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                                             Lesson Plan Template

Student Teacher : Courtney Chute               Grade Level:           Date of Lesson:

Name of Lesson: What Community Means to Me

Content Standard (This may include GLEs, District Power Standards, and/or CMT/CAPT Strand):

State Standard: 1. Reading and Responding
    1.1 Students use appropriate strategies before, during and after reading in order to construct meaning.
    1.2 Students interpret, analyze and evaluate text in order to extend understanding and appreciation.

                                                        Meeting the Needs of All Learners - Tiered Support
Student Learning Objective(s) :                       Modification/Accommodations of Objective
After reading a story about a community               ( IF needed)
students will define what community means to
them and identify one member of their
community and what that person contributes.

Rationale for Objective: Students need to             Rationale: What student data supports this need?
understand the importance of community in order
to apply it in a classroom setting, as well as in a
universal setting.

Assessment: Students will have to correctly           Modification/Accommodations of Assessment
answer questions during and after the reading.        ( IF needed)
They will create a project about their
community and will choose one member of
their community to write about and make a
VoiceThread about that person. All of the
student’s work will be posted online to share
with their parents and other members of the
community. As an evaluation activity                  Rationale: What student data supports this need?
students will complete a handout that requires
them to list three members of the community
and three places they can visit in their
community with 100% accuracy.
Classroom Learning Environment: Select ONE area of focus for your lesson utilizing positive support
strategies. Briefly state your reasoning for the specific focus area. selected.

         Standards of Behavior
         Group Work
         Instructional Arrangement

 Instructional Model/Strategy: Explains how you will best facilitate student learning through a specific
 model of instruction. Be sure to include a rationale for the chosen model(s). You may check more than
 Strategy                                        Rationale for chosen model explaining how this model will
                                                   best facilitate student learning. You may check more than
    Direct Instruction                            Direct Instruction will be used at first to introduce the
    Cooperative Learning – identify               concept and to read the story. Then students will be
     specific strategy (NOTE: This model           asked to complete an assignment as a group, followed by
     requires a social skill objective in          individual work and their final assignment will be graded.
     addition to the cognitive )
    Inquiry
    Concept Formation/ Concept
    Discussion Model

 Materials/Resources:               Computers, SmartBoard, Google Modification/Accommodations of
 Materials/resources used           Earth Lit Trip, “On the Town: A resources ( IF needed)
 in each learning activity          Community Adventure” by
 including modifications for        Judith Caseley, and student work.
 individual students in
 order to facilitate learning

 Initiation:                                                             Modification/Accommodations
                                                                         Tiered Support
 Cite how you will engage           1.) Introduce the topic by asking
 learners, activate prior           students what comes to mind
 learning and present the           when they hear “community”.
 lesson’s objective.                They will write on the
 1) explaining:
                                    SmartBoard words that they
   a) what they will be doing and   believe represent community.
  learning in the lesson;           2.) Tell the students we will be
   b) how they will demonstrate
                                    reading a story about a boy
   c) why it is important.          named Charlie and his
                               community, then we will watch a
                               video about our own community.
                               3.) It is important to learn about
                               communities because we are all
                               members of many different
                               communities. After reading the
                               book ask students if they think
                               the classroom could be a

Lesson Development:                                                   Modification/Accommodations
                                                                      Tiered Support
Cite how you will allow        First I will go over any
students to explore and        unfamiliar words that the book
experience the material        contains asking students to
in order to build              decode them and explain what
meaning and build on           they mean. I will read the story
each concept(s).               and stop to ask questions
   what you will do to        periodically to ensure that they
    model or guide lesson;     are following the story and
   what learning activities   gaining an understanding of a
    students will be engaged
    in to gain the key         community.
    knowledge and skills       After the story students will
    identified in the SLO.     watch a Google Eath Lit. Trip on
                               our school community and we
                               will discuss what they saw and
                               how it related to the book.

Closure:                                                              Modification/Accommodations
                                                                      Tiered Support
Cite how you will               I will assign students a project to
 evaluate if the               choose one member of their
 objective(s) was met.         community and draw a picture or
How will you help              write a poem or sentence about
students to connect this       them. They will post this online
lesson to previous and         as a VoiceThread to share with
subsequent lessons as          other members of the
well as connect to their       community. This will allow them
       own lives?                   to make text-to-self connections
       How will you help the        and see that there are
       students see the             communities all around us and
       relevancy of the lesson      we need to learn about them in
       by understanding the         order to be a good member of our
       purpose/importance of        community.
       the learning?
                                    They will then complete the
                                    evaluation activity. Each student
                                    must list three members of their
                                    community (ex: teacher,
                                    policeman, doctor) and three
                                    places they can visit in their
                                    community (ex: pizza place,
                                    pharmacy, post office) with
                                    100% accuracy using their
                                    knowledge from the book and

      Reflection on Practice -

       1. Student Achievement – Analyze each student’s learning for the student learning objective. What
       differences do you notice in the performance of individual students? What immediate actions will be
       taken as a result of this information?


       2. CCT Connection – Choose an indicator from Domains 2-6 that you would like to focus on as a result of
       this lesson. What specific evidence from the lesson supports the need to focus on the specific indicator?

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