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									        Grizzlies Care Anti-Bullying Pledge            Camper Cash/Checks
                                                              Students will receive Camper Cash for various
        We will not bully other students.              responsibilities in the classroom. Camper Cash is
                                                       distributed each week for the completion of whatever
                                                       job you are assigned. You will also receive cash (amount
         We will help others who are being
                                                       to be determined) for homework completion.
    bullied by speaking out and getting help.
                                                              You are responsible for keeping up with your
                                                       Camper Cash and it is recommended that you put your
     We will use extra effort to include all           name on each bill you receive. An auction will be held 3-
      students in activities in our school.            4 times during the year, where you will be able to spend
                                                       your cash.

Classroom Guidelines
 (Camper Conduct)                                      Morning Routine:
 1. Be safe                                               1. Say “Good Morning” to your teacher.
        a. Be sure an adult knows where you are at        2. Hang up your backpack.
            all times.                                    3. Turn in your homework in the correct bin.
        b. Keep hands, feet, and all objects to           4. Take care of personal needs (use restroom, get
            yourself.                                        water, sharpen pencils, have materials ready)
                                                          5. Begin morning warm-up.
 2. Be Respectful                                         6. Independent Reading at your desk.
        a. Follow directions given by adults.            Tardiness
        b. Follow directions the first time they are      1. Upon arrival, go directly to the office.
           given.                                         2. Sign in and receive a pass to class.
        c. Be a friend to everyone in the classroom.      3. Go to class and be sure to give your pass to the
 3. Be a Learner                                          4. Begin daily schedule and make up any work you
        a. Do your best work at all times.                   missed.
        b. Complete and hand in all assignments on
                                                                Classroom Movement                   1. Obtain permission from
  Absences                                                      1. Remain seated while the             the teacher before
  1. Have a parent/guardian call the classroom and leave a      teacher is instructing the class.      leaving.
     message as soon as you know you will be absent             2. Move quickly and quietly to       2. Restrooms are not to
  2. If you are sick for a non-medical reason, please bring a   destination and resume task.           used during the
     note ahead of time stating the reason for the absence,     3. Sharpen 2-3 pencils before          following times:
     signed by a parent/guardian.                               class at your assigned pencil             - 15 minutes before
  3. Place the note in the “Forms/Notes” bin                    sharpener. If you need a pencil           and after recess &
  4. When you return to school after an absence, check the      during class, you may trade in            lunch
     absence folder next to the homework bin.                   the broken pencil for one of         3. Bathroom breaks during
                                                                the pencils in the pencil cup          class time 2x per day only

                                Class Participation
                                                                                                    Specials Schedules
Give Me Five                  1. Raise your hand to be
                                                                                                    P.E.     T, Th - 9:30-10
  1.   Eyes on speaker         recognized                                                           Art      W - 9-9:45
  2.   No talking             2. Offer your opinions &                                              Music    M - 9-9:45
  3.   Body is still          ideas freely.                                                         French   M, T, Th. - 9-9:30
  4.   Hands free             3. Respect other’s opinions &
  5.   Listen                ideas when they are speaking.
                                                                Lunch (12:30-12:50p)
                                                                Students must bring your own lunch unless they receive a free
                                                                lunch or you choose to purchase lunch in the cafeteria.
                                                                Lunch can be purchased for the month, week, or on a daily
 Hallway Travel
                                                                basis. Lunch checks should be written to Estes Hills
  1. Line leaders are in front of the line, everyone else is
                                                                Cafeteria. Please place all money or checks in a sealed
      lined up according to the order the teacher calls
                                                                envelope labeled with the student’s name and the teacher’s
  2. Walk on the right side of the hallway in single file
      line without talking.
                                                                       Child breakfast: $1.05    Reduced: $.30
  3. Teacher assistant’s will monitor hallway behavior with a
                                                                       Child Lunch: $2.40        Reduced: $.40       Milk: $.60
     checklist. Each time you are incorrectly behaving in
     line, you will receive a check. 3 checks can result in a
      silent lunch the following day.
                                                                  Wednesday Folders
                                                                      Every Wednesday, you will take home the Wednesday
Snack                                                             Folder. This folder contains forms, notes, and handouts
       Students are responsible for bringing a healthy snack
                                                                  for your parents and it is very important that they receive
each day (ex: fruit, carrots, yogurt, cheese). They may also
                                                                  it. Be sure to return the folder with completed forms the
bring a water bottle to class to keep at their table
                                                                  very next day and place in your mailbox.
throughout the day. Snack will typically take place after
specials (10 a.m.). We appreciate any snack donations for
students who are unable or forget to bring it.                    Compliment Cooler
                                                                      During the week, students are invited to add
                                                                  compliments about other students and teachers into the
Birthday Celebrations                                             ‘Fishing for Compliments’ mini cooler. Every Friday some of
       Birthdays will be celebrated in our classroom one Friday
                                                                  these compliments will be read aloud to the rest of the
per month. All children whose birthdays fall during that
month will be celebrated. This avoids loss of instructional
time by having more than one birthday celebration a month.
If a parent would like to celebrate their child’s birthday in
                                                                  Computers and Laptops
school, they are more than welcome to donate class goods for             Students will be assigned a day to use the classroom
your celebration on that specified date. Please let the           computers. You may request to use someone else’s
teachers know at least 2 days in advance.                         computer day if they are not using a computer and you
                                                                  have completed all required assignments. Please do not
                                                                  eat or drink around the computers and laptops, when we
                                                                  check them out. They can break easily so it is important
                                                                  to be as careful when using them as possible.

  Camp Jobs
       Every other week students will rotate camp job             Dismissal
   responsibilities. These include Line leader, Caboose,                 Students will leave and enter from the door to the
   Door holder, Recycler, Homework Distributor, Teacher’s         outside parking lot. After school program students will
   assistant, Substitute, Technology Assistant, Hallway           be escorted to the appropriate location as well. If your
   Monitor, Librarian, Newspaper Editor, Lunch Counter,           dismissal arrangements change, please bring a note to the
   Fire Marshal, Pencil Sharpener/Board Eraser, and Banker,       teacher in advance explaining how you will be getting
   as well as jobs we create this year. You will be paid in       home.
   Camper Cash for each job at the end of the 2 week period
   if the job was performed correctly.
Homework Policy                                                  for fourth graders. Time will be given each day to copy
Why homework is assigned:                                        homework assignments from the board to their planner. All
      I believe that homework is important because it is a       students should take this planner home every night. I expect
valuable aid in helping students reinforce what they’ve          students to do their personal best on their homework, making
learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons,        sure it is neat and completed. Students should do their
teaches responsibility, and helps students to develop positive   homework on their own and only ask for help after they have
study habits. Homework will be assigned in all subjects.         given their personal best.
                                                                        Finally, all assignments are to be turned in on time.
When homework will be assigned:                                  Late assignments can be turned in late if they are still on the
      Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.         homework chart. Once the chart is complete, we will erase it
Assignments should take students no more than 45-60 minutes      and start over. Late homework cannot be turned in after it is
to complete each night. Fourth graders are also expected to      erased.
read for an additional 25 minutes per night. Some long-term
assignments will be given periodically during the school year,    Homework Labeling:
and detailed timelines and requirements will be provided                All homework must have your name and date in the
during those times.                                              upper right hand corner or it will be placed in the no name
                                                                 bin. It is your responsibility to check the homework chart and
Homework Club:                                                   no name bin regularly to make sure you did not forget to label
       Each day, I will keep track of which students turn in     your homework. When completing Mindmovers (a weekly
homework on a large chart, which is displayed in the back of     homework assignment, which will be explained later), please
the room. After the homework chart is full, the students         also make sure you title your notebook paper with that day’s
who have completed over 95% of their homework will become        topic.
members of the homework club. This % will increase
throughout the year I expect students to become more              Parent’s homework responsibilities:
comfortable with the homework routine. Homework club                    Parents are the key to making homework a positive
members receive a special prize and lunch with Ms. Coleman       experience for their children. Therefore, I ask that parents
in the classroom.                                                make homework a top priority, provide necessary supplies and
                                                                 a quiet homework environment, set a daily work time, provide
Student’s homework responsibilities                              praise and support, not let your child avoid homework, and
      Each student has an orange homework folder.                contact me if you notice a problem.
Homework folders should go home everyday and return to
school the next morning. Homework planners are great tools
Classroom Neatness                                             2. Look at basket labels to determine what type of books
1. Your table area and cubby are to be neat with no loose      you want to read.
papers in them.                                                3. Use book basket Genre posters to assist you in finding
4. Pick up any pencil shavings or notebook paper scraps        and returning books.
that fall on the floor.                                        4. Give damaged book to the teacher for repair or
4. Wipe up any liquid soap and water that spills on the sink   discarding.
counter.                                                       5. Fill out the library checkout form each time you choose
                                                               a book you would like to keep at your desk.
                                                               6. Please return books you have finished to the correct
Keeping Folders & Binder Organized
                                                               basket (check the sticker on the back of the book to
1. All folders, binders, and notebooks should be kept in
                                                               determine what basket it came from).
the correct place, whether it is your cubby, seat cover, or
                                                               7. Please do not take books home unless you have received
another location.
                                                               permission from a teacher.
2. Keep binders free of loose papers falling out.
3. Teachers will check notebook, periodically.
                                                               Ticket Prizes
                                                                  1. Students receive tickets for various things, including
Completing and Turning in Assignments
                                                                     positive behavior and academics.
1. Check the Homework Rubric before turning in
                                                                  2. Campers can turn in tickets for class prizes and
homework for heading, completeness, and neatness.
                                                                     school-wide drawings.
2. Turn in assignments on the labeled stacking trays by the
                                                               Class Newsletter
                                                                      Students help plan and write a monthly class
Returned Graded Assignments
                                                               newsletter, which will be sent home in the Wednesday
1. Graded work will be returned weekly in your Wednesday
                                                               folder. The newsletters can also be downloaded from our
folder as it is checked.
                                                               class website. A 4th grade newsletter will also come home
2. All work is to be shared with parent/guardian.
3. Unsatisfactory papers must be corrected by student,
signed by parent, and returned to school the next day.
4. Homework will follow the same procedures.                   Bi-Weekly Progress Report
5. Please keep all graded assignments at home.                       A Bi- Weekly Progress Report is sent home every
                                                               other Wednesday, and I ask that a parent/guardian sign it
                                                               and return it the following day. I will always send home the
Class Library
                                                               progress report (or notify you that one will not be sent), so
1. Browse book baskets with care.
                                                               please be sure to review this with your child.
Literacy                                                              with a parent/adult. On Friday’s students will take a spelling
       Estes Hills follows a Balanced Literacy model for              test in class.
literacy, which is a combination of whole language and                   Students will:
                                                                          Apply grammar and language conventions to communicate
phonics instruction that integrates all aspects of literacy,
including reading, vocabulary, writing, speaking, spelling, and
                                                                          Routinely spell high frequency words and use resources to
grammar. Balanced literacy is a theory based on the idea that               check spelling
there are many different learning styles for children who are             Expand vocabulary through reading, content area words,
learning to read.                                                           and discussion
    Reading – Students are instructed through whole-group
lessons, small guided reading groups, and independent reading         Math
time.                                                                          I am a believer in a student centered, problem based
   Students will:                                                     classroom. What that means is that I believe the number one
    Apply strategies and skills to comprehend a wide range of
                                                                      thing I can teach students is how to think. Nobody thinks
      texts, including:
                                                                      the same way, so teaching students to think and problem
         o Fiction (legends, novels, science fiction)
         o Non-fiction (autobiographies, diaries, journals,           solve in a way that makes sense to them is key.
              informational books)                                             Along with the problem based classroom, I believe you
         o Poetry                                                     need to have differentiated tasks that teach the same
         o Drama (plays, Reader’s Theater)                            concepts. This way, all students will be studying the same
    Think about reading and make connections with texts              concepts with differing levels of difficulty. Students receive
   Writing – In fourth grade your child uses the writing              math instruction in their homerooms each day. With the
process to write different types of writing for a variety of          current state standards in mathematics and the goals of our
purposes and audiences.                                               school district, the fourth grade math curriculum will be
   Students will:                                                     centered around the newly adopted district Envisions
    Write for a variety of purposes and audiences                    program.
    Prepare portfolio of students’ best work                                  Students are assessed before and after each unit and
    Apply strategies and skills to create oral, written and visual
                                                                      grouped accordingly. Over the course of the year, students
      texts - Personal and imaginative narratives, Research
                                                                      will study place value, pre-algebra, multi-digit multiplication,
      reports, Poetry
    Conduct research and complete assigned projects                  long division, fractions, decimals, probability and geometry.
    Word Study – Students will receive instruction in phonics         Due to the complexity of the standards, it is imperative that
skills and spelling strategies each week. They will self-select       students master multiplication tables 1-12 during the first
words based on the strategy for that week and will also have          couple months of school. With a solid foundation in basic
personal words to add to their spelling list. On Thursdays,           skills, students will be better prepared to learn more
they will need to complete a practice spelling test at home           advanced math operations required of 4th graders.
Science                                                           Other Important Information
       We use Science FOSS kits to supplement our science
curriculum. Students will build an understanding of Health &
                                                                  Contact Information
Nutrition, Animal Behavior and Adaptation, Magnetism and
                                                                  Ms. Coleman–         School – 720-
Electricity, and Rocks and Minerals through hands on
observation and investigations.
                                                                  Email –
                                                                  Website –
Social Studies                                                    Parent Volunteers
       The focus of fourth grade social studies is North                 We love parents helping out in and outside of the
Carolina. Using textbooks, literature, primary sources, maps,     classroom. Long-term parent volunteer opportunities will be
the arts, the Internet, guest speakers, and field trips,          discussed at the Open House on September 14th. We will also
students explore the geography, history, people, and culture      keep parents updated on upcoming opportunities in our
of our state.                                                     monthly newsletter and our website!

                                                                  Dress Code
Book Projects
                                                                         The school dress code can be found in the parent
       During the year, students will be assigned various book
                                                                  handbook. The school does request that all students wear
projects, which they will complete at home. Each project
                                                                  tennis shoes for P.E. and recess however.
focuses on a different genre of literature and the guidelines
for each project are available online once they are reviewed in   School Hours
class. Students have roughly 1 month to complete each                    The elementary school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends
project.                                                          at 2:30 p.m. Students should arrive by 7:40 a.m. On
                                                                  Wednesdays, students are dismissed at 1:15.

                                                                  What To Bring to School
                                                                         Students need to bring a small backpack, a healthy
                                                                  snack, an optional change of clothing in case of spills or
                                                                  accidents, lunch or lunch money, homework and appropriate
                                                                  school supplies. Please label everything with the student’s

                                                                  What Not To Bring to School
                                                                        Toys, extra food, treats, candy, loose money, live
         Please read and discuss this Survival
   Guide with your parents/guardians and
   sign below. Return to school as soon as

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