Application for Meteorite Sample by National Laboratory and or by bBaVmi


									BCC Meteorites
S. Ray DeRusse or Bill Cutler
P.O. Box 11602
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Fax, 817-924-7048

Application for Meteorite Sample by National Laboratory and or Private
Industry Association.
         Due to the announcement of new initiatives by the President for a Lunar Base and further
exploration of our solar system, new products and services must be developed by implementing rigorous
and innovative sample research. Our samples provide a unique opportunity for furthering research and
product development and as such are making certain samples available with little or no restraint.
         We discourage the collaboration of Private Industry and National Laboratories with College and
University Faculty because of the culture of scientific misconduct which is designed to restrain competition
and the free markets. However, if a collaboration between the parties is desired, it is the responsibility of
the requesting National Laboratory and Private Industry Association to supervise the faculty member(s) and
take the appropriate steps to safeguard against improper sample use, misuse, misallocation, and improper
and unreliable results and data reporting.

Requesting Agency name, address, and contact information including email address.


Requested sample number and amount needed in grams __________________________
Sample will be provided either slice, powder, or combination to meet the amount requested. Stellar grains
will be provided as whole grains with a minimum of 75% of the grains as whole grains. Cometary sample
portions and BCC9803 are not available for distribution at this time.

I ________________________________________ understand that BCC Meteorites is entitled to receive a
copy of our information and lab data on their sample(s) prior to publishing. I understand that BCC
Meteorites retains patent rights either in whole or in part from products developed from this research and
no patent may be sought without the express written consent of the sample supplier or their agent.

I ________________________________________ have a confidential agreement on file with my
employing National Laboratory or Private Industry Association and cannot comply either in whole or in
part with the above stated terms. I will provide BCC Meteorites with a copy of my confidentiality
agreement and any relevant documents for your records.

          Foreign corporations and foreign nationals must check their trade status with the United States, State
Department, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the FTC, the USDOJ and other Federal agencies as required by law.
Have your attorney check your trade status and file the appropriate applications with these agencies. There are some
limitations imposed on who may or may not receive samples for research by certain governmental agencies.

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