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					                                         October 10th, 2007

                              FALL NEWSLETTER

2007 Fall Meeting

The Fall Meeting was held at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, WI on Saturday, October 6th, 2007.

We would like to thank all of the sponsors who supplied and donated materials for the meeting. We would
also like to thank everyone who put forth time and effort to make the meeting a success, with a secial
thank you going to Teri Williams for all her hard work.

Very special thanks to the vendors and sponsors:
American Cancer Society
Beekly Corporation
Phillips Medical Systems
Orfit Industires America
St. Nicholas Hospital

A special thanks to our speakers:

               Senator Joe Beibham-9th Senate District
                   “The United States Governments
                      Influences on Health Care in America”
               Dr. William Pao, MD, Radiation Oncologist
                   “Quality Management in Radiation
               Dr. Mark Bettag, MD, Medical Oncologist
                    “New Anti-Cancer Drugs”
               Mary Schueller, RN, MSN, OCN, CHPN
                    “Genetics and Cancer”
               Eric Hendee, MS, DABR, Chief Physicist
                    “Medical Response to Radiation Events” and “Rad Onc 2020-Impact of the Electronic

2007 Spring Meeting

 We look forward to the 2008 Spring meeting being hosted by the NE area at the
Chula Vista Resort in Sheboygan. The NE district is looking for ideas for speakers,                   so
please let either Kim Schwab or Linda Messer know if you have any suggestions. It
will be April 5th, 2008, mark your calendars!!! Looking ahead, the 2008 Fall Meeting
will be hosted by Froedtert of Milwaukee.

RT in DC and the Care Bill

 We are still working on passing the care bill for the state of Wisconsin and the work is continual.
Check the websites for updates and more information. We will be looking for a student representative to
accompany the President and President Elect to DC to support the bill this year. Interested students
should be current interens and should submit a paper to the board. More information to come!!

Treasurer Report

                The beginning balance on January 1st, 2007 was $ 16,971.67. In the last month, the
                category expenses for RTOW included: fall board meeting expenses including food
                reimbursement and mileage reimbursements, speaker honorariums for the Spring
                2007meeting, postage and printing, ASRT membership dues, board meeting
                videoconferencing fees, tax filing costs for the year of 2006, and website hosting.
                Income to the RTOW account came from the membership renewals, Spring Meeting
                    registration, past president’s dinner, and donations/vendors for the Fall 2006
                    Meeting. The ending balance on August 31st, 2007 was $16,134.37 .13

Secretary Report
                     There are currently 208 RTOW members for 2007:
                          Therapists: 161
                          Dosimetrists: 26
                          2007 Students: 24
                          2008 Students: 19
                           2009 Students: 2
                           Retired: 3
                           Educators: 5
                           Directors/Managers: 10
                           Physics Assistants: 2
                           Other (Not specified on application): 2

 Post Cards will be sent out as reminders to check for meeting minutes, newletters, as well as membership
renewals in the future!
  The public membership on the website will be updated soon, please check your information!


       Please forward any updates or news to the webmasters.
       They will try to update the website as quickly as possible.
       Pictures are also welcome.
       Ads for technical services on our website are allowed and
       will be charged the same cost as posting a job position.
       Send address changes to the webmasters or to the
       Secretary, the membership will be updated quarterly.
       Please remember to check website occasionally for Policy
       and Procedure revisions.
       Please email any and all suggestions to the webmaster.

Board Member Elections

Board member nominations were given for the following positions:
        Northeast Area Rep: open
        Northwest Area Rep: Vicki Mullins
        Southwest Area Rep: Ruth Soper
        Treasurer: Tracy Nelson
        President Elect: Pam Bauman
Elections were held at the business meeting and since no one was running opposed it was yea or nay format.
All nominees were uninamiously approved so please welcome our new board members!! Since the NE area
rep position is open, Vicki Mullins has agreed to cover both Northern areas until a rep is found. Please send
all nominations to Sarah Seefeld.

Member of the Year Award
Our organization has decided to recognize one member each year with a “Member of the Year Award.” This
award will begin this year with the deadline for nomination being December 31 st, 2007, with the first award
being given at the Spring 2008 meeting. The monetary award that comes along with the recognition will be
equivalent to the amount of the RT scholarship. Criteria for nomination are as follows:
                Nominee must be a member of RTOW.
                Nominator must be a member of RTOW.
                Self nominations will not be accepted.
                Nomination form must be postmarked by December 31st, 2007.
                RTOW is not responsible for forms that are lost in the postal system.
                Award presentation will occur at the spring meeting of RTOW.
                RTOW Executive Board will choose the award candidate.

Student Acheivement Awards and Papers
  Congratualations to the winners of this years internship Student Acheivement award winners:

           Erica Boyle (University of Chicago)
           Erin McGavock (Froedtert)
           Cassandra Rolandson (UW Hospital)
           Heath Bonsall (Gundersen Lutheran)
           Luke Adams (St. Luke's Medical Center)

 Congratulations also to the winning Student Paper Writers for 2007:

           1st Place- Rachael Francis, Exercise- A Cure for Fatigue?
           2nd Place: Bridget Keehan, Lifestyle Choices: Contributers to Cancer Incidence
           3rd Place: Loren Brown

           A huge thank you to Linda Messer for coordinating the paper competition again this year! Please
           check the website for summary presentation of each paper!

               To the southeast district setting such a great example in our community. They have
               represented RTOW in their community by participating in a dinner for the families at the
               Ronald McDonald house. Please go to the website to read the full story and to see pictures!
               We encourage other districts to follow their example!
               A big congratulations to Cassandra Rolandson who was published in the Radiation Therapy
               magazine for her student paper entitled Epidermal Growth Factor Treatment.
    A warm welcome goes out to Melissa Weege, the new program director for the UW-L
    program. We wish her luck in the years to come!
    This year three Wisconsin UW-L students received the Varian scholorship

   Congratulation to Geoffrey Krey and Emilee Rhiel from Madison on their October 6th
    wedding! Best wishes to you both!
                                       RTOW Executive Board – Fall 2006

Past President                                President
Dan Steinhoff                                 Sarah Seefeld
University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics   Columbia St. Mary’s
(608) 263-8500 (w)                            (414) 961-3850 (w)
(608) 263-9167 (f)                            (414) 961-4035 (f)
Dj.steinhoff@hosp.wisc.edu                    Sseefeld1@wi.rr.com

President Elect                               Secretary
Pam Bauman                                    Jackie Schweitzer
Wheaton Franciscan Cancer Center              Appleton Medical Center
work: (262)7804340                            (920) 738-6480 (w)
home:4142340717                               (920) 954-1003 (h)
pamela.bauman@wfhc.org                        Jacqulineliza@yahoo.com

Treasurer                                      Co-Webmaster
Tracy Nelson                                    Amy Heath
St. Clare Hospital, Baraboo, WI                 University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics
work: 608-356-1570                              (608) 263-8517 (w)
fax: 608-356-1302                               (608) 263-9167 (f)
tramcc_ps23@hotmail.com                         aa.heath@hosp.wisc.edu

Co-Webmaster                                  By-Law Chair
Dawn Henrich                                   Eliza Lightholder
UW Cancer Center – Aspirus Wausau Hospital    Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital
(715) 847-2199 (w)                            (414) 805-4400(w)
(715) 847-2319 (f)
dawnh@aspirus.org                              liza_dee@hotmail.com

Northeast Area Rep.                            Northwest Area Rep.
open                                           Vicki Mullins

Southeast Area Rep.                           Southwest Area Rep.
Mary Walls                                    Ruth Soper
Columbia-St Mary’s Hospital                   Turville Bay
(262) 243-8333 (w)                            work: (608) 2516868
(262) 243-8385 (f)                            fax: (608) 2514255
mwalls@columbia-stmarys.org                    sopersix@tds.net

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