Congress Executive Committee: Minutes of Meetings of October 17 by WOil0uwJ


									Congress Executive Committee: Minutes of Meetings of October 17 and October 24, 2005

Attendance: Rick Castberg, Kelly Burke, Marilyn Brown, April Komenaka, Jerry Calton, Jene Michaud,
Beau Butts(UHSA Vice President,, Justin Avery and Four Other Students and
Genesis Gavino

1. Announcements:
    a) Keola Donaghy is now the CHL representative to congress
    b) Norm Stahl will replace Gail Makuakane-Lundin as the OSA representative on the budget
    c) Jennifer Richardson (CAS) will be added to the ad hoc Admissions Committee.
    d) Beau Butts will be the student member of the ad hoc Admissions Committee

2.   At the CEC meeting, student Justin Avery gave a presentation on military recruiting on campus.
     The CEC committee passed the following resolution:

       The Congress Executive Committee (CEC) recognizes that military recruitment on
       campus raises some legitimate issues regarding discrimination against homosexuals.
       The CEC encourages concerned students to organize forums to educate the campus
       community on this issue. The CEC also encourages student organizations (for example
       GLO, UHSA, and the political science club) to take action on this issue if they feel it is

3. Issues brought before Congress (outcome is stated in parenthesis)
       (1) Faculty Panels for Academic Complaints (Declined; this is a college matter)
       (2) Revised Course Evaluation Forms (Forward to other colleges; It is a college matter
           and adopting such would be in their best interest)
       (3) Computation of GPA in the Major and Minor and Certificate (Refer to APC)
       (4) Motion by CEC to form an ad hoc committee to investigate issues surrounding
           interdisciplinary undergraduate programs and recommends policies to APC.

4.   Motion by CEC to draft a resolution asking legislature to spend excess income on deferred
     maintenance for K-16(P20). The following is the draft:

       Be it resolved that UHH Faculty Congress urges the legislature and the governor to spend
       surplus revenue on deferred maintenance for public education from Pre-K through graduate

5.   Standing Committee Reports:
           (1) Academic Policy Committee
               (a) Transfer Policy-attached to agenda
               (b) Changes in tenure/ Promotion
               (c) "3"-peat rule issue-proposal written by Brown
           (2) Assessment Support Committee
               (a) Program Review Guidelines (submit to congress this month as information and for
                   approval next month)
               (b) Publication of Survey of Student Engagement
           (3) General Education
           (4) Budget Committee
               (a) Will request VCAA Hora to give a report at the full congress meeting.
Respectfully submitted by Jene Michaud, Congress Chair

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