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									`                                                                       March 2011

March! Our curling season is starting to wind down but there are some important events still to
be played. Enjoy the last month and a half.

So What Has Been Happening Around Here?

Senior Women’s Provincials

We were well represented in the just concluded playdowns by our team of:

       Ann Anderson
       Kerry Laughlin
       Anne Mitchell
       Debby Ship

They lost their first game then came back to win the next four to qualify for the playoffs.
Unfortunately, they lost their playoff game 7-6 with their opponents scoring one in the 10th end.

Nice going ladies. You made us proud.

Our condolences to Jacques Lacroix whose sister passed away recently.

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A Message from our President, Nacy Gallant

As you will see in the ‘Dates to Remember’ at the end of this ROAR, there are 3 major events
taking place this month:

       Country and Western Night
       Shamrock Bonspiel
       Kurling for Kids

For these events to be successful, we need your participation. So far this year it is has been very
heartening to see our members and regular rentals participating so well in club activities. Let’s
keep it up for these March events.
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The Lyle Bradford Calcutta

Another very successful Calcutta was held at the end of February thanks to the work of
Chairman Kim Moskalewski Sr. and his very able committee.

The auction, led by Auctioneer Ed Jones was very successful. Ed smiled throughout the auction
as he lifted the money from the wallets of those in attendance. There were a lot of laughs
throughout the night once again proving that those who missed the event missed something

It was good to see Bridget Bradford on the final night reminding us once again of her husband
Lyle of whom this competition is named. Two good friends of Lyle, Virginia and Fred Flynn,
had planned to attend with Bridget but bad weather kept them away. It would have been fun for
we old timers to see these popular former members. Most of us remember Virginia as the best
curler of the two but I’m sure Fred would disagree.

The curling competition was excellent and a lot of fun was had by everyone, especially those
who finished in the winner’s circle. Here are the results:

In the A final:

       Nick Backman                         Anna Grafton
       Paula Percy                          Dan Philion
       Joey Fraser           defeated       Jim Doyle
       Alex Hall                            Scott Grafton

In the A consolation game:

       Marc Philion                         Bob Slatford
       Treena Cooper                        Suzel Julien
       Justin Dougherty      defeated       John Stone
       Zack Wise                            Rob Williams

In the B and C Section the winners were:

 B     Shawn Moskalewski                C   Steven Fagen
       Doug Ford                            Rosemary Cochrane
       Cathy Hughes                         Adam Frielich
       Kim Moskalewski Jr.                  Kim Moskalewski Sr.
The two D consolation winners were:

       Ed Jones                          Rob Philion
       Chris Morrin                      Sophie Belanger
       Virginie Lessard                  Jim Matchett
       Bob Carson                        Kevin Alladin (Sandra Arseneault spared for
                                                        Kevin in the finals)

Congratulations to all the winners. Alex Hall’s team was 4-0 during the competition and took
home $ 700 for their win. The teams that were 3-1 (A runners-up, A Consolation, B and C
winners) won $ 300 each. Zack Wise was the lucky owner of the Hall team and took home the
tidy sum of $ 1,545. The owners of the other winners garnered $ 580 each. Robbie Sproule
was the lucky winner of the 40-40-20 draw for $ 341.

Another big winner was Montreal West Curling Club. Over $ 1,300 was generated to support
our club.

Kim Moskalewski Sr. did a terrific job as chairman. Kim would like to send his thanks to the
numerous people who gave him such fantastic support throughout the event:

. To his inner committee who basically put up with some radical ideas and thinking
  outside the box by the chairman in planning this event.

. To Ed Jones who handled all financial aspects including the fun auction and the nightly
  Exactas. His committee of Howard Davidson, Bill Bedford, Al Gagnon, Brian
  Shee, Anne Michell and, of course, Sandra Jones did a fantastic job of managing the
  money and keeping track of the wins and losses throughout the competition.

. To Jim Matchett who provided his unbiased tip sheet for the auction.

. To Jeff Cohen for making a schedule that provided the flexibility to satisfy all
  adjustments requested by the skips.

. To Mark Watson for handling the replacements. Great job and it was not easy with 2
  last minute cancellations.

. To Kevin Alladin for providing the rules to work with. It is hoped these become the
  basis for all events as it covers everything for all skips.

. To Rob Philion for keeping the draft to 20 minutes. We need more young people
  involved with these events.

. To Glenn Payne for helping with the day to day running of the event and getting
  Russ MacArthur to do his magic in getting the great meal on Friday.
. To his son Kim, who stepped up in the 40-40-20 when he became ill. And to all the others
  who stepped up to help run it nightly.

.To all the curlers who signed up so quickly. Having the sign up sheet filled a month
 before the event made planning and set up so easy.

. Finally to all the skips and the curlers on their teams who made the tournament easy to
  run. Almost no complaints. It is hoped that if people have suggestions and ideas to
  improve the event, they will come forward.

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Messages from Match Committee – Chairman Kevin Alladin

2nd half of the Past Presidents Ladder - Final Standing

       A Section

       Team                   Played         Won     Lost   Tied     Points

       Alex Hall               8              6       1       1      21
       Frederic Marchand       7              6       1       0      19
       Rob Williams            8              5       3       0      18
       Zack Wise               8              4       4       0      16
       Debbie Ship             8              4       4       0      16
       Glenn Payne             8              3       4       1      15
       Scott Grafton           8              3       5       0      14
       Jamie Sage              8              3       5       0      14
       Bob Carson              8              1       7       0      10

Congratulation to Alex Hall and his team of Adam Frelich, Nicolas Backman,
Dylan Applebaum and Rob Philion for winning this half. First time in the A and they won it all.
Youth will be served. The Jamie Sage team and the Bob Carson team fall to the B Section.
Very close call for the Scott Grafton team who managed to stay in the A Section.

       B Section

       Team                   Played         Won     Lost   Tied     Points

       Gerry Nolan             8              6       2       0      20
       James Botsford          8              4       3       1      17
       Sandra Arseneault       8              4       3       1      17
       Jim Cochrane            8              4       4       0      16
       Jeff Cohen               8              4       4      0       16
       Art Quenneville          8              3       4      1       15
       Dave Ryan                8              3       4      1       15
       Mark Watson              8              3       5      0       14
       Kevin Alladin            8              2       4      2       14

Congratulations to Gerry Nolan and his team of Jean Francois Leroux, Sophie Belanger,
and Chris Morin for their top place finish. They will move up to the A Section along with the
James Botsford team who came from last place to finish in second. Nice going.

Very competitive section with only 3 points separating second and last positions.

Shamrock Bonspiel 2011

The Shamrock is coming soon (March 14-19)... This is a team event, so sign up your team. The
sign-up sheets will be available at the club shortly, as well as by email. The cost per team is $160
and this includes a dinner, 3 games of curling, and a lot of fun and a few surprises!

Dominion Playoff (Sous Bois)

Signups are due on March 8. For eligibility rules, please see

Until next month!

A friend of mine is responsible for alumni relations at his high-school alma mater.

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Day Ladies

Here’s a report from Cathy Wardlaw:

We are now in the homestretch of our curling schedule. Bonnie Allen, our match chairlady, is
busy keeping up with the current competitions and scheduling playdowns and new competitions
to complete our season.

The Royal Montreal and the skins competitions have been completed with the following results:
Royal Montreal (sponsored by Barb Ross)

       Winners                               Runners Up

       Wendy Yarnell                         Karen Drewry
       Francine Jones                        Bonnie Allen
       Marg Ford                             Audrey Prosser
       Paula Percy                           Karen Hall-Moon

Skins (sponsored by Cathy Wardlaw)

       Winners                               Runners Up

       Jocelyn Schultz                       Hille Viries
       Bonnie Allen                          Linda Chapdelaine
       Linda Raza                            Susan Leger Hussey
       Paula Percy                           Cathy Wardlaw

We welcome new member Kate Hebert to our group and we also welcome the return of
Katie Sheckler for the last half of our season. Hopefully, Kitty Aldham will be back curling
real soon.

LCA News

Our ladies have been actively involved in several LCA events all coordinated by
Helen Reid.

Dudley Kerr Trophy

This is a challenging competition for curlers with 5 years or less experience. Our team curled
like champs and defeated the challenger, Hudson Whitlock. Our team was skipped by
Bonnie Allen and ably supported by:

               M.B. Jeong
                Karin Fagen
               Joyce Schultz

Their next game will be at Pointe Claire. Go - Gals - Go

Birks Trophy

This is also a challenge competition using the combined total points of ‘two teams’. Montreal
West has the rare distinction of winning this prestigious trophy two consecutive years.
However, this year they came up short in a tightly contested game at Lachine.
Our teams were:

       Heather Boyle                         M. B. Jeong
       Erin Ryan                             Ann Anderson
       Karen Hall-Moon                       Paula Percy
       Cathy Hughes                          Sandra Arseneault

Upcoming LCA events are the Coronation and the Jackson. Please watch the notice board for
further details.

All Stars

Congratulations to Sandra Arseneault and her team of        Anna Grafton
                                                            Susan Leger Hussey
                                                            Ann Anderson
                                                            Anne Mitchell (alternate)

They had great success in the ladies’ All Star league. In two years they have gone from the B
Level to the A Level and this year to the ultimate All Star Level.

Congratulations and good curling next season.

Social Notes

A very successful bridge social was held on February 9th. Thanks to Paula Percy,
Sandra Arseneault, and all their volunteers. Next bridge social is March 2nd.

Any ladies wishing to play card games, other than bridge, are most welcome to come on Tuesday
afternoons. Marg Finlayson will be available to teach new card games.

Get Well Wishes

Our kindest and sincerest get well wishes go out to our following members who are indisposed:

       Angela Geoffredo
       Thelma Millard
       Helen Philips
       Joyce Pashley

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Monday Evening Curling

Here’s news about the Monday Evening Curling League from Geneviève Lemieux:

As many of you may know, every year the LCA holds a curling event for lady curlers with 5
years or less of experience - the Debutantes. This year, the Monday Evening League put two
teams into this competition that was held on January 29 at Glenmore. Guess what? One of our
teams won!

This is only the second time ever that Montreal West has brought the plaque home.

Winners were:          Lorraine Pilon
                       Eva Lemanczyk
                       Anne Marie Bélanger
                       Sophie Bélanger

Congratulations to Team Bélanger        And an honorable mention to Team Sutherland:

                       Suzel Julien
-                      Bonnie Allen (who jumped in at the last minute to spare for
                              Dale Huston)
                       France Bourassa
                       Mary Sutherland

Nouvelles de la ligue du lundi soir :

Deux équipes issues de la ligue du lundi soir ont représenté Montréal-Ouest au tournoi des
Débutantes qui s’est tenu le 29 janvier dernier au club de Glenmore. Ce tournoi est réservé aux
joueuses ayant cinq ans d’expérience ou moins. Et, devinez quoi? Une de nos équipes a remporté
le tournoi!

Nos plus sincères félicitations à l’équipe des sœurs Bélanger pour leur victoire, ainsi qu’à
l’équipe dirigée par Mary Sutherland. Merci à Bonnie Allen d’avoir remplacé Dale Huston à la
dernière minute.

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Day Curling 40 +

Here’s a report from James Botsford:

Our closing luncheon will be held on Wednesday, April 20th.

Looks like next season we may have 2 to 3 new teams going out on the district bonspiels because
of our new staggered schedule.

Most of you will remember that Chip visited Egypt a month or so ago. If you read the papers,
you will know what is going on in that country now. Some say this would not have happened if
Chip had not gone there in such a foul mood after his interclub curlers played so poorly in the
latter part of 2010. Even the Sphinx was smiling before he got there.

So, on his return, everyone was anxious to see how his interclub curlers would respond to his
new found resolve following the Egyptian trip. January’s games were still not great but they
were an improvement from the Debacle in December.

So let’s see how these misfits performed in February:

On February 4th at Lachine we won 1 and lost 2. The winning team was:

       Claude Labrecque      Gerry Sabourin    Mike Homonko        Jacques Lacroix

In this game, apparently Jacques Lacroix was the hero of the match making numerous superb
shots. He was carried off the ice by his teammates, two of which now have serious hernias.

On February 11th at our club against Royal Montreal, we won 4 games. WHAT! My first
reaction was that Royal Montreal went to the wrong curling club and had defaulted the 4 games.
But, no. Chip assures me that our guys actually won 4 games. You probably saw the Egyptians
on TV dancing in the streets to celebrate this accomplishment. Here were the 4 (can you
believe it) winning teams:

       Ray Dubrule Tim Curran       Rick Hughes James Botsford
       Mike Dowd Bill Bedford Ed Crosbie         Dave Dubeau
       Bert Mombo Gerry Sabourin Doug Allan Bob McDevitt
       Ron Pilkington Nick Dipietro Mike Homonko Joe Wroblewski

On February 16th at our club against Ste. Anne and Hudson Legion we won 1 and tied 1 of the
4 games. This less than stellar result was understandable considering the celebrations of the
February 11 sweep were still underway. The winning and tying teams were:

       Winners: Bert Mombo Chip Mowat     Doug Allan   Bob McDevitt
       Tie-ers: Joe Balogh Ron Pilkington Mike Homonko Gerry Sabourin

On February 17th at TMR we won 1 and lost 3. The euphoria of the 4 wins had now vanished.
The Egyptian army sent a number of soldiers over to take control and clear the bars and to help
our guys get rid of the empty bottles. The only ones to avoid the wrath of the army was the
winning team of:

       Tim Curran     Gerry Sabourin     Ed Crosbie     Dave Dubeau
On February 23rd St. Lambert visited our club and we again won only 1 and lost 3.         The
Egyptian army celebrated with our only winners:

        Tim Curran     Mike Homonko       Ed Crosbie     Dave Dubeau

Chip has booked a trip to Libya.

First guy:  I see the Gazette said doctors have verified the existence of a woman’s G
Second guy: My wife and I are still trying to find A and B.


Here is a report from Ann Anderson, Match Coordinator:

Welcome to Spring! Yes, the Mo-West Groundhog did not see his shadow and we are now in
our Spring Draw. OK, so maybe he was a little mixed up! In any event our Spring Draw has
now commenced.

Congratulations to the Winners of our Winter Draw:

              Division A                           Division B

             Anna Grafton                          Laura Kobayashi
             Dave Coombs                           Gloria Toteda
             Cathy Hughes                          Trish Dempsey
             Scott Grafton                         Michel Jean

I hope everyone is enjoying the curling and is finding our Friday nights a great way to start out
the weekend. I’m sure there will be some hot competitions over the next few weeks. If
anyone wants bragging rights in the next ROAR, be sure to send me an e-mail at I will endeavour to recount your stories for all to enjoy.

My thanks as always for all of those who continually help out with the various tasks that make
the league operate smoothly. Your help is not unnoticed and is very much appreciated.

My wife ran away with my best friend and I miss him.

Green Singles

Here’s a report from Carla Dempsey:
The Green singles competition is underway. There are 24 people competing this year. Some
second round games were played in late February and it was too late to get these results in this
month’s ROAR.

Instructional League

Last season was the first time a team from the instructional program entered the Shamrock
Bonspiel. This year there are four teams interested in entering.

I'd like to thank those that have volunteered their time to come out and help with the program -
Karen Fagen, Bonnie Allen, Kari Parm, and Jim Doyle. Thanks to those who offered to help
but, for whatever reason, couldn't when the time came. Not too worry. You'll be able to step up
next season.

With the turn out we had this year, the extra hands were needed and appreciated if, by nobody
else, then definitely by me.


Don’t miss our club’s very first country/hoedown night!

Look at the final page of this ROAR for details.

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“You would if you knew my wife.”

Here’s a report from Alan Bousquet:

Here are the standings as at February 20th.
       Team                    Wins         Losses         Ties Default Points

1    James Botsford            11               4            1               39
2    Bruce Blanchard            9               5            2               36
2    Steve Holdaway             8               5            3               35
4    Alan Bousquet              9               6            1               35
5    Jay Breushett              8               6            2               34
6.   George Verret              5               7            4               30
7    Diane Huculuk                7                 9            0              30
8    Joe Wroblewski               6                 7            2      1       29
9    Rick Hughes                  5                10            1              27
10   Nicole Hachey                4                12            0              24

As you can see with little more than 4 games left before the playoffs, it is still close.

Good news the SPA Bonspiel in April is full with 64 curlers and a waiting list has been

Canfir Curling

Here is a report from Rob Williams (President) of the Sunday curling group:

Here are the very close standings as of February 20th:

Team                           GP       Wins Ties       Losses         Points

T3 Rob Williams                12        7     1         4              27
T4 Danny Boyd                  12        6     2         4              26
T5 Nacy Gallant                12        5     1         6              23
T2 Pierre Cadorette            12        4     2         6              22
T1 Bob LeMesurier              12        5     0         7              22

Canfir is a mixed social league of various skill levels (beginners are welcome). We play every
Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We are actively looking for new curlers for next season in
an effort to increase our membership. If interested, please contact me at

Mrs. Applebee, the sixth-grade teacher, posed the following problem to one of her arithmetic
classes: “A wealthy man died and left 10 million dollars. One-fifth was to go to his wife, one-
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After a very long silence in the classroom, little Morris raised his hand.

The teacher asked his for his answer.

With complete sincerity in his voice, Morris answered, “A lawyer.”

Dear Editor:

We, the skips in the recently concluded Calcutta, want to let you know that your harsh treatment
of our teams in the Calcutta Tip Sheet was not justified. Your Tip Sheet showed a complete
lack of knowledge of the ability of our curling teams and your tips proved to be absolutely

Signed…..the 16 Skips in the 2011 Lyle Bradford Calcutta competition

Dear 16 Skips in the 2011 Lyle Bradford Calcutta:

I want you to know that hours and hours of detailed analysis went into my predictions in this
year’s Tip Sheet.

You claim my comments about your teams were not justified. In fact, you called them useless.
Of course, I disagree. As a sample of my comments, let’s look at the ones I made about the 4
teams that eventually ended at the bottom of the Calcutta in the D section:

    Bob Carson           Floods in Australia… riots in Egypt…..Carson’s team. How many
                         disasters can there be in one month.

    Glenn Payne          The Toronto Maple Leafs of the Calcutta. ‘Payne’ful to watch
                          and they will be on the sidelines when the playoffs begin.

Kevin Alladin            Now I finally know why the chicken crossed the road. It was to get
                          away from having to watch this team curl.

Dave Dubeau:             Poor Jason! He will have to learn that “It’s difficult to
                         soar with eagles when you have to play with these turkeys.”

As they say in court…..the defense rests.

      Your humble Tip Sheet editor
Remember, when you want to ask questions, make suggestions, volunteer your services to help
the club, or maybe even send a thank you for something you may like in the club, just send an
Email to your editor.

My Email address is

What’s happening Over the Next Few Weeks?
Dates to remember:

               March      12          -      Country Hoedown
                        14-19         -      Shamrock Bonspiel
                          26          -      Kurling for Kids
                        29-31         -      Sous Bois Dominion Playdowns

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                   2011 Shamrock Bonspiel
                           Montreal West Curling Club

                   Information and Registration Sheet

                            14-19 March, 2011
 $160 per team (3 games guaranteed. Includes dinner, snacks, money for the winners and other

Unlike other club events, you can register for this event with
a team that can be made up of any club members – including
                Sunday leagues and juniors!

    Every Team must come up with an IRISH TEAM NAME! (It is an
                      IRISH EVENT after all!)

                    Entry deadline: March 4, 2011 at 18:00
                   (Please submit your entry forms via email)

                    Entry fees are due before your first game!

             For information: Please contact Kevin Alladin at:
  Email: Telephone: 514-515-7780 / 514-481-

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