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Brownsea Island

Shore Study                                    Shore Study                                      Coach to/from
Students visit Brownsea and carry out an       Sc2.1c – Life processes Sc2.5a,b,c –             Boat (Approx
investigation of the sealife and animals       adaptation                                       £185)
found on the beach. The focus is on                                                             Boat Trip
identification and adaptation. – only                                                           approx £4.50
possible between Apr-Aug                                                                        child, £6.50
Brownsea Island Survival Skills and
Bush Craft.                                    Survival Skills
“I’m on a school trip ….get me out of          Sc2 – life processes.
here”. Group learn about the skills of fire    Geog – 5b – sustainable development
building, signaling, shelter building and      Pe – 11b,c – outdoor activities
water carrying plus the identification of
natures foods and resources.

Corfe Castle

River Study                                    Corfe River                                      Transport to
Looking at river ecology & habitats in the     Science. Sc1.1a,b – Ideas and evidence in        and from
stream at Corfe Castle.                        science, Sc1.2a,c,d,e,g,i,j,k,l,m – planning,    Corfe Castle
                                               obtaining, presenting and evaluating data.
                                               Sc2.1a,c – Life processes. Sc2.5a,b,c –

Durlston Country Park

Earth Education                                Durlston Earth Education
Hands on practical activities to connect       Science. Sc1.1a,b – scientific enquiry (Ideas,
with the natural world and to further          evidence and investigative skills) Sc2.1b,c –
understand habitats, life processes,           Life processes Sc2.3a,b,c,d – Growth,
adaptations, food chains etc.                  nutrition and reproduction of green plants,
                                               Sc2.5a,b,c,d,e – Adaptation and feeding


Rock Pooling                                   Rockpooling                                      Transport to
Same concept as Peveril point rocky shore      Science. Sc1.1a,b – Ideas and evidence in        and from
investigation. Students visit Kimmeridge       science, Sc1.2a,c,d,e,i,j,l – planning,          Kimmeridge
and carry out an investigation of the plants   obtaining and presenting data. Sc2.1c – Life
& animals found on the beach. The focus is     processes Sc2.5a,b,c – adaptation
on identification and adaptation.
Langton Matravers

Putlake Farm                                      Putlake Farm                                         Transport to
Pupils have the opportunity to come close         Science. Sc2.1a – Life processes                     farm.
to farm animals, see cows being milked,
help feed the lambs, ride ponies and look                                                              Farm £4.75
at farm machinery in a clean, safe                                                                     per pupil

Peveril Point

Peveril Rocky Shore Investigation                 Rockpooling
Students visit Peveril Point and carry out        Science. Sc1.1a,b – Ideas and evidence in
an investigation of the plants and animals        science, Sc1.2a,c,d,e,i,j,l – planning,
found on the beach. The focus is on               obtaining and presenting data. Sc2.1c – Life
identification and adaptation. – only             processes. Sc2.5a,b,c – adaptation.
possible at certain tides

Studland Bay

Sandy Shore Investigation & Dunes                 Studland Bay                                         Transport to
Pupils enjoy a game of bingo to help              Science. Sc1.1a,b – Ideas and evidence in            and from
understand the formation of the dunes and         science, Sc1.2a,j,l – Investigative skills,          Studland Bay
the habitats that are found there. (Bingo         Sc2.1b,c - Life processes, Sc2.3a,b,c –
cards help their                                  Growth and nutrition of green plants,
identification of shells on the sandy shore       Sc2.5a,b,c – Adaptation
and a look at their habitats and
adaptations. (Good contrast to the rocky

Swanage Bay

Beach Geology                                     Beach Geology
An exciting discovery session on the beach        Science. Sc1.1a,b – Ideas and evidence in
looking for specific rocks that illustrates the   science, Sc1.2a,i,j – planning and evaluating
local geology - "magic" flint, "rare" granite,    Sc3.1d – Grouping and classifying materials
and "rainbow" limestone. Recording
includes a simple geology map, beach finds
and a soil smear. Can be combined with
aspects of the rock study.

Townsend Centre
Forensic Science
Based on a ‘who dunnit’ approach children         Forensic Science                                     £2.50 for the
use a range of forensic techniques                Sc1.1a,b Sc1.2a,b,d,e,i,j,k,m                        session
(chromatography, hair analysis etc) to            citizenship
solve the mystery!

Mini Beasts                                       Mini beasts
Working in groups with pooters, magnifiers        Science. Sc1.1a,b – Life processes,
etc. to investigate the various habitats on       Sc1.2a,b,c,d,e,g,i,j,k,l,m – Investigative skills,
site and identify the creatures found.            Sc2.1c – Life processes, Sc2.5a – Living
                                                  things and their environment, Sc2.5b,c –
Rock Investigation
Identifying various rocks, studying the           Rock Investigation
                                                                                                       £5 for the
characteristics of limestone and testing for      Science. Sc1.1a,b – Ideas and evidence in
hardness. Carving in limestone, limestone         science, Sc1.2a,b,c,d,e,g,i,j,k,m – planning,
trail, dry stone walling and fossil making.       obtaining, presenting and evaluating data.
                                            Sc3.1a,d – Grouping and classifying materials
Weather Investigation (Mon p.m)
Introduction to recording instruments for   Weather Investigation
temperature, rainfall, wind speed and       Science. Sc1.1a,b – Ideas and evidence in
direction, and air pressure. On-going       science. Sc1.2a,b,c,d,e,g,j – planning,
activity during the week.                   obtaining, presenting and evaluation data,
                                            Sc3.2c – temperature

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