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					                            MINUTES OF THE TOWN TEAM MEETING

                                  HELD ON TUESDAY 17 JULY 2007
                                  AT THE PROMENADE LOUNGE,
                                    THE SPA, SCARBOROUGH

Present:      P Afford (PA), C Albers (CA), D Atherton (DA), P Barton (PB), P Baines (PB), B Beanland
              (BB), H Bellamy (HB), J Blakemore (JB), A Booth (AB), M Brophy (MB), T Calthorpe
              (TC), S Carey (SC), E Carey (EC), D Cluer (DC), P Cooper (Co-Vice Chairman), A Dawson
              (AD), R Dean (RD), L Douthat (LD), J Drewery (JD), C Eastwood (CE), R Flowitt (RFl), R
              Foster (RFo), K Frank (KF), A Gibson (AG), P Graves (PG), N Hart (NH), J Hopton (JH), M
              Husler (MH), J Jefferson (JJ), D Kendall (DK), E Maloney (EM), H Marsden (HM), K
              McCabe (KMc), P McCabe (PMc), J Mullen (JM), N Murphy (NM), L Parkin (LP), A Perry
              (AP), C Perry (CP), M Pitts (MP), G Price (GP), J Preston (JP), B Purchon (BP), L Rowley
              (LR), J Senior (JS), A Sharp (AS), A Smith (ASm), G Smith (GS), K Smith (KS), G
              Somerville (GS), M Stephenson (MS), N Taylor (NT), L Tindall (LT), J Todd (JT), S Walker
              (SW), M Watkinson (MW), B Watson (BW), G Watson (GW), P Wilkinson (Co-Vice
              Chairman), A Williams (AW), R Williamson (RW),

              Mr Peter Wilkinson, Co-Vice Chairman of the Town Team was Chairman for this meeting.
              The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed those present.

1.0 Apologies

1.1 Apologies were received from G North.

2.0 Matters outstanding from the previous meeting

2.1 There were no matters outstanding.

3.0 Project Updates (Doug Kendall)

3.1 DK did not give a verbal report, instead there was a Powerpoint presentation of photographs showing
    progress on Crescent Arts, Scarborough Business Park, Rotunda, Sandside and The Spa which ran at
    the start of the meeting.

3.2 MH gave a verbal report on the progress of the Creative Industries Centre. A topping out ceremony for
    the building had taken place. A not for profit limited by guarantee company had been with a board of 8
    trustees from education, business, public and private sector. A Director had been appointed, Andrew
    Clay, from Round Foundry Media Centre in Leeds, who has a background in the creative industries
    sector. Completion set for early October with occupancy from November. The business rating had
    been agreed which now enables rents to be agreed and talks to begin with prospective tenants. There
    will be a launch in the New Year. The Centre will also include business support from a wide range of
    agencies. Crescent Arts will be using the exhibition space. There will be further regular updates to the
    Town Team and the Town Team Executive.

3.3 The Chairman thanked MH for his update. He also drew attention to the Rotunda Museum which is
    £200,000 short of its target and are still appealing for donations.

4.0 The Sands (Colin Eastwood, Project Manager, Scarborough Borough Council)

4.1 This session was led by Colin Eastwood as the representative from Benchmark was unavoidably
    delayed. CE reported on:
4.2 the key objectives for the site, which have remained the same over the last 10 years. There was a need
    for regeneration but keeping the family orientated tradition, a need for a major visitor attraction, raising
    the national profile of Scarborough, provision of a healthy, safe and attractive environment and a need
    to attract private sector funding. Benchmark formed a partnership with Scarborough Borough Council
    and this has been formalised in legal and financial agreements. These agreements set out how the site
    will be financed through profit related incentives, ie the profit from the apartments will be placed in an
    account held by the Council which will then reach a point where there is enough funding to trigger the
    development of the Waterpark. Cross-subsiding will take place so that the most profitable ventures will
    fund the least profit to make the whole scheme viable. Viability assessments have been carried out by
    independent assessors.

4.3 the benefits of the scheme which are the principal visitor attraction being the water park and other
    sports facilities, enhancements to the environment with improvements to Northstead Manor Gardens
    and the former Marvels site, new retail and catering, new beach management centre, other leisure and
    play facilities, development attracting further investment and benefits to the town. The wider benefits
    will be job creation, increased tourism, increased spending power, increased confidence in the Borough.

4.4 what is on each site including beachfront works -136 new chalets which should all be finished in
    August (weather dependant); Seafront Apartments – all one and two bedroom apartments sold, cranes
    being erected on site, ground floor will be European style, high quality retail units, cafes, etc; Forest
    Apartments – subject of planning consultation and collecting newts from site therefore Kinderland
    remains open for this season; Northstead Valley Gardens – Benchmark see this as the heart of the
    scheme looking at various leisure facilities for all ages including toboggan run, tree-top course, tea
    rooms; revamp of Open Air Theatre – cover stage area and add decking which can double as stage
    area/café facilities, regrade banking to allow picnics, covered seating for 1800 people, uncovered for
    1,000; Former Marvels site – will be residential, separate car parking, plenty of green space, also
    dealing with newts on the site, likely to go to planning later this year with a start on site early next year;
    Atlantis Site – talking to operators about various facilities, will need to agree what operators require
    before this area is designed.

4.5 popular misconceptions: no lane swimming – the swimming pool will be built to short-course
    standards with a 25 metre 8 lane pool, a learner pool and seating for 300 spectators: nothing for children
    – plenty of leisure activities for children; will ruin town centre – The Sands will not be a shopping
    centre and the additional tourism and investment will benefit the town; Benchmark always changing the
    Masterplan – there are changes to the Masterplan to keep the development as up-to-date as possible;
    loss of green space – the development site remains the same, some of the houses have been re-
    positioned to allow for as much green space as possible, also improvements to Northstead Manor
    Gardens/Open Air Theatre site will encourage people to make maximum use of the green space.

4.5 Questions – CE answered questions from the town team on the bright colours of the beach chalets,
    public transport to the water park and to and from the site, completion date (target to have everything
    on site or in progress within next four years), expressions of interest from operators, planning
    restrictions on the site, Peasholm Gap (not part of Sands development), multi-storey car park, on-site
    parking, increased traffic and floorspace for leisure developments.

4.6 The Chairman thanked Colin for his informative presentation.

5.0 Action Group Roundup

5.1 Urban Space Group – NH reported that a booklet had been put together for consultation following the
    Town Team meeting when various topics had been discussed, eg Futurist, Casino, traffic, etc. NH
    reminded the meeting that it was very important to let Councillors and officers at the Town Hall know
    your views so they can be fed into the consultation process. The Urban Space Group will be hosting a
    workshop on the Futurist site on the first Saturday in September. More details from NH or NT or visit
5.2 Active Transport – AS reported that the Hospice Bike Challenge in May raised £3,000 and will
    become a regular event. In June a 30 minute challenge to see how far people could cycle from the
    Railway Station took place with people getting as far as Newby, Osgodby and Raincliffe woods. The
    Active Transport Group has taken on the role of producing a cycle strategy and are also investigating
    improving bus timetable information to encourage greater use of the bus service.

5.3 Sandside & Harbou Group – LR reported that this Group was now up and running and includes
    looking at the developments on the West Pier.

6.0 Renaissance Manager’s Report

6.1 NT reported that although the Town Team had agreed that the newsletter should be produced in booklet
    format rather than a single sheet of paper folder up, he had been persuaded by the printers to produce
    the latter for this month’s newsletter, however the Town Team liked the design and NT had received
    positive feedback. Preparations for the Renaissance Weekend on 12/13 October underway. On the
    Friday Town Teams from other areas will be visiting us at the Spa and Saturday will be the day for the
    public with a marquee on the West Pier, however spaces may be limited.

7.0 Casino Update

7.1 RW reported that the government had issued a statement saying that the Super-Casino would be
    reviewed. After seeking clarification from the Culture Secretary, it seems that the 8 large and small
    casinos will still go ahead but the Government still has to lay orders in Parliament. Manchester may put
    in a legal challenge if the Regional Casino is not allowed to go ahead.

8.0 What’s Coming Up? Gordon Somerville, Head of Planning Services

8.1 Park & Ride – Planning Committee agreed scheme in detail. On the Seamer Road site there will be a
    new modern building for the bus terminal and planning permission will be considered at the NYCC
    meeting on 30 July..

8.2 There will be a report to Cabinet on housing growth with more houses per annum being built in and
    around Scarborough than ever before and the report suggests where these might be, with 120 sites being
    put forward from a range of landowners. The Council has no fixed plans for where the sites might be.

8.3 Planning permission has been given for 100,000 square feet of office space on Scarborough Business

8.4 Looking into having Design and Heritage Champions.

8.5 A report to Cabinet on 24 July regarding making Weaponness a Conservation Area which will be
    subject to public consultation.

8.6 A report to Cabinet on Affordable Housing – there will be a change in planning policy in that for every
    10 houses built 4 or 5 must be affordable.

8.7 As a result of a sports summit a few months ago, exploring the possibility of the various sports and
    leisure clubs pooling resources to provide better facilities. NT added that an Action Group could be set
    up to develop this issue.

8.8 As a result of the smoking ban lots of licensing premises submitted planning applications to have
    smoking areas – watch the Council website for planning applications coming up.

9.0 Any Other Business

9.1 There was no further business.
10.0 Date and Time of Next Meeting

10.1 The next meeting will be held at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 18 September 2007 at the Spa Complex. Please
     note that there will be no Town Team meeting in August.

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