car Corporation line, the 2001
Volvo S80 refines the car’s benchmark safety and environmental performance while
enhancing comfort and convenience.

With silky-smooth power from a pair of highly evolved in-line 6-cylinder engines, a
choice of sophisticated stability and traction control systems, and acclaimed ride and
handling, S80 performance meets the high standards expected of a European luxury
sedan. A host of technical innovations, from mirrors with memories to headrests that fold
at the touch of a button, provide the complete driving experience.

While the S80 surrounds its owners in supple leather upholstery and subtle Scandinavian
colors and designs, and soothes them with premium audio offerings, it also protects them
with Volvo safety engineering. Pioneering innovations such as Inflatable Curtain for side
impact protection and WHIPS whiplash protection seating, plus dual-stage front airbags
and SIPS side impact protection with side airbags, make S80 the industry standard for
occupant protection. Protection for the environment is also a priority for the Volvo S80,
with features like the PremAir ™ radiator to help reduce ground level ozone, an all new
internal air quality filtration system and the auto industry’s first Environmental Product
Declaration of environmental practices.

“In the S80’s first year, it out-sold many luxury sedan competitors. Our flagship sedan is
capturing buyers who never considered Volvo as a competitive alternative to other
European luxury automobiles. Dollar for dollar, one would be hard pressed to find
another sedan with the ride quality, safety engineering, value for the money, and built
with concern for our environment, as is our S80,” comments Mark LaNeve, Volvo Cars
of North America CEO and President.

S80 Buyers
They are the company’s oldest owners with median age of 55. Very married, empty
nesters who are senior managers in their professions. They consider the S80 handsome,
luxurious, roomy and safe. They are coming out of domestic cars and are “move ups”
from cars like the Toyota Camry.

Competitive Group
Acura 3.5 RL, Audi A6, BMW 5-series, Cadillac Seville, Jaguar S-Type, Lexus
GS300/GS400, Lincoln Continental and LS, MB E-Class, Oldsmobile Aurora, and Saab
        Volvo S80 Executive: European Limousine Luxury
Americans abroad are sometimes surprised to see Volvo cars in limousine service, slicing
through the streets of the world’s capitals and commercial centers, delivering diplomats
and executives in comfort, style and, of course, safety. For 2001, an executive version of
the popular S80 luxury sedan is available in North America, tailored to the needs of the
executive fleet operator or the owner seeking just a little extra.

Dimensionally identical to the S80 2.9 and S80 T6, the S80 Executive concentrates on
optimizing the interior for comfort, convenience – and business. The executive rear
seating provides 2 inches of additional rear legroom and includes a rear center console
with DVD player, 68-channel color TV, video screen, 12-volt refrigerator and
audio/video remote control.

Uniquely styled rear seating assures comfortable seating for two. A wide center rear
console provides space for video screen, additional DC voltage plugs, and controls for
heated rear seats, electric rear window sun shade and the DVD player.

The full array of technology and safety innovations that furnish the 2.9 and T6 versions
are also available in the S80 Executive, including powertrain, audio, convenience and
comfort features. Standard safety features include: Dual stage front air bags, Side Impact
Protection System with side impact air bags, Inflatable Curtain, and Whiplash Protection
Seating, just to mention a few.

S80 Executive Buyers
Corporate executives who are occasionally driven to meetings or airports. Affluent
families who have children or grand children that can be entertained for hours on end.
Also chauffeured transportation services that want to provide a unique business or
entertainment environment for rear seat customers.

Competitive Group
Mercedes Benz E-class, BMW 5 and 7 series, Audi A-6/ A-8, Lincoln Town Car,
Cadillac Seville.


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