Pecatonica PTO Meeting Minutes by AgZcbJ


									Pecatonica PTO Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2011
1. Meeting called to order at 6:35 by John Joiner, president

2. September 2011 meeting minutes reviewed, including second meeting addendum

     a.   Discussion on how to present/type up minutes when two meetings held a
     b.   Question and discuss rationale for two separate meetings a month
          i.   possibly having the afterschool meeting every other month
          ii.  no decision reached

3. treasurer’s report
      a.    see attached

4. committee reports
     a.    Market Day (chair: Inga Joiner)
           i.   October profit $292.83
           ii.  sell those pies!!
           iii. pie in the face contest, Becky Gocken has made a “pie” graph as
                to reach 500 sold

     b.    teacher/staff appreciation dinners (chair: Amy Newell)
           i.   Will hold meal on Thursday, Nov 3rd, at HS for all district staff
           ii.  secretary will copy and distribute food/volunteer forms

     c.    family fun night/50th day Sock Hop (chair: Tara Fitzanko)
           i.   a sledding day to be held at MS was okayed by Mr King

5. Old business
      a.    playground rehab
            i.   Stephanie and Corey Herbert volunteered to chair committee to look
                 cost and availability of refinishing current equipment, as well as
                 additional pieces
            ii.  Lowes has a grant for school playground rehabs they will check into

     b.    popcorn machine
             i.     John Joiner researched and showed picture samples of available
                    including one just like the borrowed German American Bank one
             ii.    discuss buying a wheeled stand for the machine and the importance
of                  the machine itself       being able to be removed from stand if
             iii.   possibly check into buying “last year’s model” from a rental
             iv.    all present agree that quality is more important than price and would
                    to see a commercial grade machine that will last

        c.   dictionary surveys were sent to staff and results will be available at next

6. New business/fund requests
     a.    PTO bylaws update
           i.   Amy Newell will be working on adding current bylaws to the website
           ii.  any proposed changes will be addressed at the meetings and
placed on
                the website
           iii. any changes will be voted upon before taking effect

        b.   biodegradable lunch trays
             i.   Cathy Mirza has researched and found several companies that offer
                    - one offers a tray that claims to be 100% biodegradable in 180
             ii.    Amy Newell will obtain samples of trays from several companies
and will
                    also research available grants for purchasing these
             iii.   Dishwasher, reusable trays deemed too big an undertaking at this
                    - unsure of kitchen staff reception
                    - unsure of source of additional wages for extra time needed

8. Meeting adjourned at 7:20 by John Joiner

respectfully submitted,
Michele Jahn Sager
PTO secretary

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