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The following information will be needed when making any requests for catering quotes:
        Number of People Attending
        Time of the Event


   1) Do you provide tables and chairs?
              Before calling make sure that you have called your venue about tables
              and chairs. You will need to make sure that they will provide them or you
              will need to rent them. Remember that we will need tables to put your
              food on so if you are renting them make sure to discuss how many we will
              need with your A4L representative.
   2) How do you handle the set up and break down of the event?
              As the caterer we will handle the set up and breakdown of the food
              service ONLY. Make sure that you discuss with your venue or equipment
              rental company how any other items will be handled.
   3) Does your staff handle the trash removal?
              A4L will only handle the trash involved with the actual food service such
              as any trash generated during set up or in the kitchen. This does not
              include the trash like plates and cups from the event.
   4) Will you provide linens to dress the tables?
              A4L will only dress the food tables with linens. Check with your venue to
              see if they have linens. We can provide linens for your tables for an extra
              charge. Make sure that you know if you need them for round or
              rectangular tables. The common size for round tables is 60 inches (seats 8)
              so you will need 120 inch table clothes to drop to the floor.

Food Service

   1) What do the prices listed on your Web site include?
              All prices listed include only the food items. Anything not listed will not be
   2) Are plates, napkins, and utensils included with the food?
              These items are not included in the price. We offer several options
              including real plates, glasses and silver ware or elegant plastic ware. There
              is a per person fee charged for either type or dishware you select. (see
              incidental charges)
   3) Will your staff be responsible for the wedding cake?
              We do not assist with the cutting and serving of the wedding cake unless
              you order the cake cutting service.
   4) We are having pictures taken between the ceremony and the reception, will you
      have food available?
              We will be happy to include in your quote any of our hor d’oeuvres
              selections for your guests before dinner served
   5) We want a bar, do you offer this service?


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    1) What staff is provided in our quote?
               Unless noted on your quote no staff is included in the price of the food. If
               you are having a buffet or hot food service of any type we are required to
               add a Chef/Supervisor fee to your invoice. (see incidental charges for
    2) Do I really need 2 servers and a Chef/supervisor for a buffet?
               The number of staff assigned to and billed for your event is based on the
               type of event and the number of people attending. For most events the
               formula is 1 server for every 50 guests. Servers are necessary for buffets to
               keep the food fresh, hot and the food service area clean.
    3) What type of staff can A4L provide?
               We have a diverse group of individuals working with A4L we can provide
               servers, bartenders, hosts, as well as many other types. Make sure to ask
               your rep about this.

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