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					Articles written for ‘In-touch’ magazine
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                              Title                                   Word            Date
                                                                      count          written
Historical and biographical
The Amish                                                                 1,519      Jun 2010
        Brief history of the Amish in Pennsylvania
The By-ways of Methodism                                                  1,407     Nov 2010
        Outline of the varieties of Methodism in Britain in
        the past and today
A Love of Old Abbeys                                                      1,493     Aug 2009
        Article about medieval monasticism and my
        fondness for ruined abbeys
Celebrating Martin Luther King Jnr                                          453     Nov 2008
        How Martin Luther King Day was established in
        the USA
Conrad Beissel and the Interpretation of the Bible                        1,064     Aug 2009
        Pitfalls of Biblical interpretation based on the life
        of Conrad Beissel who founded the Ephrata
        community in Pennsylvania
Dietrich Bonhoeffer                                                       2,692      Jun 2011
        Brief biography of his life and work
Eleanor Roosevelt                                                         2,650      Feb 2011
        Brief biography of her life and work
Escaping Slavery – the ‘Underground Railroad’                             2,300     Mar 2012
        How slaves escaped from slavery in the USA
The Order of St John                                                      1,487     Mar 2012
        Brief history of the Order of St John
Prudence Crandall and the tale of a school for African                    1,039      Jan 2008
American girls in Connecticut
        History of an attempt to set up a school for
        African-American girls in Canterbury,
        Connecticut in the 1830’s
Russian Orthodox Church Revival                                           1,630      Jun 2012
        Based around a holiday in Russia and the
        numbers of people seen in churches
The Shakers                                                               1,853     Nov 2009
        Brief history of the Shakers
Woodbine Willie                                                           1,506     Aug 2009
        Brief biography of Geoffrey Studdart Kennedy
Reflections etc
The Chapel at Churaevka                                      729    Aug 2009
        Reflection on findingStillness peace based
        around an Orthodox chapel near Southbury,
I go to St Pixels                                            924    Aug 2009
        Worship etc on the web
Images of the Holy Trinity                                   583     Jul 2011
        Article based on two different images of the Holy
An Introduction to Celtic Spirituality                      1,118   Apr 2008
        Summary of a talk given by Rev John Hereward
Large Hadron Collider                                        518    Aug 2009
        Reflection on the meaning of work conducted
        using the collider
Safeguarding, a Reflection                                   515    Nov 2011
        Why we need to take safeguarding seriously
Stephen Hawking and whether God created the                 1,232   Jun 2011
Universe, or not….
        Reflection on theories of the creation of the
        universe and humility
Watch Out, there’s a Mystery Worshipper About               1,000   Jun 2011
        How ‘Mystery Worshipper’ visit and appraise
What the World Thinks of God                                1,239   Aug 2009
        Summary of and reflection on a BBC survey
Development and Aid
Developing Countries become Aid Donors                      1,059   Aug 2011
        Foreign development aid by China and India
Food for Thought                                             526    Nov 2010
        Wastage in food supply chains
Food Prices and Encouraging Farmers to Grow More             807    Feb 2011
Lendwithcare – a Different Kind of Support                   992    Feb 2011
        Article about micro-finance and how we can
Millennium Development Goals                                 809    Feb 2011

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