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					Tynewater Primary School               2012-2013 Period 2         10/09/12 to 12/10/12         Teacher: Fiona Kenny                                  P 7
                                       Information for Parents - Outline Plan for Learning and Teaching
               Topic / Project Title:          Equality and Fairness; Scottish Identity and Diversity; Scottish Parliament
Context relevant to the children:             Investigating what a global supply chain is; Exploring past and contemporary issues and
                                              challenges which face us in Scotland today; Rights and responsibilities of citizens in Scotland

                                                                                                     Exploring how our lives are connected to others through
  Language and Literacy
                                                                 Maths Problem Solving:              world sporting events and global trade. Who makes our
  Novel study ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar                                                                sportswear; human and trade union rights at work; what
  Writing: biography; gathering information;
                                                                 using organised lists and           is the global supply chain and where do we fit in?

  structure and language features                                tables through a variety
  Reading: for information; identifying features of a            of individual, pair and             Exploring possible to solutions to problems identified
                                                                 group working activities
                                                                                                     last week. Imagining alternative futures for places and
  non fiction text; identifying the main idea by                                                     the people who live and work in them; understand how
  reducing sentences                                                                                 collective action in one place can have consequences
  Using sources and evidence to carry out an                                                         elsewhere; consider actions that can be taken to create
                                                                                                     a fairer world

                                                                                                    Investigate the concept of ‘Scottishness’ or Scottish
  Mathematics and numeracy                                                                          identity; engaging with others in group discussion
  Area: using a formula to calculate the area of
  shape, including composite shapes                                    Equality and
                                                                                                     Raising awareness of qualities which characterise us
  Perimeter: Calculating possible perimeters from                   Fairness/Scottish
                                                                                                     as a community and also as individuals; creating
  area                                                                 Identity and                  personal poems ‘All About Me’
  Decimal Fractions: placing decimal numbers on a                  Diversity/Scotland’s
  number line; comparing and ordering decimals;                         Parliament
                                                                                                     Group to London
  adding and subtracting; place value
                                                                                                     Visit to Scottish Parliament and Palace of Holyrood
                                                                                                     House; investigating how Scottish Parliament works
 Health and Wellbeing                                                                                eg day in the life of …; Mary Queen of Scots
 PE: ball skills; variety of sizes to practise control
                                                                  Short term study of
 skills and technique; individual practice, pairs and                                                Preparation for Harvest celebration TBD
                                                                  Mary Queen of Scots
 mini teams
 Fair’s Fair: Life and rights in the global sports                and in particular
 industry                                                         costume of that time

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