Zurich Dadadom by dfhdhdhdhjr


									 Zurich Dadadom

DaDa Mobility in Zurich
         Sites & Spaces
 Sites and spaces of Dada activity
  were numerous and varied. They
 the private residences of Dadas and
  their friends
 the public cafes, streets and tram
  cars of the city
 the hills above and other places in
  and outside Zurich
           More Sites & Spaces
   Postal correspondence of letters and published
    material was very important for the dissemination of
    Dada material out of Switzerland
   Exchange among activists at a time when travel was
    restricted by the conditions of war was very
   Took place outside the "official" venues that were the
    rooms, buildings, and addresses used for Dada
   The venues have a particular significance because
    these were the distinct, chosen spatial arenas for
    collective and individual operation
   They were the most important sites of transaction
             Mobility of Dada

 The Cabaret Voltaire at Spiegelgasse 1. It
  operated for five months from 5 February
  until early July 1916
 14 July 1916: The first Dada soiree was
  held at the Zunfthaus (guildhouse) zur
 January, 1917: the "First Dada Exhibition“--
  works by Arp, Janco, Richter, the Van
  Reeses and others were exhibited & Tzara
  lectured on modern art in the Galerie
           Mobility cont’d
 March 1917, the Galerie Dada was opened
  on above premises; the rooms used were
  above the Sprungli confectioners and
  chocolate emporium--venue for
  exhibitions, lectures, and soirees; also
  fairly short-lived, closing after about ten
 23 July 1918, Tristan Tzara staged his
  own—by now the seventh—Dada Soiree in
  the Zunithaus zur Meise
 9 April 1919: The eighth, final, and biggest
  Dada Soiree in Zurich was held on, at the
  Kaufleutensaal (Pelikanstr. 18)

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