In the time of life one has to sort out his or her priorities by 87N1D8m


									                                  Titanic Reflection Essay
                                      By: Molly Roach

In the time of life one has to sort out his or her priorities. Throughout life you have to be
sure that when you say “darn,” something logical is about to follow. In any event the
person you become shows a lot of your past and some of what you plan to become
without you yourself knowing. In the past different events have occurred to different
people in different places. In those places you learn something different but you must
remember that everything you do has consequences. Like when you eat ice cream you
might have sugar rush, or you might have an uncontrollable urge to go “relieve yourself”.
But now, here and now, I wish to focus on one of the more disastrous consequences that
occurred not to long ago. The disaster I speak of is that of the sinking of the Titanic.

The Titanic was an iron beast, and luxury liner, a third class paradise, but right now I
want you, reader, to focus on one question. This question will have you thinking, I hope,
for some time. My question to you, reader, is: Why is the sinking of the Titanic such a
memorable event?

From the time she was launched on the 10th of April, 1912 the Titanic was known for her
luxury, and her passengers. For onboard were Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor, Mr. and
Mrs. George Widener, and other multimillionaires. This ship was said to be the greatest
of its time, and it was said to be unsinkable.

On April 14, four days after her maiden voyage, an iceberg hit the Titanic ripping the
side. Later that night the Titanic began to sink, and she was gone on April 15. Many had
died in the sinking for not one life boat was filled to its capacity. The survivors were
fished out of the water by the Carpathia.

After this event, rules were set up, so that a disaster like this wouldn’t happen again. Ice
patrol was created, and drills began on every passenger ship. Like I said one man’s
mistake saved another’s life.

The sinking of the Titanic became very famous, and many shows and movies were
created after the disaster. Among these was the famous movie Titanic starring Leonardo

So what makes the sinking of the Titanic so memorable? You decide.

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