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      August 2011

Reporting Absences                                                     Making up time
Students                                                               If you have practice hours to make up in order to complete your
When you contact the absence line by phone and speak to the            programme please do not arrange to do them during your existing
answerphone, please speak clearly and slowly and leave your            placements. If you undertake extra hours during your placement
name, SID number, programme of study, cohort and the reasons           you may be putting your health and safety at risk. PPU will organise
for your absence.                                                      for you to make up hours at appropriate points either during or at
                                                                       the end of the programme, please talk to your programme manager
Mentors                                                                if you are unsure.
If any mentors are reading this newsletter and phone the absence
line please can you state the student’s full name, their programme     Student Placement Evaluation
of study and cohort. The contact details are:
                                                                       Thanks to those of you who regularly submit placement evaluations
Leeds University
                                                                       and comments, you can be assured that your evaluations are used
Tel: 0113 3431357
                                                                       to improve placement processes and the quality of your
                                                                       placements. Placement evaluation data and a sample of the
                                                                       comments received are reviewed every 3 months at the School’s
Leeds Met
                                                                       Practice Placement Quality Group. Additionally evaluation
Tel: 0113 8121914
                                                                       information for individual placements is reviewed at the annual
                                                                       Congratulations and good luck…
Standards of Dress and NHS Trust Dress Codes Students must
                                                                       To all students who will be finishing their programmes this
wear the approved uniform unless a specific placement area
                                                                       semester. If you need advice and assistance with jobs, CVs and
instructs otherwise. In some areas the wearing of uniform is not
                                                                       application forms the Careers Centre may be able to help you.
required although students are always expected to present a
                                                                       Leeds University students see the website for more information:
professional image and dress appropriately. Students must also
comply with the uniform and dress policy of the organisation where
                                                                       Leeds Met students contact the Faculty Careers Advisor Christine
they are on placement. The dress policies for Leeds Trusts are on
                                                                       Facer on 0113 8123379 or
the practice placement website along with further information
regarding uniforms and standards of dress.      Summer Holiday
orms.htm                                                               And finally, have a peaceful and restful summer holiday.
Please remember it is the student’s responsibility to wash their own
uniforms, please do not put them in hospital laundry where they
could go missing.

  The Clinical Practice Training Staff are pleased to introduce yet
  another online learning object for students, which concentrates on
  Manual Handling. Log on at to see
  how learning and revision can be more accessible to you.

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