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									                                    INDEPENDENT FLAIR LEAGUE 2011

                                              GRAND SLAM OF THE

                                        WORLD FLAIR ASSOCIATION
 Independent Flair League 2011 (IFL) encompasses competitions which select the best bartenders who use modern
                                            bartending techniques.

           IFL GRAND FINAL - a part of the international GRAND SLAM of the WORLD FLAIR ASSOCIATION

                                            GRAND FINAL DATE:
                                    IFL GRAND FINAL 3rd of December 2011 - Warsaw


- competitors promoted from FLAIR FIGHT contests

- bartenders with the most IFL points from FLAIR FIGHT contests.

- contenders chosen and invited by the organiser (please contact with gregor@ifl.com.pl)

- Winner of the IFL 2010


1th place – 12 000PLN (+/- 3000€)

2nd place – 4000PLN (+/- 1000€)

3rd place – 2000PLN (+/- 500€)

4th place – 1000PLN (+/- 250€)

5th place – 500PLN (+/- 125€)

6th place – 300PLN (+/- 75€)

CARLSBERG prize – 2000PLN (+/- 500€)
SCHWEPPES prize – 2000PLN (+/- 500€) - contract for Polish bartender
FINEST CALL prize – 400PLN (+/- 100€)
   1. All bartenders are required to attend the registration meeting on 3.12.2011 at 11.00.
   2. All competing bartenders must be at least eighteen (18) years of age
   3. During registration (12.00) bartenders will fee amounts 100PLN (not returnable), deliver music (CD Audio
       Format) and OWN COCKTAIL recipe, draw start order.
   4. Flair warm-up shall be tolerated only in the limited REHEARSAL ZONE. Not elsewhere. Only plastic bottles can
       be used.
   5. Is allowed to change the bar setup except START/STOP button.
       Bartenders can set up the competition bar any way they choose, but it is highly recommended that nothing
       starts on the upper bar surface to help with visibility for both the audience and the judges.
   6. Bartenders can start in their t-shirts (without logos of any spirit concern competing to the sponsors)
   7. The contender himself pushes the START/STOP button.
   8. MAKING OBLIGATORY RECIPES (WORKNG) – at least ½ - ¾ full bottle of liquid, steel pourers, products and
       equipment necessary to make cocktail organizer will provide.
       The contender may use his own equipment.
   9. MAKING OWN COMPOSITION (EXHIBITION) - All bottles used in the exhibition flair must be set in at least 15ml
       (1/2oz) of liquid, here you can use your own pourers.
       In OWN COMPOSITION bartender must use Captain Morgan Spice and Schweppes.
   10. After finish performance cocktails/energy drink/beer (glass, bottles, cans) must be placed on the top. Other
       place = missing drink.
   11. Keep the bar clear - the contender should put the bottles back to speedrail not necessarily in the original order.
       Juices in any order to the place for juices.
       Tins may be put together and put away to the speedrail or may be place in the original zone (they may be put
       Use also helpers, but if they don’t catch yours equipment it’s your mistake.
   12. All bottles used must have their original sponsor brand labels intact. No competing brands to the sponsors may
       be used. You may use your own bottles without labels or imprints with the volume of 0,7l.
       Competitors can use as many and any clear, un-tinted glass bottles for their own choice of liquid.
       These bottles must have all branding removed.
       Each competitor choice - bottle can have no more than four (4) strips of tape, and up to two (2) WFA Grand
       Slam / organisers stickers.
       Pour spouts can taped in place, as long as they are not restricting the flow of liquid.
   13. It is forbidden to cork pourers, to use pyrotechnics, open fire, illusion tricks, dry ice and ready mixes.
   14. No empty bottles can be included in the competition bar set up. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE EMPTY BOTTLES
       (penalty points). Be sure that a bottle from which you pour liquid (empty) is not used again.
   15. Gained points in qualifications are used to chose the evening finalists and are not added up to the points of
       evening final.
   16. The organiser reserves the right to use the contenders’ names, photos and their recipes.
   17. Each bartender is taking participation in contest on his responsibility. Competitor will not sprout anything from
       organiser for possible wounds or others harms.
       Any violation of these rules may result in disqualification from the competition.
       Any acts that display low integrity, poor taste or disrespect for the competition, sponsors or the host facility are
       subject to disqualification from the competition.
   18. All rules, guidelines and drink recipes are subject to change at the discretion of the competition organizer.
The contender during the QUALIFICATION round has 6 minutes to prepare two (2) cocktails.

    1. MOSCOW MULE (working flair)
       40ml Smirnoff Black vodka
       5ml sugar syrup Finest Call
       10ml lime juice
       Top up Schweppes Ginger Ale
               1 spring mint
               1 slice lime
       Old fashion glass, pour vodka over ice cubes, add sugar syrup and lime juice, top with ginger ale and stir,
       garnish with mint spring and lime slice.

    2. OWN COCKTAIL (exhibition flair)
       (Capt. Morgan Spice and Schweppes must be used)

Each contender during the final has 7 minutes to prepare two (2) cocktails, open and pour beer(1) and energy drink (1).

    1. CARLSBERG perfect serve (working flair)
       0,33L Carlsberg bottle
       Use opener, pour 2/3 beer into 0,3L Carlsberg glass, put bottle beside with good logo visibility, napkin.

    2. RED BULL perfect serve (working flair)
       0,25L Red bull can
               1 slice lemon
       Long dink glass, pour ½ of Red Bull over ice cubes, put can beside glass with good logo visibility, put inside slice
       of lemon, napkin.

    3. MOSCOW MULE (working flair)
       40ml Smirnoff Black vodka
       5ml sugar syrup Finest Call
       10ml lime juice
       Top up Schweppes Ginger Ale
               1 spring mint
               1 slice lime
       Old fashion glass, pour vodka over ice cubes, add sugar syrup and lime juice, top with ginger ale and stir,
       garnish with mint spring and lime slice, napkin.

    4. OWN COCKTAIL (exhibition flair)
       (Capt. Morgan Spice & Schweppes must be used)

                                                     POINTS                                                      POINTS
                     Variety                                           Balance - creation of suspense
           using various elements,                                 portioning the moves and keeping the
                  trick palette,                                     audience’s applause for the whole
                                                        50                                                          25
             using many surfaces                                                 performance,
                 no repetitions,                                  using all tools in various settings at equal
                    versatility                                                        level
                Style (creativity)                                              Showmanship
          avoid re-using of elements,                                     make the audience smile,
              tricks combination,                                                play with flair
                                                        50                                                          25
                unique pouring,                                           make the audience ovate
            originality and creation                              only relaxed and smiling contenders gain
     be creative - new tricks are welcome                                             points
                    Difficulty                                           Rhythm (music interaction)

      using both hands at the same time                            stay in tune with the music background
                                                        50                                                          25
    configuration and sequences of various                       stress the moves by the music background,
                  techniques                                                 use sound elements
              (bump, stand, roll)
                 Smoothness                                                      Composure
                smooth grabs,
                                                        50                                                          25
        avoiding spilling and dropping,                             composure and confidence in moves,
          smooth trick compositions                                    ability to move on after errors

Penalty points:
Bartending standards -5 points for each element:
glass, recipe, mixing method, decoration, napkin, straw and stirring-stick (if mentioned in the recipe), bar order, use of
empty bottles.
Dropping: -3 points for each dropping subtracted from the final score
Spilling: -2 points for each spilling subtracted from the final score
Breaking: -10 points for each breaking
Missing drink -50 points

Bonus points:
5 points for no dropping
5 points for no spilling
5 points Schweppes presentation – best presentation wins 2000PLN
5 points for a showy beer opening – best presentation wins 2000PLN
3 points Finest presentation – best presentation wins 400PLN
15 points for preparation of own cocktail - additional grade from tasting judges. Appearance, taste and aroma of your
drink are taken into account.
                                                                                                                                                       P O R T F O L I O * :

                            AKLOHOL                                                                                              BEER                                                                                                                                                                                   SOFTS
     Smirnoff Black                                                                                                  Carlsberg                                                                                    Red Bull (0,25 can)
   Smirnoff Vladimir                                                                                                0,33l bottle                                                          Schweppes lemon, indian tonic, citrus fruits, ginger ale (0,2L bottle)
  Capt. Morgan Black                                                                                                                                                                                        Mirinda, 7up, Pepsi, (0,33 can)
  Capt. Morgan Spice                                                                                                                                                                          Juices: orange, grapefruit, apple, pineapple, black currant
  Johnnie Walker Red                                                                                                                                                                           Water still, water sparkling (Górska Natura 0,3L bottle)
 Johnnie Walker Black
        J&B Rare                                                                                                                                                                                                        FINEST CALL:
         Bailey’s                                                                                                                                                                                 Mango Puree; Strawberry Puree; Grenadine Mix; Lime Cordial;
         Archer’s                                                                                                                                                                                 Sugar Syrop; Sweet&Sour Mix; Caipirinha Mix; Margarita Mix
Gordon’s London Dry Gin
     Grand Marnier
    Pampero Blanco
      Jose Quervo
                         *if for your own composition you want to use other ingredients than included in the portfolio, you have to provide them yourself


                                                         WFA COMPETITOR CODE OF CONDUCT
As a competitor in any WFA Grand Slam competition you are required to behave with respect and decorum throughout the entirety of the competition.
Sponsors pay a lot of money to give us the opportunity to have these great events all over the world, so let’s treat them with respect so that they will want
to repeat the competition the next year

Dress Code
During the competition you are required to dress accordingly to what is expected of you. In some cases you will have to wear the t-shirt provided by the
sponsor on stage. In this case, make sure that it is clean and ironed and not all messy when on go on stage with it. If you require another t-shirt ask the
organising staff to provide you with one
You should treat the stage like you would any bar. So no open toe shoes, like flip flops or sandals, but trainers or shoes is fine.
You are NOT allowed to wear shorts on stage. Even if it is an outside competition in the sun They look messy and unprofessional
Please make sure your trousers are clean and tidy and not covered in rips and tears.
In some cases you may want to wear a costume. This is fine, but nothing vulgar.
No nudity of any kind is allowed during your performance.
If the organiser, judge or sponsors are not happy with the way you have presented yourself you will be asked to change, incur a major deduction or get
disqualified from the competition.

Competitions can be stressful times and everyone wants to do their best, but remember everyone is in the same boat so remember to treat everyone with
The competition stafs are there to help you at the competition. If you are rude or arrogant towards them, you may face disqualification
Any rudeness or disrespect towards other competitors can face disqualification. This can be at anytime throughout the competition, in the practice area,
on stage or whatever.
Try and help out other competitors whenever you can. It is always recommended to bring your own equipment, so if you are not willing to lend that out,
explain politely to your fellow competitor to ask the organisational staff to help them out
The judges have a difficult decision and are always willing to answer your questions after a competition, but any rudeness or disrespect towards them will
face disqualification in the next Grand Slam competition

This is a big moment for everyone, whether it is announcing the finalists or the overall winners. Everyone is nervous and everyone wants to win. If you are
not happy with your placement, DO NOT walk off stage in a huff. Collect your prize and wait for the all clear to get off the stage once all announcements
are done. Failure to do so can result in disqualification or being banned from the next grand slam comp.
When it comes to announcements please wear either the competition t-shirt or your sponsor or representation’s attire. We do not want to see you in
your shirt ready for a night out.

Bottles to be used
As we have mentioned before the sponsor pay a lot of money to put on these competitions so they want to see their bottles used at competitions as much
as possible. Anyone thought to be blatantly disregarding the sponsors bottles will be disqualified from the comp or incur a major deduction

This will always be down to the organiser as to when they want your music. Please make sure it is clearly labelled and is only on ONE CD!

After the competition
Once the competition is over you have the chance to chat with the judges and discuss your scores on how you can improve for the next comp.
Any discrepancies’ in the scores should be put in writing to the World Flair Association, sent to info@worldflairassociation.com by the individual who is not
The World Flair Association will try and solve any problems with scores or results in any way they can.

Any competitor not respecting the rules of the competition, the judges, fellow competitors or the sponsors can face disqualification from the competition
or be banned from the next Grand Slam competition.

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