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									                            Adair County 4-H Newsletter
                                   August, 2005
Aug.       7 4-H Youth Council Meeting, 4:00 p.m.
Aug. 11-21 Iowa State Fair
Aug.      12 SOFA Planning Committee applications due
Aug.      15 SW Iowa Area Council applications due
Aug.      19 Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Livestock Exposition entries due
Aug.      22 Adair County Extension Council meeting, 7:00 p.m., Extension Office
Aug.      23 Hoop House for Beef, 10-noon, ISU Armstrong Research Farm near Lewis
Aug.      24 Neely-Kinyon Research Farm Field Day, 4:00 p.m., south of Greenfield
Aug.      27 State 4-H Awards interviews, Ames
Aug.      29 Adair County Extension Council meeting, 7:30 p.m., Extension Office
Aug. 30-Sept. 1 Iowa Farm & Field Fest, Boone
Sept.      7 Youth Action Committee, 5:30 p.m., Extension Office
Sept.     15 County fair compliments and suggestions due
Sept.     15 4-H Alumni and Friends of 4-H nominations due
Sept.     15 4-H Youth Council applications due
Sept. 27-Oct. 2 Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Livestock Exposition
Oct.       3 4-H Record Books due to the Extension office
Oct.       3 Volunteer Logs due to the Extension office
Oct.       3 Club Award reports due

Dear 4-H Families, Volunteers, FFA Advisors,
The 2005 Adair County Fair was a huge success. The number of exhibits at the Adair County Fair
just keeps growing. The quality of the exhibits was superb. Many judges, fairgoers, and even radio
personalities made a special point to share their accolades for your outstanding work. Even more
importantly, all during the fair I saw members lending a helping hand, congratulating each other
and having fun. Each of you should take pride in a job well done.

It’s easy to unpack your county fair stuff, put your ribbons away, and take a little break from
4-H. Before you put the 2005 Adair County Fair behind you, make sure to thank trophy donors,
contest sponsors, fair volunteers, fair board members, the media and all the other people that
helped make your experience at the Adair County Fair special.

Take advantage of your last days of vacation to get your record book and community service log
caught up. These items are due to the Extension office by October 3. A few hours of work now
will go a long way towards getting them done.

With the 4-H Spirit,

Deb Hall
County Extension Education Director

Hats off to the Class of 2005
I’d like to thank the Class of 2005 for providing excellent leadership in their clubs and at the
county, area, state, and even national levels. Hopefully, everyone saw the senior display at the fair
and had a chance to see the seniors walk across the gazebo Wednesday night. Each senior has
contributed to the 4-H program in many ways and we wish you the best as you work towards your
new goals. Hats off to DeEtta B., Carrie B., Michael C., Angela J., Curtis M., Jessie M., Krista M.,
Sarah N., Natasha P., Samantha R., Justin S., Ben V., Courtney V., Nicole W., and Brittany W.

Club Booths
The 4-H and FFA Center certainly reflected how to Get in the Groove with all the terrific booths.
Winning special prize money for the club booths were: Orient Bulldogs, Washington Stars,
Summit Super Stars, Summerset Citizens, Nodaway Valley Clover Kids, and Grove Champions.

Thanks to each of you that served as building hosts during the fair. You kept the building nice and
clean and were always there to welcome the public. Special thanks to the Summerset Citizens for
setting up and taking down the 4-H and FFA Center.

The herdsmanship awards went to Harrison Hummers, Adair County Wing Walkers, Nodaway
Valley Clover Kids, Adair County Buckaroos, and Richland Royals.

Thanks to everyone that did their part to keep the barns looking nice and grounds picked up. A
special thanks to Steve Feick for bringing a skid steer loader and using it to help clean the indoor
show ring and barns. Hats off to Clifton Baudler for bringing his tub to make loading animals after
the sale easier and safer.

Fair Ideas
It’s time to make that list of ideas for the 2006 Adair County Fair. Each year fair changes are
based on the ideas that are submitted. For example, the rabbit show moved from Saturday to
Friday, no pre-entries were required for static exhibits, and a bottle lamb class was added this year
based on last year’s suggestions. I have already had one person submit a great idea about having a
special express judging time at the 4-H and FFA Center for youth with 3 or fewer exhibits.

A special worksheet is included, that you can do as an individual or family to reflect on the county
fair. The first column provides space to write compliments. Make sure to list the things you really
liked this year. The more specific the better.

The second column is for considerations for improvements. Again the more specific the better.
Here is the catch…. You must write at least 2 compliments for every consideration you record. If
you’d like you can sign your name to the worksheet, but it isn’t necessary. Make sure you note on
the form if there is something you would like to volunteer to help with. Please return the idea
worksheets to our office by September 15th.

  Our annual Thank You to all those who helped in the 4-H and FFA Center during the fair.
  Thanks to all participants for your exhibits. We couldn’t have a fair without you. The booths were
  Thank you to the Summerset Citizens for setting up and taking down the tables and dividers. Also the Pepin
  family and any others who used their muscles to move those heavy dividers.
  Thank you to each of the 4-H clubs, FFA chapters, and Beth Christensen for coming at the appointed times
  and hosting the building.
   Thanks to you that helped on entry day and at any other time when we asked for your help. A special
  thanks to Pam Jensen for helping in Sylvia’s place on check-out day.
  Did you get any great ideas for next year’s exhibits? It’s not too early to start.

  Wishing you the best,
          Sylvia Carr and Helen Herr

Premium Checks
Fair premium checks will be mailed to club leaders by the middle of August. One check is written
for the entire club or chapter. Each club treasurer will then issue checks to individual members, so
make sure to attend your next club meeting to get your check. Your leader will have a breakdown
of all premiums. If you find an error, it must be reported to the Extension office by October so a
correction can be made.

Sale Checks
If you sold livestock at the county fair your premium bid check along with payment for the actual
animal will be mailed within the next couple of days. Checks for beef that were in the performance
contest were distributed at the follow-up meeting on Wednesday, August 3.

Your premium check letter will include the name/s of the premium bidder for your animal/s. The
premium bid is a gift from the bidder. Make sure to take time to write a thank you note and thank
them for supporting your efforts in livestock production. If you have a question about your animal
check or premium bid check, make sure to contact our office immediately.

A special thanks to all the auctioneers, ring men, First National Bank and Union State Bank for
volunteering their services to run the sale.

Nominate Adults for Honors
Each year 4-H alumni honorees and Friends of 4-H are selected for Adair County. If you know of
an individual, business, or organization that has contributed their time and talents over the years to
Adair County 4-H, consider nominating them for an award. Simply write one or two paragraphs
about how they have contributed to the 4-H program and turn it into the Extension office by
September 15th.

Volunteer Hours
Many of you have really worked on carrying through with your pledge to use your hands for larger
service. It’s time to document all your volunteer time for the year. This includes the time you
volunteered cleaning the grandstand at the fairgrounds, helping with day camps, tending flower
beds or painting at the fairgrounds, working at community celebrations, and any other type of
volunteer work you have done as a group or an individual.

Volunteer logs are due October 3 at the Extension office. The log needs to include the dates of
service, type of service and time spent. All youth who have given at least 50 hours of service to
their community during the past year will be recognized at Awards Day. Special recognition will
be given to youth that surpass that level.

The volunteer report forms can be found at along with a
definition of service and examples of what counts and what doesn’t count.

Record Books Due
It’s always good to take time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished during the last year. Your
record book provides a place to record what you did and learned. Every 4-H’er in Adair County is
strongly encouraged to complete a record book. Instructions for completing a record book are
enclosed with this newsletter.

If you are missing the inserts listed on the instructions, please stop by our office or give our office
a call. We’d be glad to mail out forms. Need a little extra help, give our office a call and Deb will
work with individuals, families, or your entire club on an appointment basis.

4-H record book covers are available for purchase at the Extension office for $1.75. Many
members choose to buy a three-ring binder to hold their records. This is a great option. Binders
that allow for a slip-in cover sheet work best. This allows you to create your own cover design that
includes name, club, and county or to slip in the front of the office record cover.

Ribbons, stall cards, and other memories should not be placed in your record book. Consider
starting a scrapbook for these items.

Apply for a Club Award
Each year clubs are recognized for outstanding work during the year. All you need to do is put
together a story or report about your club’s achievements during the year. Include things you’re
especially proud of such as recruitment of members, great educational outings, education
programming, high attendance rates, and community service efforts. You can include clippings
and photos with your story. Simply put the story into a folder and submit it to the Extension office
by October 3.

Teens Needed for County Council
The Adair County 4-H Youth Council is a terrific working group of teens. The 2004-05 Youth
Council wrote letters to first year members, put together a recognition supper for 4-H volunteers,
painted at the fairgrounds, worked at Ronald McDonald House, raised money for 4-H scholarships
through a car wash and bake sale, hosted the Clover Run, ran the Super Splash at the fair, and
spent a day at Adventureland. They also helped in many capacities at the Adair County Fair and
the annual Awards Day. A special salute to the members of the 2004-05 group.

All 4-H’ers who will be in high school this fall are eligible to apply to be a member of this
leadership group. Members must be willing to attend monthly meetings, provide leadership for at
least one community service project, assist with fundraising activities, and work as a team to
improve the Adair County 4-H program.

Anyone interested must complete a simple application form and return it to the Extension office
by September 15th. Applications are required for everyone including members that served on the
2004-05 council. Request an application at the Extension office or find it on the web at

Applications Needed for Area 4-H Council
Would you like to meet and work with teens from across SW Iowa to help 4-H grow and meet the
needs of youth? Are you ready to expand your leadership skills? All high school 4-H’ers are
eligible to apply for a seat on the SW Iowa 4-H Youth Council. Traci K., Hannah J., and DeEtta B.
represented Adair County on the council last year. Applications are due to the Extension office by
August 15th. The application can be downloaded from our website.

Items to Claim
Check to see if you’re missing any of the following items: cattle show stick, wooden cutting
board, 1/3 & 1/2 metal measuring cups, brown extension cord, glass bowl, 2 serving spoons. They
are in the found box at the Extension office.

Items to be picked up at the Extension office:
Jamie & Ashley T. – shoe and ribbons
Alecia H. – welding booklet
Brooke B. – photos
Suzanne Harvey-Shannon – t-shirt
Bottle Lamb Record Books: Jessie S., Brandon C., P.J. F.
Bucket/Bottle Calf Record Books: Joey W., Jessica B., Rebecca G.

 Congratulations to each exhibitor and every individual who helped in any way to make our
 2005 Adair County Fair a success. Everyone endured high temperatures, including animals
 and livestock, to carry-out a memorable week of fair activities. Thank you to everyone for
 your participation and cooperation. Without each of you, our County Fair wouldn’t happen.
 – Adair County Fair Board

Upcoming Livestock Shows and Events
August 29         Guthrie County Fair Open Class Jackpot Lamb Show - Contact: Raymond at (641) 747-3581
September 3       Guthrie County Open Class Swine Show - Contact: Ron Benton at (641)-757-0800
August 19         Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H livestock entries due
Sept. 27-Oct. 2   Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Livestock Exposition

Shooting Sports Club
Do we have any volunteers interested in forming and leading a 4-H Shooting Sports group? If you
have a strong interest in kids, safety, and any of the following disciplines: riflery, shotgun, black
powder, and archery you might want to consider becoming a Shooting Sports Leader. All
Shooting Sports leaders must attend special training at the Iowa 4-H Center from Sept 16-18th.
Contact the Extension office if you are interested.

At Your Next Club Meeting
    Write and sign thank you notes.
    Complete a county fair compliments and consideration sheet.
    Discuss applying for a club award and appoint a group to prepare your application. The
      historian or reporter might be a good person to chair the committee.
    Take a look at your club photos from the year and select 4-5 for the awards day powerpoint
      show. The photographer may want to give leadership for this project.
    Identify adults/businesses/groups that are worthy of a 4-H Alumni Award or Friend of 4-H.
    Encourage high school members to apply for a spot on 4-H Youth Council.
    Start a list of potential new members to invite to your next 4-H meeting.
    Make a plan to recognize graduating seniors and any leaders that are retiring this year.
    Work on record books as a group. Make a list of all local activities you were involved in as
      a club so individual members can record those they helped with in their record book.
    Review all of your group’s service projects and record community service hours.
    Plan something fun to celebrate a successful 4-H year.

Super Heroes
The following 4-H’ers were spotted for going above and beyond the call of duty at the county fair.
Each one of them will be receiving a special gift from the Stuart McDonalds for their efforts. No
doubt you know of others that also performed as super heroes during this program year. We’ll
continue to recognize Super Heroes for the next couple of months. To nominate someone, just jot
down their name and what they did and drop it off at the Extension office or e-mail

    Ben B. for running the Super Splash when all the Youth Council members were busy.
    Alyse H. for volunteering to take over the scale house duties during carcass check-in.
    Zach J., Matt F., and Austin B. for all the work they did to take down and clean up the building.
     Katrina S., Katie P., and McKinze B. for going the extra mile during building take down.
    Joceline H. for offering a helping hand with the sheep show.
    Danny D., Michael and Tony C., Greg L., Adam J., Paul F., Zac and Kyle J., Luke and Katie
     M., Kristyn T., Mikel F., Katie L., and Andrew and Sarah N. for doing the “right” thing and
     staying to help clean the hog barn. We also appreciate all the parents that stayed and helped, too.
    Natalie B. for all her work organizing and overseeing the pop stand and her work with the silent

Have Your Heard
The 4-H Booster fund is more than $2,118.25 larger thanks to the silent auction. A special thanks
to all clubs and individuals that either gave or secured items along with the buyers.

The Grove Champions planted flowers at the fairgrounds in May. They also purchased vinyl mats
for use at the dog show and donated money to help roof the Gazebo. At their July meeting they
cleaned Floral Hall. The club also made stepping stones at a club meeting.
ISU Extension is working to identify the top needs of Iowans. Take time to help identify the
critical needs of Iowans and set priorities by completing the web-based survey. It can be found at
the Adair County Extension website Everyone is
encouraged to participate in the survey, including youth age 12 and older.

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