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					                                              Green Deal Installer Certification
                                                                Application form

This application form sets out the initial requirements for organisations seeking certification under the
Green Deal Installer Scheme.

In order to be eligible for certification an organisation shall:
    1. Be a registered legal entity
    2. Pass a credit check; and
    3. Meet the requirements specified in this application form, and other relevant requirements contained
       within the appropriate codes of practice, specifications and standards; for example, PAS 2030 –
       Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Please complete this form, sign, and return it to the Energy Saving Trust at
Further information is available from the Energy Saving Trust on 020 7222 0101


Contact Details:

Organisation Name:

Primary contact                         Responsible for application and maintenance of certification
Secondary Contact:

Finance Details:
This information will be used to carry out a legal entity check and credit check as part of your application process

Legal Status:
Company Number:
Invoice Address:

Has your organisation or any            Yes/No
employee ever been suspended            Please provide details
from or refused certification?

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Scope of Certification
Please tick the following measure(s) for which you are seeking certification for:

  Measure and Annex                           Please tick     Measure and Annex                                         Please tick

  Cavity Wall Insulation (Annex H)                           Draught Proofing (Annex O)                                     

  Loft Insulation (Annex I)                                  Floor Insulation (Annex P)                                     

  Pitched Roof Insulation (Annex J)                          Heating System Insulation (Annex Q)                            

  Flat Roof Insulation (Annex K)                             Energy Efficient Glazing and Doors (Annex R)                   

  Internal Wall Insulation (Annex L)                         Lighting Fittings (Annex S)                                    

  External Wall Insulation (Annex M)                         Lighting Controls (Annex T)                                    

  Hybrid Wall Insulation (Annex N)                 

If there are measures for which you are seeking certification for that are not listed in the table above, please contact the Green
Deal Oversight Body for other Bodies offering Certification in that area.

Operative Competency
For each measure you are seeking certification for under PAS 2030, please give details below declaring how your operatives
comply with the relevant competency requirements and routes to competency specified in each of the annexes to the PAS.
Continue on a separate sheet as appropriate.

Supporting Documents Checklist:
Please provide a copy of the following documents with your application:

Document                                                                                                                  Please tick
                                                                                                                           to confirm
Liability Cover Documentation                                                                                                    

An example Method Statement covering the Installation Process for each measure                                                   

Installation Process Control Procedure                                                                                           

Internal Audit Procedure                                                                                                         

Complaints Procedure                                                                                                             

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Other information
Please provide any additional information relevant to your application including:
       Other certifications you already hold
       Recent or up-coming changes to your organisation
       Planned installations taking place in the next few months


The application fee is £2100 plus VAT, this covers processing your application, our desk based
assessment of your documents and resolution of non-compliances (where this can be done electronically).
If you have a Purchase Order please confirm the number here: _________

Your Invoice will be raised on receipt of your application; if you do not have a Purchase Order we will require receipt of cleared
funds before we can process your application.

On-site office audits and witnessed installation assessments are charged separately based on the number of days and auditors
required plus travel & accommodation costs, (accommodation is capped at £100). The Energy Saving Trust will aim to include as
many of the required audits into as few days as possible without compromising the robustness of the assessment. For more
information please contact


Any personal data collected by the Energy Saving Trust will be used for the purposes of assessing and
administering your application, monitoring ongoing compliance by you with the requirements set out herein
(as may be amended from time to time) and/or to keep you informed of any other programmes that may be
of interest to you. The Energy Saving Trust will also retain your personal data for auditing purposes. EST
may also pass your details on to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and such other third parties as
EST considers appropriate for the purposes of administering your application and monitoring ongoing
compliance by you with the requirements set out herein (as may be amended from time to time). By filling
in this application form you are agreeing to the aforementioned uses of your data and confirm that any
consent which may be required for personal data included in this form to be used in the manner envisaged
above have been obtained.

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By signing this application we confirm that we meet the requirements for accreditation under the Green
Deal Advisor/Installer Services Scheme(s) (as appropriate), undertake to comply with the Green Deal Code
of Practice (as amended from time to time) at all times and agree to the attached Energy Saving Trust
Certification Terms and Conditions.

We accept the use of sub-contractors by the Energy Saving Trust where necessary in the processing of our
application and ongoing monitoring.

Signature (for & on behalf of the applicant)




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                            Energy Saving Trust – Certification Terms and Conditions

1.      Definitions & Interpretation
1.1     In these terms and conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words have the following
         "Agreement"                    means the agreement between EST and the Company
                                        relating to the Certification, incorporating these terms and
                                        conditions, the Application Form(s) and any other document
                                        issued by EST specifying particular Certification
         "Application Form"             means the attached application form(s), to be completed by
                                        the Company by way of an application for a Certification;
         "Certification"                means the certification by EST that for the purposes of the
                                        Green Deal Advisor Scheme and/or Green Deal Installer
                                        Scheme (as appropriate) the Company meets the
                                        Certification Requirements of that scheme and "Certifies"
                                        and "Certified" is to be construed accordingly;
         "Company"                      means the entity identified as such in the Application Form,
                                        being the entity wishing to obtain Certification of one or
                                        more products;
         "EST"                          means The Energy Saving Trust Limited (company
                                        registration number 2622374) whose registered office is at
                                        21 Dartmouth Street, London, SW1H 9BP;
         "Fees"                         means the fees payable by the Company in respect of the
                                        certification services provided by EST under the
                                        Agreement, as detailed in the applicable Certification
         "Green Deal Advisor            means the terms and conditions which a person must
         Scheme"                        comply with in order to be able to assess consumers
                                        properties for qualifying energy efficiency measures under
                                        the Green Deal;
         Green Deal Installer           means the terms and conditions which a person must
         Scheme"                        comply with in order to be able to install qualifying energy
                                        efficiency measures in consumer properties under the
                                        Green Deal;
         "Certification Period"         means the period for which (subject to the Agreement) a
                                        particular Certification will be valid from the date of initial
                                        issue of that Certification or (as the case may be) the date
                                        of any renewal, as determined by the Certification
                                        Requirements and EST's relevant confirmation of issue or
         "Certification                 means, in relation to the Green Deal Advisor Scheme
         Requirements"                  and/or Green Deal Installer Scheme, the requirements
                                        which the Company must meet as a condition of the
                                        relevant Certification, as set out or referred to in the
                                        relevant Application Form and amended from time to time
                                        in accordance with these terms and conditions.
2.      Issue of Certification
2.1     The Agreement will take effect as from the date on which EST notifies the Company that it has received and
        is willing to consider the Application Form.
2.2     In consideration of the payment by the Company of the Fees:-
        2.2.1       EST will give due consideration to the Application Form and other supporting documentation and
                    information provided by the Company and will take such other steps as it deems necessary to
                    verify whether the relevant Certification Requirements have been or (in the case of ongoing
                    requirements) are likely to be met; and
        2.2.2       if EST is satisfied that the relevant Certification Requirements have been or are likely to be met, it
                    will notify the Company to that effect.
2.3     The Certification will be effective as from the date of EST's notification under clause 2.2.2 and will continue to
        be valid for the duration of the initial Certification Period and (following any renewal in accordance with clause

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        2.4 below) any subsequent Certification Period, subject always to the rights of EST under clause 6 below to
        withdraw Certification(s) in certain circumstances.
2.4     Any Certification may be renewed, following expiry of a Certification Period, for such additional period as EST
        may specify in the relevant Certification Requirements or otherwise agree in writing, subject to the Company
        applying for such renewal in accordance with such procedures, and paying such renewal Fees, as EST may
        specify from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt, EST gives no assurance or commitment as to the
        amount of any renewal Fees which may be payable following expiry of any Certification Period and will be
        entitled to increase such renewal Fees from time to time at its discretion.
2.5     The Certification Requirements may change from time to time (due to changes in the law, regulatory
        requirements or otherwise. The Company acknowledges this and acknowledges that it must comply with the
        Certification Requirements at all times.
2.6     It is a condition of any Certification remaining valid and effective that the applicable Certification
        Requirements (as amended from time to time) are and continue to be complied with, and the Company for
        ensuring that it and each of its employees, agents and sub-contractors complies with all such requirements.
3.      Co-operation & Audit Rights
3.1     The Company will:-
        3.1.1       provide EST promptly with such co-operation, assistance and safe access to the Company's
                    premises (in compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations and guidance, and
                    including the use of power and other facilities) as EST may reasonably require from time to time
                    in connection with the Agreement;
        3.1.2       provide EST promptly, in addition to the Application Form, with such other documentation,
                    materials, data and other information as EST may reasonably require from time to time in
                    connection with the Agreement;
        3.1.3       notify EST without delay of any material change to any information previously provided to EST or
                    of any other matter of which the Company becomes aware that is pertinent to or might otherwise
                    affect any Certification;
        3.1.4       ensure that all information and/or material provided to EST from time to time (of whatever kind
                    and in whatever format or medium) is accurate, free from any defamatory or unlawful content and
                    does not, and that its use by EST for the purposes for which it was provided will not, infringe the
                    intellectual property or other rights of any third party.
3.2     For the purposes of EST assessing compliance with the Agreement (including any Certification
        Requirements), the Company will as and when reasonably required to do so by EST:-
        3.2.1       permit EST and/or authorised representatives of EST to audit relevant records maintained by the
                    Company and permit authorised representatives of EST to have access to any premises where
                    such records are stored and to inspect and take copies of such records; and
        3.2.2       permit authorised representatives of EST to have access to and inspect such premises, facilities,
                    products, systems and documents, and/or to interview such personnel, as EST may reasonably
3.3     EST may work with third parties in relation to the consideration of the Application Form, Certification and/or
        ongoing monitoring of the Company's compliance with the Certification Requirements. The Company agrees
        to co-operate with such third parties at all time and agrees that such third parties will have the same rights of
        audit and inspection as granted to EST pursuant to this Clause 3.
3.4     EST may assign its rights and sub-contract its obligations under this Agreement at any time without the
        consent of the Company
4.      Fees
4.1     All Fees and other amounts stated in the relevant Certification Requirements to be payable by the Company:-
        4.1.1       are expressed exclusive of any applicable VAT, for which the Company will be additionally liable;
        4.1.2       may be invoiced by EST at the times or within the timescales stated in the relevant Certification
4.2     Without prejudice to any other right or remedy which EST may have, EST reserves the right to charge the
        Company additional fees (based on EST's standard day rates from time to time) and/or to recover from the
        Company expenses reasonably incurred by EST in respect of any additional work which EST is required to do
        in relation to Certification beyond the standard initial application assessment envisaged by this Agreement.

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4.3     The Company will pay the Fees and all other amounts payable to EST under the Agreement without set-off,
        deduction or counterclaim of any kind at the times or within the timescales stated in the relevant Certification
        Requirements or, if not stated, within 30 days of the date of EST's invoice, failing which EST will be entitled
        (but without prejudice to any other right or remedy):-
        4.3.1       to withdraw the relevant Certification until the outstanding amount is paid in full in cleared funds;
        4.3.2       to charge interest on the amount outstanding from time to time at the rate of 8% over the Bank of
                    England base rate for the time being, such interest to accrue on a daily basis from the due date
                    until the date of payment in cleared funds (whether before or after the date of any judgment).
4.4     EST will be entitled from time to time and at its discretion to increase the amount of any renewal or other Fees
        payable under the Agreement, including where necessary to take account of any increased costs to EST of
        providing certification services.
5.      EST Liability
5.1     Certification by EST does not imply that EST will be providing any warranty or guarantee in relation to that
        products, advice or services provided and the Company will not do or permit to be done anything which might
        give the impression to any end-user of a product, advice or service, or any other person, that EST is providing
        any such warranty or guarantee or otherwise underwriting the performance of any product, advice or service.
        The Company is not authorised to make any representations on behalf of or otherwise bind EST in any way
        and will not do or permit to be done anything which might give the impression that it is so authorised.
5.2     The Company will indemnify and keep indemnified EST from and against all costs, expenses (including, but
        not limited to, legal and other professional fees and expenses) losses, damages and other liabilities (of
        whatever nature, whether contractual, tortious or otherwise) suffered or incurred by EST as a result of any
        third party claim made against EST, where such claim arises out of or in connection with:-
        5.2.1       any breach of the Agreement by the Company or negligence by the Company or any of its
                    employees, agents or sub-contractors; and/or
        5.2.2       any actual or alleged breach of the Certification Requirements;
        5.2.3       any manufacturing, distribution, supply, marketing, repair or other activities relating to any
                    Certification and/or the use of any such product by any end-user or other third party, save to the
                    extent that the claim in question was caused by any negligence or breach of the Agreement by
5.3     EST cannot and does not offer any guarantees or other assurance as to the financial benefits that the
        Company may derive from obtaining any Certification or losses that may be incurred from failing to obtain or
        losing any Certification and EST will not be liable to the Company (whether by reason of any breach of
        contract, negligence or otherwise) for any:
        5.3.1       loss of profits;
        5.3.2       loss of anticipated revenues or savings;
        5.3.3       loss of contracts or business opportunities;
        5.3.4       loss of goodwill or damage to reputation;
        5.3.5       loss or corruption of any data;
        5.3.6       claim, action or demand made against the Company by any third party; or
        5.3.7       indirect loss, damage, cost, expense, claim or other liability whatsoever;
        which arises out of or in connection with the Agreement.
5.4     The aggregate liability (inclusive of interest and legal and other costs) of EST to the Company in respect of all
        claims arising under or in connection with the Agreement (whether by reason of any breach of contract,
        negligence or otherwise) will not in any event exceed an amount equal to the total Fees received by EST from
        time to time.
5.5     EST will not be liable for any delay in performing or failure to perform its obligations under the Agreement to
        the extent that such delay or failure is attributable to any delay or failure on the party of the Company to
        perform its own obligations or to any other circumstances beyond EST's reasonable control.
5.6     Nothing in the Agreement will operate to limit or exclude the liability of EST for death or personal injury
        caused by its negligence, or for any other matter in respect of which liability cannot lawfully be limited or

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6.      Withdrawal of Certification
6.1     EST will be entitled to withdraw any Certification on a permanent basis with immediate effect at any time on
        giving notice to the Company if any one or more of the following events occurs or has occurred prior to the
        Agreement becoming effective and is continuing:-
        6.1.1       where the Company has been given an opportunity to rectify one or more failures to comply with
                    the Certification Requirements, it fails to do so in accordance with any reasonable timescale for
                    rectification set by EST and/or otherwise to EST's reasonable satisfaction;
        6.1.2       the Company commits a material breach of any provision of this Agreement;
        6.1.3       the Company becomes insolvent, makes any voluntary arrangement with its creditors, enters
                    administration or goes into liquidation (otherwise than for the purposes of solvent amalgamation
                    or reconstruction);
        6.1.4       a security holder takes possession, or a receiver or administrative receiver is appointed, over all
                    or any part of the property or assets of the Company;
        6.1.5       the Company ceases or threatens to cease carrying on its business;
        6.1.6       EST reasonably considers that a withdrawal of the Certification is justified in order to protect the
                    reputation of EST and/or the Certification.
6.2     If EST has reasonable grounds for believing, whether as a result of information received from a third party or
        6.2.1       that an event may have occurred (including a breach of the Agreement) which would entitle EST
                    to withdraw the Certification on a permanent basis under clause 6.1 above; and/or
        6.2.2       that any of the events set out in clause 6.1 above may be about to occur;
        then EST will be entitled on giving notice to the Company to withdraw any Certification for such temporary
        period as EST may reasonably specify for the purposes of carrying out an investigation into the relevant
6.3     Following the expiry or withdrawal of any Certification (whether temporarily or on a permanent basis), the
        Company will take all necessary steps to communicate that fact to potential customers or end-users of the
        relevant product and will not do or permit to be done anything which might give the impression to any such
        end-user or any other third party that the relevant product continues to be Certified.
6.4     Any withdrawal of a Certification will be without prejudice to any other rights or remedies to which EST may
        be entitled under the Agreement or at law. Any expiry or permanent withdrawal of a Certification will operate
        as a termination of the Agreement as to that Certification, but will not affect any accrued rights or liabilities of
        either party, nor the coming into or continuance in force of any provision which is expressly or by implication
        intended to come into or continue in force in such circumstances.
6.5     For the avoidance of doubt, the Company will not be entitled to any refund of Fees in circumstances where a
        Certification is withdrawn by EST under this clause 6, regardless of the point during any Certification Period at
        which such withdrawal occurs.
7.      General
7.1     The Company acknowledges and agrees that EST shall be entitled to do the following:-
        7.1.1       to maintain a database of publicly accessible information in relation to particular certification
                    schemes and to include in such databases such information in relation to the Company and/or
                    any Certified product as EST reasonably considers appropriate given the purpose of the relevant
                    certification scheme;
        7.1.2       to make such announcements or publish such press releases or other statements as EST
                    reasonably considers appropriate following the withdrawal of any Certification, including the name
                    of the Company and a description.
7.2     Any Certification applies to the particular legal entity that has applied for and been awarded that Certification
        and accordingly the Company is not entitled to assign, sub-licence or otherwise transfer or dispose of any
        Certification or any rights or obligations relating to it or otherwise arising under the Agreement without the
        express, prior written consent of EST.
7.3     The Agreement will constitute the entire agreement and understanding, and will supersede any previous
        agreement(s), between the parties in connection with the subject matter of the Agreement. The Company
        acknowledges and agrees that it has not been induced to enter into the Agreement in reliance upon, and in

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        connection with the Agreement does not have any remedy in respect of, any representation or other
        statement or promise of any nature whatsoever other than as expressly set out in the Agreement.
7.4     No variation to the Agreement will be effective unless made in writing and signed by an authorised
        representative of EST.
7.5     Unless expressly stated in this Agreement, nothing in the Agreement is to confer any rights on any person
        under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
7.6     The Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and any
        dispute arising under or in connection with this Agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
        courts of England and Wales, to which each of the parties irrevocably submits.

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