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									                  Schuyler UMC
Volume 1, Issue 4                                                                                       October 2010

PASTOR’S POINTS                                                 BIBLE AND BOOK STUDIES
Pastor Fay Hubbard                                              Pastor Fay Hubbard, Leader
         October is upon us! The moon is a deep
orange most evenings and seems to be a little lower in                 October 4 –Monday 1:30pm and 7:00pm
the sky. With harvest comes cooler weather and a
                                                                       “The Book of Mark”
faster pace in our lives. School is in full swing; there
are football games and volleyball games; Halloween
will be here with all of its ghosts and goblins, and to                          th
                                                                       October 5 —Tuesday 9:30am and 7:00pm
add to that, fall trees began to put on their bright colors.
We do live in quite a wonderful world!                                 “Three Simple Rules”

         I have seen some interesting “glory sightings”                (This will be the last session, but will be offered
this month. People in the church are certainly reaching                Again at a later date.)
out to others in lovely ways. I have heard of friends
coming together to support one whose husband has
recently died. Others have been delivering meals or                    October 6 —Wednesday 9:30am and 7:00pm
driving the bus from our Senior Center. There are
                                                                       Prayer based on the Book of John
people helping teach our children, and there are others
who make worship at our church much better and                         (This is a two-week study)
stronger. The people in this church are visiting and
caring for one another in times of hardship and
uncertainty. I am hearing laughter in the midst of
meetings, and I see people making decisions about the

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      Our Charge Conference has been moved to November
      21, 2010, so please let us know where you would like to

      serve. Thanks!
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Church and working together for the good of the entire

body. We may have some difficulties and all things are        PEOPLE TO HOLD IN OUR PRAYERS:
not perfect, but with this many glory sightings around, I
                                                              Elizabeth Ostrander, Marilyn VanArsel, Bernice
feel faith in all those I see.
                                                              Lapacek, Mary Mcleish, Alice Jean Schlemmer,
         The work day at the Church planned by the            Caroline Mastny, & Juanita Varejcka
Trustees Committee was cancelled due to the
weather. It was too cold and rainy for our outside
projects and will be rescheduled for a nicer day.             NEW POSSIBILITIES: October 3 and October 24 .
However, thanks to our Hispanic brothers and sisters                  10:00 am following worship services
of Principe de Paz, we have carpets and pew covers
that are clean and fresh. We certainly appreciate their
good work.                                                                                           th
                                                              BOARD OF TRUSTEES: October 10
        We are getting a new sign for the front of our                10:00 am following worship services
church. The permit is in the works, and the design has
been chosen! I hope all of you get the chance to come
to church and see the drawing of our newest addition.         ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD: October 17
God’s goodness is showing everywhere we look.
                                                                      10:00 am following worship services
        As we move into the first full month of fall, let
us remember the words spoken at the end of Matthew
28: (Jesus said) “I am with you always even to the end        PASTOR’S HOURS:
of the age.” No season is too fast or too full of events      9:00am-12:00 noon-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
that Jesus cannot find us and bring us peace.
                                                              2:00pm-5:00pm Tuesdays
        Pastor Fay
                                                              IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Pastor Fay may be
                                                              reached at 402-352-3400 or 402-375-8714.
FOOD PANTRY                                                   Pastor Fay will be on vacation October 23-29 .

                                                               SCHUYLER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
                                                                   SOUP/SALAD/BAKE SALE LUNCHEON

                                                              Sunday, October 31, 2010           11:00 am-1:00pm
                                                              Adults-$5.00     Kids 5-10-$3.00       Under 3-Free
                            th                                        This event is being organized and served by
Wednesday, September 29 , 6:45 pm
                                                              the UMW ladies-four kinds of soup and 3 different
Columbus United Methodist Church                              types of sandwiches. All proceeds will fund the
Contact: Pastor Fay or Sheri Balak                            purchase of our new sign for in front of the church. All
                                                              church families will be ask to donate $10.00 towards
                                                              the purchase of the supplies and 1-2 baked items.

Sunday Brunch-October 10, 2010
                                                              LET’S HAVE A “SPOOKTACULAR” TURNOUT FOR
Trinity Lutheran Church, Schuyler                             THIS HALLOWEEN EVENT!

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