Pumpkin soup 50 by 87N1D8m


									                  Kindly switch your phone to silent in the dinning room

                 Summer Carrot Vichyssoise Soup 55
                  Served cold, topped with crème fraiche

                 Classic Chicken Caesar salad 60
         Romaine lettuce tossed with a classic Caesar dressing,
                Garlic croûtons & parmigiano shavings

                       Namibian oysters 22 each
                   Served with gazpacho & condiments,
                     Chef recommends 6 as a portion

                       Duo of Salmon salad 70
   garden greens, cooked Scottish salmon & smoked salmon, avocado,
   bacon, boiled egg, parmigiano, herb croûtons & raspberry dressing

                       Classic Waldorf salad 50
Apples, walnuts, red grapes, celery, mayonnaise & topped with watercress

                           Caprice Tower 50
Buffalo mozzarella with plum tomatoes, stacked with olive oil & basil pesto,
                    Drizzled with a red wine reduction

                            Avocado Ritz 50
                Sliced Avocado, lemon marinated shrimp,
                 drizzled with a tangy Marie Rose sauce

           Please enquire about our chef’s daily special from your waiter

                              Salmon Linguini Pasta 95
                            Scottish salmon & smoked salmon,
                                  Sparkling creamy sauce

                                 Spaghetti Arabiatta 95
             Spaghetti, tangy tomato sauce, topped with Parmigiano shavings

                                    Scottish Salmon 120
          Served with dill & pea risotto, drizzled with a saffron beurre blanc sauce

                                   Rack of lamb 155
Crusted with mustard & herbs, served with a creamy rosemary & parmigiano infused polenta,
                      Roasted plum tomato chutney & port wine jus

                                  Beef fillet de Boeuf 140
      Fillet of beef set on mushroom risotto, grilled vegetables, tomato chutney
                             & drizzled with a red wine jus

                                    Oxtail pot pie 135
                          Oxtail stew served with a puff pastry casing
                            garlic mashed potatoes or savoury rice

                                       Side orders 30
                                    Mélange of vegetables
                                      Garden green salad
                                        Potato wedges
                                         French fries
                                       Mashed potatoes

                                                                                   MAIN SELECTION
                                  Fairlawns baked cheese cake 55
                                   Served with a pomegranate coulis

                                            Eton mess 50
                              Served with strawberries, meringue & cream

                                           Crème brûlée 50
                                           a lemon infusion …

                               Naartjie & chocolate malva pudding 50
                                      served with a berry compote

                                                 Crepe 50
    Filled with a berry compote, drizzled with caramel sauce, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

                                      Cheese Gateaux 90
                      Cheese Tower, water biscuits, apple and cranberry compote

                                               Filter coffee
                                                Café latte
                                              Hot chocolate
                                               Herbal tea
                                              Flavoured tea

LUNCH MENU                                                                   SOMETHING SWEET
                                              Lighter Meals

                                   Fairlawns Burger 90
             Homemade 150 gram beef patty, topped with tomato chutney, bacon,
        Portabella mushrooms, cheddar cheese and a fried egg, served with French fries

                                       Terrace tortilla wraps
Grilled wrap with hummus, salsa verde, guacamole, prawn and chicken and stir fried Asian greens
   Grilled spinach wrap with brie, cranberry, salsa verde, guacamole and stir fried Asian greens
                         Wraps are served with rock salt potato wedges & sour cream

                                     Quiche of the day 85
          Served with your choice of either a green salad or crispy potato wedges

                                   Fairlawns Club Sandwich 90
             Triple Decker Sandwich, grilled chicken breast, boiled egg, grilled bacon,
                              Tomatoes & mayonnaise & French Fries

                                       Wine recommendations
Our cellar wine by the glass collection has been designed by pairing dishes on our lunch and dinner menus
                                    Please ask for the wine list menu

                                                                                       MAIN SELECTION

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