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 Cal Ripken 11 Year Old
  Southwest Regional
Invitational Tournament
       July 19-24
      Gulfport MS
                             PO Box 1513
                          Gulfport, Ms 39502

        2012 Cal Ripken 11 Year Old
  Southwest Regional Invitational Tournament
Welcome participants!

The Gulfport Youth Sports Association, aka GYSA, is very proud to
act as your host for the 2012 Cal Ripken 11 Year Old Regional
Tournament and GYSA welcomes you to Gulfport MS.
Congratulations on your accomplishments this season. We hope you
enjoy your visit to our hometown of Gulfport, Mississippi. We wish
your team the best of luck in the tournament and we also hope that
you find time to enjoy a few of the other things the Mississippi Gulf
Coast has to offer.

At any time during your stay, please feel free to talk with any of our
tournament host officials for more information on any aspect of your
stay here with us. We hope you have a great tournament and we also
hope you have a memorable and enjoyable experience here on the

                                    Scott Barnes
                                   GYSA President
Important Information:
All tournament games and practices will be held at the Bayou View
Sports Complex located on Hewes Avenue in Gulfport. The physical
address of the ball fields is 4300 Hewes Avenue, Gulfport, MS
39507. This address can be used as a mapping point for traveling

Team Pictures: The inclusion of your team picture in the program
for the regional is also a requirement. Please forward a copy of your
team picture in an pdf, eps, or jpeg format as soon as possible to
Stuart Huffman at Stuart can also be reached
at 228-697-6797 for additional specifications.

Program advertising: GYSA has a limited amount of program
advertising space available for “Good Luck” ads for your team.
Please use the contact information above for Stuart Huffman for
details, pricing and availability.

Opening banquet: This mandatory attendance event will take place
at Gulfport High School, 100 Perry Street, Gulfport, MS 39507
(SEE ATTACHED MAP) at 6PM on Thursday, July 19. Again, all
team members and coaches are required to attend. Attire for
players and coaches will be jeans or khakis and their uniform
Official’s breakfast: This is a mandatory attendance event for
coaches, umpires, tournament officials, Cal Ripken officials, invited
local dignitaries and representatives from the host league. This
event will begin sharply at 7AM on Friday July 20 and last
approximately 90 minutes. This event will be held at Cowan Rd
Baptist Church, 425 Cowan Rd, Gulfport, MS 39507 (SEE

Opening ceremonies will be attended by all coaches and players in
full uniform and begin at 10AM on Friday, July 20. We will raise
state flags, introduce players, coaches, officials and guests
immediately proceeding the first pitch of the tournament. The first
tournament game will begin immediately following the conclusion of
opening ceremonies.
Host Hotel: (SEE ATTACHED MAP) Our host hotel for the
tournament will be the Hilton Garden inn, 228-863-4996, in
Gulfport located at 14108 Airport Road in Gulfport, right across
the street from the airport and just blocks from the ballfields. We
have a block of rooms reserved at $109 per night and reservations
must be made by July 10 to get the negotiated room rate on any of
the blocked rooms. There will also be a limited number of rooms
blocked at the Hilton’s sister property, the Marriot Residence Inn
just across the parking lot from the Hilton. Because the Residence
Inn is an “all suite” hotel, those room rates will be slightly higher.
Because this tournament is being held during the high season for
coast hotels, reservations must be made by July 10 or earlier if

Check In/ Credentials: There will be a mandatory check in and
short meeting done by individual team beginning at 11AM and going
till 3PM, Thursday, July 19 at the Board Room at the Hilton
Garden Inn in Gulfport (SEE ATTACHED MAP). Each team
manager shall be responsible for providing credentials (proper
letters from commissioners, state officers, insurance forms, rosters
& certificates) upon check-in. Teams will not be allowed to
participate if their credential packet is not complete

In the event the host hotel is unavailable for any reason, here is some
additional hotel information:
         Holiday Inn Airport     228-679-1700
         Fairfield Inn           228-822-9000
         Days Inn                228-864-5135
         Comfort Suites          228-678-9001

All four of these hotels are 5 minutes from the ballfields. Again,
please book as early as possible as hotel space will be limited during
this busy tourist time on the Gulf Coast.)

You may also visit or for
more information on hotels and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Games begin: Friday July 20 with championship play ending on
Sunday, July 22.

We will post any breaking news or other pertinent information on
our website at .
Tournament Officials:

Regional Tourn. Director:
    Pete Mcgoey                                     228-669-2601
GYSA tournament chair:
    Scott Barnes              228-323-5536
Banquet chairperson:
    Jason Streetman          228-324-2277

Other information:

Entry /gate fees:
         Tournament pass             $15
         Daily pass ages 13 and up   $5
         Daily pass ages 7 to 12     $3
         Age 6 and under             FREE

All players and up to three coaches per team free

PARK. Each team will be allowed one TEAM cooler in the dugout.

Once the bracket is received from the tournament director, it will be
posted on our website,
                               GAME CONDUCT
All games will be played under rules and regulations covered in the
Professional Baseball Rule Book, Rules and Regulations of Babe Ruth
Baseball. Brackets for Regional Tournament are preset at the Regional
meeting each year. Bottom of bracket will be Home Team. The on deck circle
closest to your dugout will be the one used by your team.

Games will be kept moving at all times. No unnecessary delays or mound
conferences, etc., will be permitted. Have a backup catcher to warm up
pitcher between innings if catcher is not ready.

Anyone ~ players, managers or coaches acting in an unsportsmanlike manner
shall be removed from the playing field or the ballpark immediately and
disqualified from the tournament. If a player is ejected from the game he must
leave the ball park accompanied by an adult. If his parents are not present he
will be accompanied by his manager or coach. Managers, coaches, and players
shall wear full uniforms according to baseball rules. While in uniform,
neatness is a must. When you are at the ball park your shirt tail must be
tucked in and your cap worn properly with the bill in the front. When taking
the field for your games no warm up or hitting shirts allowed.

Protective headgear must be worn at bat and on the bases. Equipment-bats,
gloves, helmets, etc.- shall be stacked neatly in their proper places at all times (
inside the dugout).

Only players, coaches, managers, and batboys shall be in the dugouts. Players
and coaches must stay inside the dugouts. Offensively, two coaches are
allowed to be in coaches boxes. Masks w/throat protector will be required at
all times when warming up the pitchers whether on the field or in the bullpen.

No team will be allowed to kneel or stand along baseline and watch other team
warm up. No tobacco products will be permitted on or near the playing field,
dugout, bleachers, walkways or restrooms. Smoking and other tobacco use is
only allowed in the parking areas well away from the fields.
                          SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS

The Southwest Regional commissioner shall have the authority to remove any player,
coach, or manager for actions detrimental to Babe Ruth Baseball. Any misbehavior or
misconduct on or off the field could cause the disqualification of a manager, coach, player
or the entire team from the tournament.

The tournament is under the jurisdiction of the Assistant Southwest Regional
Commissioner and the Tournament Directors.

The protest committee shall have the final authority in all protest. A rules violation is the
only thing that can be protested (judgment calls are not to be protested).

The protest committee shall be appointed by the Tournament Directors in accord with the
Southwest Regional Commissioner or his Assistant.

Players must be in uniform and at the field one (1) hour before their scheduled game time.
All players will be required to attend the opening ceremony in uniform.

Each team will be allowed ten (10) minutes fielding practice. The home team will start
thirty (30) minutes prior to game time. The visiting team shall practice next for ten (10)
minutes. The last ten (10) minutes prior to the start of the game shall be used for the
introduction of players and for the ground crew to prepare the field for play. There are 6
batting cages near the fields that can be used prior to each game.

Thirty (30) minutes will be allowed between games for ground crews, warm-up and
introduction of players.

Practice field schedules will be available at the tournament.

Teams using a bus or other outside transportation should make arrangements for the
transportation to be available upon elimination from the tournament.

Check with your State Commissioner to ensure that he mailed one 5x7 or 8x10 glossy
photograph and one copy of your consent for treatment forms to the Regional Tournament
site and to Babe Ruth Headquarters. You are responsible for bringing your State Flag
with your credentials to the Regional Tournament check-in.
                       REQUIRED CREDENTIALS
                     FOR REGIONAL TOURNAMENT

_____ State Commissioner’s Letter for Eligibility
_____ Any Letter of Waiver received by the League
_____ Copy of District Tournament Champion Letter of Eligibility
_____ Copy of State Tournament Champion Letter of Eligibility
_____ Copy of League Accident Insurance Policy
_____ Copy of League Liability Insurance Policy
_____ Tournament Team Roster Certified by League President
_____ Birth documents of all players (Babe Ruth ID card, original birth documents or a
      notarized copy of the original with a raised seal.)
_____ Complete set of Consent for Treatment forms (4 sets of originals) for all players on
      Tournament Roster. One copy will be mailed to the Regional Tournament site and
      one copy will be mailed to headquarters. These are to be mailed by the State Official
      running your State Tournament.
_____ Three (3) black and white or three (3) colored photographs (5x7 or 8x10) of the
      team with names of players, manager and coaches listed on a separate sheet of paper
      (front row left to right, back row left to right, with team name at top). One copy of the
      photo will be mailed to the Regional site and one copy mailed to Headquarters.
      These are to be mailed by the State Official running your State Tournament.
_____ Team information packet (several copies). Your state Official running your State
      Tournament will mail one copy to the Regional site and one copy to Headquarters.

_____ State Flag to be turned in with your credentials at check-in at the Regional
      tournament site (3x5).

_____ Proper dress for the Banquet will be long pants (slacks or nice jeans) with your
      uniform shirt and hat.

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