The Armadillo Storyby Chad Betts by 9kv3Z4MN


									The Armadillo Story                                   by Chad Betts

          I was trialing many years ago near Lake Conroe in Southern Texas. After the trial, I went back to
the motel where David Jones and some other ruffians were having a tailgate party. I joined them. After a
little while, David noticed that The Langhans left their room to feed and water their dogs, but left the door
to their room open. David said, "I have some Armadillos with me that I caught on the ranch where I live.
I think I will throw one in their room and see what happens."

        So he got one out of its cage, ran over to the room, threw it in the room, and shut the door.We
watched as the Langhans came back to the room, and nothing happened. After 30 minutes or so, we
thought "Oh well, it seemed like a good idea!” We decided to go eat dinner.

         After a couple hours, we returned to see the Langhans’ door open, with the motel manager in
their room. Marie was under the covers. Dan was standing up on the bed in his boxer shorts and
cowboy boots (quite a site). They eventually moved to another room.

        We found out later, from overhearing Marie talking to someone,"that shortly after they went to
bed, she heard a scratching noise under the bed. She woke Dan. He thought she was crazy! Then the
bed spread started moving off the bed on to the floor. That is when Dan reached over the side of the bed
to grab his boots and Marie crawled under the covers. Dan grabbed the phone on the nightstandand
called management, who moved them to another room".

       Armadillos are nocturnal and it was evidentially hiding under the bed peaceably until the lights
went out. Then it started digging, trying to get away. They have long claws and I suppose the bed
spread was touching the floor and one of its claws inadvertently got caught, so every time it moved, the
bed spread moved. At the time they did not know or see what was in their room, but suspected it to be a

        I do not know if they ever knew what really happened?

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