Thirteen American Arguments Organizer by F1He58


									Thirteen American Arguments Organizer

Chapter Title (Take this just      Concrete Details                   Example from ONE current event
from the title of the chapter)     (Quotes) that                      (in the last year) that illustrates this
and Essential Question             support the Essential              argument in the U.S.
(Read                              Question                           (The who, what, where, when
through the chapter and write      (Include at least three quotes     and why of the current event
down the fundamental               from the chapter that help to      along with the source where
argument(s) posted by the author   explain what the fundamental       you got the information)
in the chapter along with the      argument in America is through
page number)                       events in history and the recent
                                   past. Write the page number)
Chapter 1: Who is a                “ For the purpose of               On May 16, 2012 Democratic Gov.
Person.                            counting the                       Brian Schweitzer joined
“Who, in our constitutional        census…the Founders                Republican Lt. Gov. John
scheme is a person” (page          decided each black would           Bohlinger and 93-year-old former
22)                                count as three-fifths of a         Republican Secretary of State
                                   person.” (page 29)                 Verner Bertelsen in signing a
                                                                      citizens’ initiative to place on the
                                                                      November ballot a policy that
                                                                      states, “corporations are not
                                                                      entitled to constitutional rights
                                                                      because they are not human
                                                                      beings.” This is on the ballot in
                                                                      Montana is meant to be an intital
                                                                      attempt by the state the overturn
                                                                      the Citizens United decision that
                                                                      allowed corporations unlimited
                                                                      funding of campaigns because like
                                                                      people they have a 1st amendment
                                                                      right to express themselves.
                                                                      Flathead Beacon

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