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that end with pdf, tiff, jpg, and eps What you need to know for the

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									    There are various ways you can share
 anything to people, one good way is through
 information sharing. Booklets are one of the
   best methods to do that. Booklet printing
takes a bit more work then the usual but it will
             definitely be worth it.

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 Booklet contents you need to look out for: Title page Title page is
important to put identification to the pdf to jpg online booklet This will
easily separate the booklets from the others Make sure your title is
straight to the point Paging People normally put the page numbers
to their design especially if they included a contents table in the first
initial pages It is highly advisable though that you do not do this
Most printers prefer not to include page markings to the file Text
 Have you written everything down for the content? Make sure
everything is in order with the correct spacing, words and
indentations Keep your text to a minimum remember that you can
not stuff everything in a booklet as the space is limited to only a
specific size Font type and size Your fonts must be readable and
try to keep the size in the range of 8-13 Fonts commonly differ from
every printer and design program so if you decide to pick a font that
is a bit more unique make sure it is embedded in your design
Colors Colors attract readers so use something that relaxes the
eyes You might not be able to get the exact print color from the
printers Check with them if they are using CMYK, RGB or PMS
 It would be best that you know what your files produce and what the
printers prefer Pictures and illustrations Where can you work to
make your booklet? You can make your booklet with just about any
program just as long as you create the file formats printers prefer
You can try the Publisher, InDesign, llustrator, Photoshop or Quark
express File formats that are widely accepted by printers are those
that end with pdf, tiff, jpg, and eps What you need to know for the
  Binding Binding methods can be a lot of different ways You pick
form coils, stitching etc The most commonly used and highly
suggested binding method is the saddle stitch Picture Resolutions
Your pictures are one of the most important items inside your booklet
because for a person who skims the pages it is the most visible
Make sure your pictures not only look professional and enticing it
should have a high resolution preferably 300dpi File Sizing
 Custom File sizes are allowed with most printers, so if your booklet
size does not fall under the A4 or A5 size then you will have to
request for customization Printing and Cutting area Make sure your
bleed area (the entire area that will be seen after printing) has
everything you need and that your trim line (or cutting area) will be
just right beneath it Have an extra space preferably ¼ inch
additional to the preferred print size in the design You are basically
ready for booklet printing, one thing is left for you to do - double
check everything Your chosen printing company will not do a spell
check or a grammar check on your document so you need to do it
yourself before you hand the file to them Follow your printer's
musts so your booklets' turnaround time will be followed as
pdf to jpg online

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