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                                    Job Description

                                  Associate Registrar

Salary Level:                                  Date Approved/Revised:
     16                                        Approved: 10/01/02

Position Purpose

The Associate Registrar supervises and performs the day-to-day operation of student
records management at a Connecticut Community College. The College attracts a
diverse and complex student body which includes those pursuing two-year liberal arts
degrees as well as those working for specialized occupational and career certifications.
The student records function is made more complex because of the College’s
consideration of qualified veterans’ and experiential credits and credentials. The
College’s student records are supported by a complex computer-based student
information system which is overseen by the centralized information technology
organization but which is operated and adapted locally by the College’s student records

The student records function encompasses such areas as: student registration; course
and classroom scheduling; recording and archiving student demographic, grade,
transcript and degree information; maintaining course catalog history; may include the
preparation of the College catalog; and may include veterans’ services. The Associate
Registrar’s role is that of both professional practitioner of the technical aspects of
student registration and records management as well as supervisor of support staff who
carry out the detailed tasks of recording and reporting student demographic and
academic information.

Supervisory and Other Relationships

The Associate Registrar typically works under the direction of the Registrar or other
administrator. The position directly supervises office staff and student workers of the
Registrar’s office.

The position is expected to have extensive relationships with students, faculty,
administrators and staff. External relationships include student records administrators
and staff of other institutions of higher learning as well as employers requesting pre-
employment information regarding student academic achievement. These relationships
require of the incumbent a high degree of courtesy, cooperation and a genuine interest
in assisting others in the pursuit of learning. The incumbent is expected to represent the
College in a positive manner and to collaborate with academic and student services
departments to contribute to retention of students.

Major Accountabilities

The Associate Registrar is accountable for contributing to the accuracy, reliability,
timeliness, retrieval, reporting and security of information about academic achievement
of the College’s students through effective performance in these essential functional

   Student registration;
   Comprehensive student records;
   Reporting of student information;
   Supervision of staff.

Examples of Essential Duties and Accountabilities

The following examples of duties and accountabilities illustrate the general range of
tasks assigned to the position but are not intended to define the limits of required duties.
Other essential duties may be assigned consistent with the general scope of the

A. Student registration: The Associate Registrar is accountable for supporting the
accurate and expeditious conduct of the College’s registration process.       This
accountability includes such essential tasks as:

1. Participating in development of methods and procedures for obtaining needed
   student information accurately and efficiently;
2. Training and preparing assigned staff in methods of effective and efficient
   registration processing including training them in required computer skills;
3. Participating in and supervising assigned staff in conducting registration, which may
   include registration for credit-free programs;
4. Assisting in preparation of course and classroom assignments and schedules.

B. Comprehensive student records: The Associate Registrar is accountable for
performing and supervising the day-to-day collection, maintenance and safeguarding of
the College’s comprehensive set of student records to provide for their accuracy and
completeness in accordance with College standards and generally accepted
professional practice. This accountability includes such essential tasks as:

1. Performing and supervising the collection, examining and recording of required
   demographic, academic, career and historical information about the College’s
2. Analyzing and making decisions as to the appropriateness of student information in
   order to assure accuracy in recording such information as student grades, prior
   course credits and their equivalency, and academic data needed to certify student
   eligibility for degrees and certifications;
3. Initiating action to obtain accurate and complete information where that information
   is lacking;
4. Performing and supervising the operation of computerized, microform and manual
   records systems;

5. Reviewing and evaluating college transcripts and advising students on credits
6. Auditing records for graduation eligibility;
7. Advising students on transferability of course credits;
8. Carrying out procedures and policies to assure the protection of student information
   and its confidentiality.

C. Reporting of student information: The Associate Registrar is accountable for
performing and supervising the compiling and preparation of useful, accurate and timely
student information reports to contribute to providing a sound basis for administrative
decisions. This accountability includes such essential tasks as:

1. Analyzing, organizing and compiling data for recurring and ad hoc reports; this may
   involve careful interpretation of such information as equivalencies in transfer credits;
2. Extracting information and producing reports using both computer-based and
   manual data sources in a broad range of report types, including such documents as
   transcripts and certifications of candidates for graduation as well as reports of
   complex data required by boards and regulators and extensive and detailed lists of
3. Participating in designing and planning reporting methods and formats.

D. Supervision of staff: The Associate Registrar is accountable for assuring the work
capabilities of assigned staff and for assuring their effective performance by providing
their training and direct supervision. This accountability includes such essential tasks

1. Participating in recommending appropriately qualified staff for the assigned areas of
   the College’s student records operations;
2. Providing training for assigned staff to assure their current and continuing
   competencies in the fields necessary for effective performance;
3. Supervising and coaching assigned staff to assure their effective and efficient
4. Reviewing and evaluating performance of assigned staff, providing guidance and
   coaching for improved performance where needed and conducting useful and
   constructive performance reviews with assigned staff members.

Professional Participation and Development

In addition to the accountabilities listed above, the Associate Registrar is required to
carry out the essential duties of:

   Attendance and participation at convocation and commencement ceremonies;
   Service on assigned committees and task forces;
   Attendance and participation at committee, staff, informational and professional

All of these duties may involve attendance at evening or weekend events.

The incumbent is required to maintain currency in the position’s required fields of
professional expertise and competencies including computer skills and other bodies of

knowledge required for job proficiency. In addition, the incumbent is required to
maintain strict confidentiality of student records and other materials or information of a
confidential or sensitive nature.


Incumbents are required to have:

   Demonstrated knowledge of student records practices and methods accepted by the
    higher education field;
   Demonstrated advanced knowledge of computerized and manual systems for
    collecting, preserving and reporting student information, including strong information
    technology literacy skills;
   Demonstrated competence in supervising human resources in performance of
    detailed and responsible work;
   Demonstrated ability to interact favorably with faculty, administrators, staff, students
    and public.

These skill and abilities typically are acquired through a combination of education,
training and experience which would include a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriately
related field together with one to four years of related experience; or a combination of
education, training and experience which would lead to the competencies required for
successful performance of the position’s essential duties.

Work Environment

Position incumbents perform most of their work in office settings where minimal physical
effort is required. Incumbents operate personal computers and related equipment such
as printers. Normally, travel is not required except for attendance at regional or central
meetings and conferences.


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