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									Volume 39 Number 45                                                            St. Patrick Parish Newsletter                                                             November 10, 11, 2007
Mass: Daily: 8am, 5:30pm                                                        Weekends: Saturday, 4:30pm                                                               Sunday, 8:30 & 11am                                         WEB SITE: stpatrickbridge.org
Confessions: Saturday: 3 – 3:30pm                                                  Phone: 216 631 6872                                                                   Coffee & Donuts after Sun. Mass                             e-mail: frmarkdinardo@sbcglobal.net

WEEKDAY MASSES                                  SHAMROCK COFFEE, NOV. 18                         REGISTRATION IN THE PARISH                      WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY                         10,000 VILLAGES                                  32ND SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME
Sunday, Nov. 11                                 Karen Schlote, Dolores Kuklisin                     Please consider checking it.                 Henry George Hooper, Daniel Davis                Fair trade Christmas gifts, Sun.,
Masses for Our Community                        NOTE: no coffee donuts this                                                                      Lowe, Hannah Gibbons Shoaff                      Nov. 25, after 8:30 & 11:00 Masses               The ultimate religious question is:
Monday, Nov. 12                                 Sunday due to Thanksgiving Dinner                HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                                                                                                                    “What’s it all about?” As part of the
8am: Mary Sweeney                                                                                Angel Cruz, Dymphna O’Neill,                    ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS $25                          RETIRED RELIGIOUS APPEAL                         Church called to be “yeast” in the
5:30: Kathleen Hanna (Anniversary)              NOV. CHARITY: YOUTH GROUP                        Stephen Kachmeyers (11:12), Marie               Malachi Center: 216 771 3036                     Collection: Dec. 8, 9th. Please be               Dough, our lives are supposed to
Tuesday, Nov. 13                                Funds for activities for the year.               Costello, Kelly O’Brien (11:13),                St. Wendelin: 216 861 1141                       compassionate.                                   model the answer to that question.
8am: Sally Caja (Wedding Anniv.)                                                                 Jaeson Taylor, Laura Caldwell,
5:30: Carl Pudimat                              DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOT-LINE                       Sandra Zak (11:14), Tom Cullen,                 NON-VIOLENCE RETREAT                                                                              And what makes us so different
Wednesday, Nov. 14                              Cuyahoga Co. 216 391 4357.                       Rudolph Polz, Barbara Sciulli,                  Fr. Emmanuel McCarthy
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ZING A ZONG OF ZHANKS                            from other people is “We firmly
8am: Walter & Kay Donnelly                                                                       Daniel Carreon, Kelly Justus, Katie             Info: 216 749 5223                               - Do not consider activity as                    know that we are going to live
      (Wedding Anniversary)                     SILENT PRAYER FOR PEACE                          Kachmeyers, Christopher Horvath                                                                    achievement.                                   forever. And if I am to live forever,
5:30: McDonough, Creadon Fams.                  After 5:30 Mass – 15 minutes                     (11:15), Deidre Krinov, Lainie                  MALACHI WED. PRAYER GROUP                        - Between saying & doing -                       my whole life changes.
Thursday, Nov. 15                                                                                Breiner, Sharon Korney, Hugh                    Week II, Nov.14 – Taize Prayer 5:30                pairs of shoes are worn out.
8am: Thomas & Bridget Gallagher                 LIFE ROSARY AT THE ABBEY                         Taylor, Abbey Wilcox, Madeline                                                                   - Talk is cheap – do something.                  It was resurrection from the dead
      & Family                                  1st Sat. 8:30am. Mass at 9:15 am                 Brichacek, Katherine Coyne (11:16),             SINGLES GROUP                                    - Do something. lead follow or                   that enabled the mother of the 7
5:30: Maisy Garven (Birthday)                                                                    Rich Nosse, Neal Kovach, Anthony                St. Ladislas, Wed., Nov. 14, 7pm,                   get out of the way.                           Sons in the first reading and each
Friday, Nov. 16                                 WEEKLY PARISH CALENDAR                           Soukup, Ashley Colon (11:17), Mary              Frankie’s, N. Olmsted; 440 821 3785              - What we weave on earth – we                    of her sons to remain faithful to
8am: Norm Bisler (Anniversary)                  Sun: 9:45am: PSR                                 Sokol, Peggy Cleary, Brian                                                                                                                        their own beliefs and not cave in to
                                                                                                                                                                                                     wear in heaven.
5:30: Nora O’Grady                                    Noon: Thanksgiving Dinner                  Kilgallon, Mayra Matos, Kaitlin                 METRO CATHOLIC 20TH ANNIV.                                                                        the way of the world. They gave
Saturday, Nov. 17                                     5pm: Rosary for Peace                      Jeric, Justin Alley (11:18)                     Prayer service & open house; St.                                                                  their lives themselves.
                                                Mon: 7pm: RCIA                                                                                   Stephen, Sun., Nov. 18, 2 pm                     59TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
8am: Lorraine Piatak (Anniversary)
                                                Mon. – Fri. 10 - 2pm: Food Pantry                FAMILY MASS                                                                                      Paul and Carolyn O’Donnell                       Life was hard for them. Death was
4:30: Joseph O’Brien
                                                Tues., Wed., Thurs. 5:30 Hot Meal                Sunday, Nov. 18, 9:30am                         MAGNIFICAT PLAY                                  Join us at the 11am Liturgy to                   the price of faithfulness. And they
GREETERS: NOV. 17, 18                           Wed.: 5:30: Parish Hot Meal                                                                      “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, Nov.                 thank God. Congratulations!.                     paid the price and knew it was
4:30: Dick & Mary Whalen                               7pm: Cluster Meeting,                     NEEDED FOR THE HOMELESS                         16 – 18; 440 331 1572                                                                             worth it.
8:30: Karen Schlote,                                   St. Wendelin                              Coats, hats, gloves, boot-shoes;
      Dolores Kuklisin                          Thu.7pm: Parish Assembly                         collection boxes front & side doors.            REMEMBER IN PRAYER                                                                                Paul, in the second reading, tells
11am: Sunshine Group                            Sat. 3:30: Nursing Home Mass                                                                     Brian Hicks and Beatrice Katynski                                                                 the people of Thessalonica that
                                                                                                 UCS ANNUAL BENEFIT                                                                                                                                they are to remain strong in doing
SERVERS: NOV. 17, 18                            HAIRSTYLING FOR SHUT-INS                         Sat., Nov. 17: 216 939 8441                     S. AUGUSTINE MINISTRY BENEFIT                                                                     good because God is with them to
4:30 pm: Matt, Kevin Foley                      216 210 6055, or 216 662 1705                                                                    St. Clarence Hall, Sat., Nov. 17,                                                                 help along the way.
8:30am: Josh Johanek, Max Buck                                                                   IGNATIUS PARISH CRAFT SHOW                      7:30- ; $25; 216 251 4075
11am: Peter Doherty,                            PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN                        Sun., Nov. 25, 10 – 3pm; 671 0535                                                                                                                 And Jesus, in the Gospel, when
      Jegweyee Dweh                             To report inappropriate behavior :                                                               PARISH HOT MEAL                                                                                   others poked fun at the notion of
                                                           216 334 2999.                         PARISH FOOD PANTRY NEEDS                        Wed. Nov. 14, 3 – 5:30, food prep;                                                                resurrection, said in no uncertain
MIN. – LEC.: NOV. 17, 18                                                                         Volunteers: Mon. 10 – 2. Also                   5:30 – 6, serving; help needed! Call                                                              terms that Resurrection is a
4:30: Bob Smith,                                BANNS OF MATRIMONY                               plastic grocery bags; 281 5854                  Deacon Bill, 631 6872                                                                             mystery. It’s beyond our
      Monica & Dan Shannon                      Martin Moran Smith-Rhonda Lynn                                                                                                                                                                     understanding . What role does the
8:30: Judy Opalach,                             Moore; Nicholas Rocco Alexander                  SISTERS DAY AT ST. COLMAN                       3RD WORLD WATER FOR LIFE                                                                          resurrection play in my life? Is it a
      Stacie & Frank Stanton                    & Jennifer Ann Hoch                              Sun., Nov. 18; 11:00 Mass, reunion,             Consider donation to Cleveland                                                                    Top priority? If not – why Not.”
11:00: Elizabeth Allard,                                                                         raffle. 651 0550. All Invited.                  Catholic Relief Services, 2500
       Roberta Tyna, Ed Allard                  FOR NEW REFUGEES                                                                                 Elyria Ave., Lorain, 44055. object”
                                                Rice cookers ,beds, mattresses,                  HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PLEA
LAST SUNDAY $3,131:Thank You.                   refrigerator; 631 6872                           Collection Nov. 17 – 18

     Mission Statement: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because God has anointed me to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives, recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, and to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord. Luke: 4:18 - 19

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