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Las Historias: by f2lTGTk2


									                                        Las Historias:
Your story should have:
      8 complete sentences
      Use all the member’s assigned words
      Use preterite/imperfect

In your groups you need to do the following:
  Make corrections to the definitions
  Make corrections to the Preterite/Imperfect version
  Re-Write the story in the future tense.

Each student must turn in:
 A final copy of the work with the following:
       The corrected definitions for each member’s words
       The corrected version of the preterite/imperfect story
       The version of the future tense story

 You will be graded based on the same scale that is used for your test essays.

                                     Key for Corrections:
Agg. : Agreement – Check agreement of nouns, adjectives, and verbs.
WP: Wrong Person – check agreement between subject and verb
Sp.: Spelling – check the spelling
Tn.: Tense – you used the wrong tense (past, present, future)
P/I: Preterite/Imperfect – You used the preterite when you should have used imperfect & vice versa
Cn: Contraction – you need to contract a+el= al, de+el=del
WC: Word Choice – the word doesn’t make sense
MW: Missing word
Conj: Need to conjugate the verb

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