Walter Lipscomb by 07XL6Q


									                TESTIMONY: WALTER LIPSCOMB
                    MARCH TO CITY HALL
                      FEBRUARY 12, 2008
                        YONKERS, NY

Hello, my name is Walter Lipscomb and I am a Community
Voices Heard Leader. I am a construction worker and have been
so for the past 30 years. I have lived in Yonkers all my life.

In the last few years, the cost of living has spiraled upwards but
the wages and social service income have remained the same.
Therefore, the low-income families are still the low-income
families. In my opinion the development of southwest Yonkers
benefits the small business owners to an extent, and the
developer. The people who live here, can’t afford to do neither
rent or purchase the luxury housing being built or comply with
the soaring inflation that’s following it. The promise of jobs and
community involvement or inclusion, I’ve yet to see come to play.
The only part the low-income family plays in this multi-million
dollar business venture is relocation. Yonkers has gotten low-
income housing and affordable housing confused – they are not
the same. Eliminating low-income housing to create affordable
housing means that eventually you and I and anyone who is not
making better than $50,000 a year will be moving very soon.
Where do we go? And when we leave, do we get to take
Yonkers federal money for low-income housing with us? This is
just the new form of segregation – not of color, or nationality, but
of financial means.

We are marching today because we want to be included in the
plans for development and we want to know how we will benefit.
Where are our community centers? Where is our low-income
housing? Where are the jobs for the people living in the area?

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