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Totally 10 Present Tense by F1He58


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                       Totally 10: Present Tense Quiz
Directions: You may choose activities from any category to total a score of 10. You may pick only two
activities from the Score 2 section.

Score 2:                                                 Score 10:

    1. Use a conjugation template to conjugate               1. Imagine that you work for a textbook
       3 verbs in all of the tenses. You should                 company and are in charge of create
       conjugate at least 1 –ar, 1 –er, and 1 –ir.              supplementary materials to aid the
    2. Write 10 sentences with different                        teacher with presenting the present
       subjects using at least 3 different verbs.               tense. Create a poster and any other
       You only need to include the subject                     necessary add-ons that explain how to
       and the CONJUGATED verb.                                 conjugate verbs and the uses of the
    3. Complete the present tense crossword                     present tense. Make sure to include
       puzzle.                                                  several examples of conjugated verbs
                                                                and verbs used correctly in a sentence.
Score 4:                                                        Be creative, neat, thorough, and
    1. Complete the folder activity for present
                                                             2. A toy company has contacted you to
       tense verbs. Make sure to conjugate all
                                                                create a game that tests the contestants’
       verbs correctly.
                                                                knowledge of the present tense. Your
    2. Draw a comic strip of 6 frames using the
                                                                game must include instructions on how
       present tense. Your comic strip should
                                                                to play, materials necessary to play, and
       have at least 2 characters and 2
                                                                the incorporation of all present tense
       sentences per frame. You only need a
                                                                conjugations. Make sure to include
       subject and the CONJUGATED verb.
                                                                several examples of conjugated verbs
Score 6:                                                        and verbs used correctly in a sentence.
                                                                Be creative, neat, thorough, and
    1. Create a song that teaches the present                   CORRECT.
       tense verb conjugations. You may use
       the Mac to record your song and add
       music. Your song must be original,
       creative, and CORRECT.
    2. Design and create bookmarks to be
       distributed to the class that that teaches
       the present tense. You must create at
       least 5 different designs and include
       different examples on each bookmark.
       Make sure to include several examples
       of conjugated verbs and verbs used
       correctly in a sentence.

Quiz Grade: _______

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