On behalf of the LSU Premedical by F1He58


									To:            LSU Faculty Evaluators

From:          Robby Bowen, Chair
               LSU Premedical/Predental Review Committee

Re:            Evaluation Letters for Medical/Dental School Applicants

Thank you for agreeing to write an evaluation letter for a student applying to medical or dental school.
This student has chosen to use the services of the LSU committee and is required to obtain three letters
of evaluation from faculty members who have taught them or with whom they have done research at
LSU. Your letter will be used in the evaluation process by the LSU Committee and is then forwarded as
a part of the committee packet submitted to medical/dental school Deans for Admissions. Release of
information forms for each committee applicant are signed and on file in the College of Dean’s

The applicant should provide you with a copy of a committee evaluation form. Many medical schools
require a copy of this form be sent along with the letter for verification purposes. This form is also
available online through the College of Basic Sciences Student Services website
(http://science.lsu.edu/2013applicationinfo.cfm). Please complete the evaluation form and attach it to
your letter. Medical and Dental Schools also require that faculty letters be submitted on university
letterhead and that the letter have a signature.

Please keep the following in mind:

        •The final deadline for receipt of letters is Friday, June 1, 2012 at 4:30 p.m. However, due to
        the number of students using the committee and the time the committee must spend in the
        evaluation process, letters received on the deadline date often mean that the evaluations are not
        sent to the medical schools until October. Since the application process begins in June and most
        medical schools use rolling admissions, it is to the student’s advantage for you to submit your
        letter as soon as possible.

        •Early Decision Program Applicants have much earlier deadlines and we recommend that letters
        for these applicants be submitted by Monday, April 16, 2012 by 4:30 p.m in order to ensure
        that the committee packet can be submitted in time for the August deadline.

        •Evaluation forms and any attachments you submit will be forwarded to the professional schools.
        Since students typically apply to several medical/dental schools, it is best to write a general letter
        without mentioning specific medical/dental schools by name.

On behalf of the LSU Premedical/Predental Review Committee as well as the College of Basic Sciences,
I thank you for taking time to evaluate this student. Your feedback is a very important part of our
evaluation process.
                              FACULTY EVALUATION FORM
                                 2013 ENTERING CLASS

Applicant’s Name_____________________________________________________________

________Medical Applicant                     _________Dental Applicant ________ Other

To the evaluator: This student is required to secure evaluations from instructors who have knowledge of
his/her academic work. You should complete this form ONLY if this student has taken a course with
you or has worked in your lab.

                      Outstanding      Excellent         Above Average      Average            Fair              Poor           No basis to
 Knowledge of
 subject matter



 Ability to get
 along with others


Remarks: This is the most important part of your evaluation. Include any comments you may have on the above-named student’s suitability
to the profession. Since your comments will be reproduced and forwarded, it is in the student’s best interest if the evaluations are typed
on departmental letterhead and attached to this form. Please make sure to sign this form and attach it to your letter of evaluation.

Overall Evaluation (check one)
_____ Outstanding (top 1-5%)                       Deadline: June 1, 2012                        _______________________________
_____ Excellent (top 6-20%)                        Return via campus mail to:
                                                                                                 Signature              Date
_____ Above Average (top 21-40%)                                                                 _______________________________
                                                   Premedical/Predental Committee
_____ Average (top 41-50%)                                                                       Print or Type Name
                                                   College of Science
_____ Fair Candidate                                                                             _______________________________
                                                   Student Services                              Title                  Dept.
_____ Poor Candidate                               351 Hatcher Hall                              _______________________________
                                                   Baton Rouge, LA 70803                         Dept/Course #                  Course title

     ATTENTION: Medical/Dental School Admissions DO NOT accept this form unless accompanied by a
     premedical/predental committee evaluation.

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