- What Apple Has Been Up To Recycle Laptop for Cash by mikevincent11


Sell your old iPhone and join
                                   move to remove toxic chemicals
the Green Revolution!
                                   such as lead, cadmium, mercury,
                                   and arsenic to mention a few.
Apple received a lot of reports
being criticized by
                                   But their move towards a greener
environmentalists. These reports
                                   Apple was not all, they also
were due to their poor
                                   introduced an aggressive plan to
performance when it comes to
                                   implement recycling processes for
recycling their own old products
                                   their old gadgets and waste
and e-wastes.
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                                It has almost 17 years since Apple
                                started recycling their old products
                                and e-waste but they were still told
Also, there was an alarming
                                that it was not enough. So, they
study conducted by Greenpeace,
                                have remodeled their processes
an eco-group, regarding the
                                and continued recycling for the
toxic chemicals found in the
                                benefit of the environment.
iPhone which was a signature
brand of Apple.
                                Since 1994, almost 82% of all
                                their Mac and iPod products sold
So to clear this issue and to
                                were recyclable and by the end of
prove that they are not just an
                                2010, the figure increased
industry-leading company when
                                dramatically to 93%.
it comes to electronic gadgets,
Apple had made a massive

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In 2006, Apple reported that
they have reprocessed a
whopping 13 million pounds        Weight Recycled as % of Past
of e-waste, which is equal to     Sales
9.5% of the bulk of all
products. Apple sold seven        The company knew how raw
years prior to date. Just after   materials should be handled so
a year, this percentage grew      during the end of their
by 13% and by 2008, it went       recycling process, they
up to 20%.                        able to hold their recycling vendors
                                  to the "highest environmental
Just last year, it was reported   standards in the industry."
that Apple recycled about 19      The company was eager to improve
million pounds of e-waste per     their recycling programs to make
year, which was nearly 30%        sure that none of its involved
of the product weight they        parties take wrong turns. They see
have sold over the last year.     to it that everything goes well and
All these recycled materials      everyone is strictly following
were from the iPhones, iPods,     orders. They meet all the health
iPads and Mac computers that      and safety laws and they did not
were sold, returned and           permit any use of prison labor
replaced.                         during their recycling procedure.

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