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       Daytime Menu
Welcome to Brook House Inn and Restaurant
We hope you will appreciate our good food,
   fine wines and selection of real ales.
 The food is prepared to order so please
be patient during busy periods, we think it
          will be worth the wait!
Brook House Paté                                                           £5.50
with Cumberland sauce and crostini
Grilled Scallops                                                           £6.50
with mature cheddar, garlic and lemon
Black Pudding Tower                                                        £5.50
layers of black pudding and Wensleydale cheese with melted orange and parsley butter
Prawns in Garlic Butter                                                    £5.50
with spiced tomato chutney and lemon
Home made Soup of the Day                                                  £3.95
served with bread and butter
Garlic Bread                                                               £3.50

                                        Main Meals
Local Cumberland Sausage                                                   £8.95
served with chive mash, gravy and vegetables
Beef and Beer Pie succulent beef, short crust pastry                       £9.95
and loads of beer, served with chips or potatoes and vegetables
10-12oz Sirloin Steak with a peppery mushroom sauce,                       £15.95
vegetables and potatoes or chips
Grilled Sea Bass                                                           £14.95
with a roasted red pepper and tomato salsa, greek salad and potatoes
Whole Tail Scampi                                                          £9.95
with salad, chips and peas
Chicken Madras                                                             £9.95
hot curry served with rice, mango chutney and a poppadom
Trio of Lamb Chops with a rosemary and garlic sauce                        £14.95
served with chive mash or potatoes and vegetables
Pan Fried Chicken                                                          £10.95
served on a garlic crouton with a tangy blue cheese sauce, potatoes and vegetables
Beef Lasagne                                                               £9.95
with garlic bread and a dressed salad
Moroccan Vegetable and Bean Casserole                                      £9.95
served with roasted pinenut and apricot salad, and rice or cous cous
Feta cheese and spinach pie                                                £10.95
served with salad, tomato chutney and potatoes

Cheese Ploughman's                                                         £7.95
cheese, bread, salad, apple, pickles and chutney
Ham Ploughman’s                                                       £7.95
roast ham, bread, egg, salad, pickles and chutney
Prawn and Brie Salad                                                  £8.95
juicy cold water prawns with marie rosé dressing and slices of brie
Warm Salad of Smoked Chicken and Local Sausage                        £5.95
with a Cumberland sauce
Greek Salad                                                           £5.50
feta cheese, olives, onions, tomatoes and lettuce leaves
Tomato,Basil and Mozzarella Bruchetta                                 £5.50

                         Sandwiches £4.95
                  on home made white or granary
                       Wensleydale and apple
                    Prawns in Marie Rosé sauce
                    Blue Stilton with sliced pear
           Cream cheese, watercress and smoked salmon
                  Roast ham with tomato chutney
               Smoked chicken and redcurrant jelly
            Brie and home cured bacon with mayonnaise
                     Cheddar cheese and pickle
                           All served with a salad garnish

                                Extra Bits
Portion of Chips                                                      £2.50
Fresh vegetables                                                      £2.50
Salad Bowl                                                            £2.50
Basket of Bread                                                       £2.50
Garlic Bread                                                          £3.50

                   Sweets and Puddings
                       Raspberry Meringues £4.50
           home-made meringues with raspberries, ice cream and cream
                     Treacle Sponge Pudding £3.95
                                with custard
                         Cream Meringues £3.95
     home-made meringues sandwiched with cream and topped with ice cream
               Apricot Bread and Butter Pudding £4.50
                               with fresh cream
                           Blackcurrant Pie £4.25
                    served with custard, cream or ice cream
           Chocolate fudge cake with hot berry sauce £4.50
                              served with Ice cream
                         Cheese and Biscuits £5.95
                        A fine selection of English cheese
              A Selection of Ice Cream £1.20 per scoop
               vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and toffee crunch

       Please see the blackboard for specials

  All our sweets and puddings are home-made except for the ice creams,
               which are made by Brucciani’s of Morecambe
To accompany your dessert please enquire about our range of pudding wines
And to complete your meal we have a choice of Brandies, Armagnac and over
                           175 Malt Whiskies.

                         Cafetiere of coffee £1.95
                           Liqueur coffee £3.95
                              Espresso £1.50

                        Childrens Menu
Chicken Goujons (lightly battered pieces of chicken breast)         £4.50
Served with salad and mayonnaise
Or with chips, and beans, peas or carrots
Fish Fingers (Birds Eye)                                            £3.95
Served with a choice of chips or mash with beans, peas or carrots
Breaded Whitby Scampi                                               £4.50
Served with a choice of chips or mash with beans, peas or carrots
Cumberland Sausage                                                  £4.50
Served with a choice of chips or mash with beans, peas or carrots
Beef and Beer Pie                                                   £4.50
Served with a choice of chips or mash with beans, peas or carrots
Cheese and Apple Salad                                              £4.50
Dairylea, Wensleydale or mature Cheddar with, sliced apple, grapes, tomato,
cucumber and crackers
Heinz Pasta Shapes with garlic bread                                £3.50
Beef Lasagne with garlic bread                                      £4.50

                           Childrens Sweets
         Ice cream                                      per scoop   £1.20
         vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or toffee crunch
         Raspberry Meringues                                        £2.50
         Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake                                   £2.50
         Apple Pie and ice cream                                    £2.50

        Cappuccino                                   £1.95
        Espresso                                     £1.50
        Double Espresso                              £2.50
        Café Latté                                   £1.95
        Cup of Coffee                                £1.50
        Cafetiere of Coffee for One                  £1.95
        Pot of Tea (per person)                      £1.25
        Earl Grey                                    £1.50
        Herbal Tea                                   £1.50
        Hot Chocolate                                £1.75
        Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows              £1.95
        Liqueur Coffee or Hot Chocolate              £3.95

                  Home-made Cakes

Please see blackboard or ask for today's selection
     Cream Tea     2 dainty scones with butter, jam, cream £3.75
                   and a pot of tea or cup of coffee
     Cakes and Scones                        from          £1.00
     Plate of home-made Biscuits (4)                       £1.00

                        Special Diets
At Brook House we will always try and help if you have special
requirements. There is a selection of vegetarian meals always
              available, one of which is vegan.
If you require a gluten free meal there are several options on
 each course. Please feel free to discuss your requirements
                    with a member of staff.

If you or a member of your family has an allergy please let us
know as some meals and breads may contain nuts or eggs etc.,
        when it is not entirely obvious that they will.

                              G.M. Foods
As far as we are aware there are no genetically modified items
          used in the food produced at Brook House.

            All prices include V.A.T   The Thornley Partnership

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