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									                 MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING OF THE
              AT 12:00 NOON ON THE 1st DAY OF FEBRUARY, 2012

The Board of Park Commissioners of Decatur Park District, Macon County, Illinois, met in
a regular session on Wednesday, the 1st day of February, 2012 at the hour of 12:00 Noon at
the Decatur Park District Administration Office, 620 E. Riverside Avenue, Decatur,
Illinois at which time and place there were present the following officers and members of
said Board:

                       Don Luy, President
                       Chris Riley, Vice President
                       Jack Kenny, Commissioner
                       Cindy Deadrick-Wolfer, Commissioner

                       Absent: Bob Brilley, II, Commissioner

A quorum of the members of the Board of Park Commissioners being present, President
Luy called the meeting to order and declared the Board to be in session for the transaction
of business.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States was recited.

    #3Central Illinois Best Golf Course – Scovill
    #2 Central Illinois Best Golf Course – Red Tail Run
    #1 Central Illinois Best Golf Course – Hickory Point
    #2 Best Fitness Center – DISC
    #3 Best Place for a Wedding Reception – Scovill Banquet Facility
    #3 Best Place to for a Kid’s Party – Scovill Zoo

Congratulation to all of the winners and thanks to the staff at these facilities!

NO. 15325 A motion to approve items 1-5 on the Consent Agenda was made by
Commissioner Kenny and seconded by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer. Upon call of the
roll all of the Commissioners voted aye. Motion passes.
         1. Minutes of the previous meeting
         2. Ordinance No. 2012-5 Identifying Work Contracts to Installment Purchase
         3. Revoke Ordinance No. 2011-32 Annexing Territory to Decatur Park District
         4. Ordinance No. 2012-6 Annexing Territory to Decatur Park District
         5. Bills for approval and checks issued in payment
BINA BIDS PRESENTATION Chief Financial Officer Buhr introduced Dave Phillips
from Speer Financial, Inc. who attended the meeting to present the Airport and Parks GO
Bonds bids and make recommendations for each.

Mr. Phillips explained that getting a bond rating from Standard and Poor’s is extremely
important to prospective bidders on bonds especially now with the struggling economic
climate we are operating within. The District’s ability to maintain an AA- rating from
Standard and Poor’s is a positive indication of the policy making and management of the
financial operations of the Park District.

NO. 15326 Two bids were received for the Airport GOB Series 2012A with Bernardi
Securities, Inc. in Chicago, IL being the lowest at a true interest rate of 1.4638%. With the
second bid coming in a little over 2% Mr. Phillips recommended the bid from Bernardi
Securities. A motion was made by Commissioner Riley and seconded by Commissioner
Kenny to approve Ordinance No. 2012-3 General Obligation Airport Bond Issue, Series
2012A. All of the Commissioners voted aye upon call of the roll. Motion passes.

NO. 15327 Ten bidders submitted a total of thirty-three bids for the General Obligation
Park Bond Series 2012B. The AA- bond rating is the leading cause for this aggressive
bidding. Mr. Phillips stated that the best bid was received from BOSC, Inc. in Menomonee,
WI, with a true interest rate of .6671%. Mr. Phillips recommended the bid from BOSC,
Inc., for approval by the Park Board. A motion was made by Commissioner Riley and
seconded by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer to approve Ordinance No. 2012-4 General
Obligation Park Bond Issue, Series 2012B. All of the Commissioners voted aye upon call
of the roll. Motion passes.

Chief Financial Officer Buhr stated that the financial management of the District is a team
effort involving the Directors, management and the Board. Additionally, starting with
discussions in the early fall, Speer Financial provides information, offers sound advice and
helps direct staff throughout the process leading up to and through the actual sale of bonds.

FOUNDATION – President Locke stated that there will be a Foundation meeting on May
9th in which the Eichenhour wolf art donation will be recognized. This will be an evening
meeting with an open reception afterward.

Prior to May 9th Mrs. Locke would like names of possible new Foundation Directors who
will then be introduced at the meeting.

Dr. Neil Baird, professor emeritus at Millikin University, passed away last weekend. Neil
was a longtime volunteer at Scovill Zoo and enjoyed taking the Mobile Zoo out into the
community. A memorial has been set up to go to the Zoo.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer stated that the Zoo-rific Evening Committee will meet on
February 16th. She invited anyone who would like to be on the committee to join them at
noon at the Decatur Club. The event is scheduled for August 25th.
AIRPORT – Airport Director Joe Attwood stated that a good thing has occurred in
aviation: after Congress extended airport funding 22 times the House and Senate have
agreed to resolve the labor issue and move forward with the bill. This will ensure the level
of funding for airport improvement projects. Although Decatur Airport will not be directly
affected it is helpful to have a bill intact.

OPERATIONS – Director of Operations Jim Kiefer stated that a temporary parking lot at
the Nelson Park Dog Park has been installed. This will provide approximately ten parking
spots until the new lot can be constructed.

Staff has been sowing seeds at the Green House for plants that will be for sale throughout
the summer at Scovill Zoo.

GOLF – Director Rick Anderson stated his congratulations for the Decatur Park District
Golf Courses getting first, second and third place as best courses in Central Illinois. He
stated that this is a team effort in which all golf staff has worked hard to achieve.

Through the end of January there were 1,455 rounds of golf played with 814 cart rentals.
Although other courses in the area are open, a lot of out of town golfers are playing at
Scovill Golf Course.

Director Anderson shared that the new mini-golf course is in the conceptual phase with the
designers and engineers. They are looking for an educational concept which will raise the
interest of golf through the 1st Tee program. If kids are comfortable with golf in a smaller
setting they may become more comfortable on a real course. The course must also provide
a family friendly layout. Fencing will be an important component to keep vandals out.

RECREATION & FACILITIES – Director Becky Newton reported that Camp
Connections will run for six weeks this summer and staff is planning for 1,000 kids to
participate. In addition a Youth Sports Academy will be offered for kids from 3:30-5:00
p.m. where twelve sports will be incorporated over the six week period. For those kids not
interested in sports, staff is working with Millikin University to provide a fitness

Staff is putting together a request for proposals for design firms for the penguin exhibit at
Scovill Zoo.

Commissioner Riley gave a “Hats off!” to Rodney and staff for the great news from Dave
Phillips. He appreciates everyone’s work to achieve the AA- rating.

Commissioner Kenny heard great feedback regarding the recent Decatur Chorale
concerts. Thank you to the fine arts group!
President Luy thanked staff for the time to work with Greg Weykamp to accomplish the
Master Plan community meetings. An e-blast was sent to a number of target people
regarding the February 7th meeting along with 2,500 surveys.

Commissioner Riley made and Commissioner Kenny seconded a motion that the meeting
adjourn. All of the Commissioners voted aye and the meeting adjourned at approximately
12:55 p.m.

                                           President, Board of Park Commissioners

Secretary, Board of Park Commissioners

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