1099 congress letter by f2lTGTk2


									Senator (Representative)

Dear Senator (Representative),

I am writing you in regards to a provision in the recently passed 2010 Health Care Bill
that has the potential to destroy small business in America as we know it. At (accounting
firm) we are uniquely qualified as an accounting firm serving strictly small businesses to
see the direct effects of law changes at the entry level of new companies in America.
Small accounting firms throughout the United States have a greater hands-on
knowledge of small business than any government agency or Congressional body
because we deal only with small businesses all day, every day, and we do not believe
that Congress realizes what this law change will do to our country. The US Department
of Commerce shows that small businesses generate over 50% of the GDP of the United
States. We also recognize that America has been built upon the backs of small
business, and without a vibrant, successful small business environment, our country will
lose not only its competitive advantage over the rest of the world, but also its economic
ability to grow rather than wither if this provision remains law.

A provision of the 2010 Health Care bill requires all businesses beginning in 2012 to
issue 1099’s to all other businesses for goods and services. This reporting nightmare is
being thrown upon the back of the most unsophisticated, cash-poor new and small
businesses in the country who have neither the knowledge, software, cash nor
employees to comply with the rule. These micro-businesses will be forced to hire
professionals just to comply with the law, and to waste their extremely limited productive
time with absolutely no productive result. We estimate that the direct cost to each of our
clients to comply with this ridiculous provision will be between $1,000 and $1,500 in
additional accounting, software and processing costs. To many small businesses this
represents a larger percentage share of their profits than advertising or supplies!

We urge you, no, we implore you, for the sake of small business and possibly America to
repeal this poorly thought out provision immediately.

Thank You.


               Courtesy of Bob Jennings, President, Jennings Seminars, www.taxspeaker.com

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