Tree Wardens� Association of Connecticut by F1He58


									          Tree Wardens’ Association of Connecticut
                  Annual Dinner Meeting
                     March 31, 2005
          Gelston House Restaurant, East Haddam
I. Board of Directors Roll Call
      Present        Ken Placko, President               Bruce Bennett
                     Lisa Zerio, Vice President          Greg Foran
                     Bruce Spaman, Secretary             Keith Mitchell
                     Warren Jacques, Treasurer           John Pinchbeck
                                                         Karl Reichle
                                                         Paul Young
                                                         Bob Ricard, ex oficio

       Guests        Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
                     Alan Carey, CL&P
                     Lou Magnorelli, Director of the CAES
II. Elections-Reichle
       Slate presented for election
               Lisa Zerio, Vice President         Greg Foran
               John Pinchbeck, Treasurer          Leslie Kane
               Karl Reichle                       Keith Mitchell
Motion to accept the slate of candidates as presented (Bennett), 2nd (Spaman),
passed with all in favor

III. Committee Reports
A. Workshops-Young
       1. Spring 2004-Tree Selection/Urban Trees
       2. Fall 2004-Air Spade Use/Micronutrients/Organic Soil Treatments
       3. Spring 2005-Who Owns This Tree?
               -Scheduled for 4/26/05
B. Enforcement/Legislation-Foran
       1. Tree Warden Law 23-59
               -Related to regulations on posting of trees
               -Language is being cleaned up so law reflects intent
       2. Do we want to REQUIRE certification of tws-examining the pros & cons
C. Public Information-Zerio
       1. Web site shell is established
               -Request to all to provide information
               -Favors for tws at dinner
                       *Breath mints and stress balls w/ web site listed on them
       2. Made list serve available for all tws
Page 2-TWA-3/31/05

IV. Guest Speakers
A. Alan Carey
       1. Before 2003-licensed arborists worked w/ towns
       2. 2003-2004-sole source w/ Asplundh created problems
               -confusion with # of permission people
               -confusion with whom to contact
               -broken relationship w/ local arborist
       3. NOW-getting arborists back into the towns
               -No longer sole source
                        Eastern-Asplundh              Southern-Lewis
                        Central-Davie                 Western-Lewis
               -All have 2-year contract as sole source in their area
               -All being watched very closely
               -Troubleshooting all 3 w/ solutions from the others
               -Arborists working across 7 work centers in state
               -Work for 2005-trimming approximately 2500 miles
       4. questions from audience
               a. Is there an emergency tree removal budget? (Kane)
                      Each arborist has one crew for one year to use at their discretion-Short-term
                      problem getting the equipment in-by summer all crews running at full speed
               b. Do road crews have contact with local tws?
                      Local tw will get call before trimming begins

B. Dr. Lou Magnorelli, Director of CT Ag Experiment Station
       1. Analytical Chemistry-now part of Emergency Food Response Network
              -Prepared to detect contaminations due to terrorist attack
              -Branching out from just pesticides
       2. Mosquito Surveillance Program
              -West Nile Virus
              -Eastern Equine Virus
              -Operating at biosafety level 3-only 50 in the country
                      *Supervised by Dr. Anderson
       3. SOD/ramorum leaf blight
              a. Up to this point
                      -Attacks over 70 species
                      -Not necessarily sudden
                      -Commerce coming in from all over the world
                              *Wood packing material included brings bugs
                              *Asian Long Horn beetle 25 mi from Greenwich in Queens
                      -Rhodies shipped from 2-9/04
                              *APHIS has identified infected plants here
                              *Many cash & carry-no tracing of location
                              *3 nurseries quarantined
                              *disease cultured at CAES labs-plant pathology
                              *resulted in tighter restrictions in CA & OR
Page 3-TWA-3/31/05

               b. action plan
                       -need testing facilities that can handle high volume
                       -will be monitoring inputs from West Coast
                       -will it move from rhodies to other plants?
                                *no one know-we must go through the process
                       - follow federal rules for removal of infected plants

c. questions from the audience
        1. Is it inevitable that we bring the disease in? (Bennett)
               With good tracking/quarantine/plants destroyed the damage can be minimized-We need
               bar coding at the retail level to track plant sources and distribution better-Senator
               Lieberman is working with Director on this issue
       2. How many inspectors are available to inspect nurseries? (Reichle)
               There are 5 well-trained people for the state of CT-federal $ is coming next year so there
               will be more-cannot possibly inspect every trailer-must certify trucks that leave the state-
               we can regulate, but we cannot embargo due to commerce clause
       3. Can we discourage shipments?
               Information distributed as to the effects of bringing in infected material-can include
               financial risks
       4. What is the process for private yard issues?
               Bring plant material to CAES for testing
       5. How can tws help? (Placko)
               Director can deputize large #’s of people if necessary-municipalities must work closely to
               make sure infected material goes nowhere but incinerator-cost for removal will bring
               some federal $
       6. How does disease manifest itself?
               Canopy goes fast in oaks-organism does well in fog bank zone-rhodies are reservoir stage
               pumping out the infection-destroys leaf on both sides-must test to confirm

V. Awards
     A. Tree Warden Certification-Graduating Class of 2004
     B. Meritorious Service to the TWA Award to Paul Young
     C. Years of Trusted Service as Treasurer to Warren Jacques

VI. Keynote Speaker-CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
      A. Fines for Illegal Cutting of Trees
             1. Objective is to address at next session of legislature
             2. Giving fines to towns instead of State General Fund gives incentive to
                      towns to enforce
             3. The details are important to legislature/someone may oppose
Page 4-TWA-3/31/05

       B. Environmental Impact Law
              1. Abstract, but experienced
                     -Health of humans, wildlife, etc.
              2. CT suing the sources of the pollutions under the Federal Clean Air Act
                     -The federal government is not enforcing-so we will
                     -New Source Review being gutted
                     -expanding energy plants are not following the guidelines
                     -“Energy is not incompatible with the environment”

       C. Questions from the audience-AG opened the floor to questions of any type, not
             limited to tw issues-questions included here are only those related to tws
             1. What to do about ambiguity in the statutes? (Young)
                      An option for faster results than changing wording of statute is to ask AG for a
                      formal opinion-once issued it is taken into consideration by judges ruling on the
                      issue-AG’s chief legislative person will go through statute line by line to assess
                      legal meaning to revise
               2. What if local attorney differs in opinion from AG? (Reichle)
                      Judge more likely to side with AG-Ag can talk to town attys and officials-both
                      routes can be followed at same time to cover all bases
               3. What is involvement of State in clear cutting on private land? (Spaman)
                      Let’s look into it

Motion to adjourn (Young), 2nd (Bennett), all in favor

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