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									                        Achievement Mentoring Program
                             Mentee Questionnaire

 To assist students in Connecticut to become successful attorneys, the Connecticut Asian
 Pacific American Bar Association (CAPABA) and the Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association
 (CHBA) have established the Achievement Mentoring Program. Under this jointly
 administered program, students who are in law school, or who plan to attend law school, will
 be matched with a member of CAPABA or CHBA with a shared area of interest. Through
 the Program, students will have an opportunity to gain information about the actual practice
 of law and to discuss other questions or concerns they have about law school and their
 careers with their mentor.

 If you would like to participate in this Program, please complete this questionnaire and return
 it to either of the two Achievement Mentoring Program Coordinators:

   Tanya A. Bovée, Esq. (for CAPABA)                Toni M. Smith-Rosario (for CHBA)
   Jackson Lewis LLP                                Senior Assistant State’s Attorney
   90 State House Square, 8th Floor                 Office of the Chief State’s Attorney
   Hartford, CT 06103                               Appellate Bureau
   Tel. (860) 522-0404                              300 Corporate Place
   Fax. (860) 247-1330                              Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067                          Tel. (860) 258-5964
                                                    Fax: (860) 258-5828
Please provide the following information:
Name: Mr./Ms.____________________________________________________________________
Law School (if applicable): ________________________________________________________
Expected date of graduation:_________________________________________________________
Mailing Address:___________________________________________________________________
Tel. No.:___________________ Fax:_____________________
Email: __________________________________________________________________________
         Spoken  Literate (Read/Write)      Conversational    Limited

Please list any community/school organizations with which you are involved:
Undergraduate School Attended: _______________________________________________________
Undergraduate Major and Year graduated : _______________________________________________
Other Law School(s) Attended:_________________________________________________________
Year(s) of attendance: ________________________________________________________________
Other Graduate Degrees Obtained: ______________________________________________________
Please list cities/states in which you are considering living in/working in after graduation:
Areas of legal interest (in order of interest, if appropriate):

Please check all areas in which you would like to discuss with your mentor:
       Law school issues (e.g., tips for taking exams, courses to take)
       Careers
       Large law firm practice
       Medium and/or small law firm practice
       Solo practitioner
       Government
       Public Interest
       International
       In-house Corporate
       Other (please specify): _______________________________
       Job search
       Transitioning to/from a traditional legal career
       Judicial clerkships
       Relocation issues
       Balancing work and family
       Local community issues
       Bar associations and activities (e.g., CBA, ABA, local bar associations)
       Women’s issues

Please check all activities in which you would be interested in participating/attending:
       Conducting mock interviews
       Reviewing resumes/conducting resume workshop
       Mentor/mentee reception
       Panel regarding judicial clerkships
       Panel regarding careers
       Other (please specify): _______________________________

Have you ever participated in a mentor program for students?
 If so, please provide name(s) of program(s) and date(s) of participation:


QUESTIONS? Please contact either of the Achievement Mentoring Program co-chairs:

Tanya Bovée, (860) 522-0404 (work telephone) and email
Toni Smith-Rosario, (860) 258-5964 (work telephone), (860) 550-4818 (cellular telephone) and email

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