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					                        British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association
                        The Official Student Organisation of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society


Dear Freshers,

Congratulations for making it to the University of Nottingham to study pharmacy. We’re one of the top Schools of
Pharmacy in the UK so you are guaranteed to have an amazing student experience! As you’re about to experience
the time of your life here, we feel that this is a great opportunity to tell you about the BPSA...

“What is the BPSA?” I hear you ask.

The BPSA, British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association was formed in 1942 and is the official student organisation
of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS). The RPS is the professional representative body for pharmacists in the
UK. The BPSA promotes the welfare and interests of pharmacy students from day one of their degree until they
qualify, giving us an opportunity to have an impact on the future of pharmacy. It aims to educate, entertain and
represent its members.

The Professional Development Certificate (PDC) Scheme
The BPSA organises and runs exciting events and competitions over the academic year (see below) and your
involvement in each of these will earn you Professional Development Point (PDP). Five PDPs over an academic
year will give you a Professional Development Certificate (PDC). The PDC shows your commitment to pharmacy
and will look great on your CV, helping you secure the summer placement or preregistration place that you really
want! Due to the increased number of pharmacy students competition for these places is going to become
increasingly difficult. The PDC Scheme will also prepare you for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which
is compulsory for qualified pharmacists.

BPSA Events
There are local and national events held throughout the year. Here is a taste of what you can get involved with:

Area Conferences – these are day events which cover a relevant or clinical topic in pharmacy, for example renal
disease. Guest speakers, such as pharmacists, consultants, nurses and patients give talks on their expertise and
experiences, along with interactive workshops and debates. You get a tasty lunch too!

Local Practice Forums – these are regular meetings in the local area, many are held at the university. They involve
current or interesting issues in pharmacy practice. Many qualified pharmacists attend and students get the
opportunity to attend also. LPF meetings give useful insight into current issues in pharmacy and the opportunity
to get involved in discussions.

Annual Conference – this is a weeklong event held once a year in the Easter holiday. You get to meet many
amazing people from all over the UK! The week is packed full of social events, such as themed evenings, curry
night and on the final night the BPSA Ball. There are also lots of guest speakers, discussions, and the opportunity
to get involved with the future of the profession. As the RPS and BPSA are working closely together, you really feel
your voice is heard and it is likely your suggestions will be acted on!

Career Talks and Workshops - Receive talks from recognised lecturers, pharmacists in specialist fields and
participate in activities.

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                        British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association
                        The Official Student Organisation of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society


Competitions – for example the Mc Neil Responding to Symptoms competition that focuses on communication
skills. This is extremely helpful for summer placements and future practice. Reckitt Benckiser also run a Student of
the Year Award competition, which involves answering multiple choice and short answer questions with the
chance to win a trip to an International pharmacy event!

You may now be thinking ‘Wow that sounds amazing, how do I join!?’

Well it’s simple - you can join online at www.rpharms.com and selecting student membership. This will sign you
up to a joint membership with the RPS and BPSA giving you amazing benefits. It’s quick, easy and best of all FREE!
Once you’ve signed up you will have a five year membership with the BPSA and a 4 year membership with the
RPS. The BPSA executive and the RPS will also be coming along to talk to you during freshers week so you will
have the chance to sign up at the BPSA Roadshow.

It is definitely worth your while joining the BPSA, it’s free and you will meet loads of new people and attend
interesting events! If you have any questions or would like any more information you can contact Sam
(payse@nottingham.ac.uk) or Ben (payny@nottingham.ac.uk) by email, or come and chat to us when you arrive in
Nottingham. We’ll be happy to help!

See you in September, have a great summer!

Sam and Ben

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